Items:: Corn, Power Bread

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How to get there
From the inlet, go east. You will encounter a path. Follow it to the northeast and you will see a village with a huge crater beside it.



Here, your game tickets can be used. Go to the west side of the village and you will see a tent. You can play a slot machine here. You will get different items by having different matches.


Get a Venus Djinni

There are more tents in this village, and they all have different games! Once you're done playing all of them, go back to the town entrance. Go east and you will see a whole bunch of leaves forming a circle with a space in the middle. Use Scoop there and you will get a Venus Djinni.


Now, head to the middle right part of the town to exit it and enter a new screen. You will come to a place with a broken wing and a marking on the ground. The marking looks quite familiar. You will come back here. Now, we are finally ready to visit the first lighthouse in Golden Sun: The Lost Age!