Atteka Cavern

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How to get there

From the world map, your destination is a southeastern delta. From Ateka Dock, sail counter clockwise along the continent to the eastern part of the continent. Enter the first delta you see.

Sail north then west. Sail south when the river splits. Sail southeast until the dead end. Fly clockwise around the mountain.

From the east side of the mountain, fly above the ground. Fly southwest above the path. You cannot fly through forests. You will eventually reach another river. Dock your ship there and depart.


Atteka Cavern

Inside the cave, go north then counter clockwise along the rocks. Go until the dead end and stand east of the rock which is next to the water. Use Parch.


Go clockwise back to the ladder. Climb up and walk along the ledge and climb down another ladder. Go get the stone tablet. This summon will recover your party's HP for four rounds.