Atteka Inlet

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How to get there
From Contigo, follow the path south. Once the path ends, go west and you will reach the dock.


A Flying Ship

Here, try to climb the ladder to the west. Two men will pop up. They will be angry at you for leaving, when they worked so hard on your ship. They tell you to hurry up and go check it out.


Head south and down the hill. You will see a large brown rock. Use Lift to lift the rock. Use Cyclone to reveal a hidden Djinni.


Head east to reach the beach. Walk east in the shallow water and climb up the ledge. Master Hamma is here waiting for you. She will show you the new accessory for your ship: a pair of wings. She will tell you how to use them. Finally, she will tell you to get going.


You will leave Atteka Inlet. You will encounter some rocks immediately. Press "B" to fly. The yellow bar on top indicates how long you can fly. The members will then discuss Sheba's past.