Shaman Village

Items:: Elixir, Hard Nut, Spirit Gloves, Lucky Pepper, Lucky Medal

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How to get there
From Shaman Village Cave, follow the path going northeast.


Shaman Village

It seems everyone are here wants to ignore you. Try talking to some of them, and you'll see. You can rest in the inn, but the inn keeper won't talk to you either. Instead he will hold up a sign for you to read (it seems like talking will hurt his tongue). Go up to the house with a skull at the door. A chief with two guards will come up. But for some reason, you've pissed them off. So show them your Shaman's Rod. The chief will be quite surprised. He says that those who have the Shaman's Rod are those who must be given the Hover Jade, but the chief simply isn't convinced. The guards will then have an idea: you will be tested. He agrees and takes off. Follow him.


Use Whirlwind on the pink tornado. The chief will be very surprised that such a little girl has so much power. But it ends up you don't get the Hover Jade that easy: you must face Trial Road! After the conversation, go north.


The Race

Prepare your Djinn, because you need to fight the chief right after the race. This will not be a tough fight as you can use Jenna to cure your members. The chief will explain the race. There are 4 rooms in each side, and you have to choose on of the 2 sides to race on. In the rooms, there will be small puzzles you need to solve. In order to process into the next room, you need to put down one weapon or armor each time. If you are the first one to step on the brick with shoes' mark on it, you only have to put down one item. Else, you need to put down two. The brick that has a arrow mark is a give-up signal. I suggest you put down Sheba's items.

You can take either one of the racing dungeons. The races seem to differ from game to game, so you'll have to figure it out yourself. The puzzles inside are pretty easy, but I doubt you'll be able to go faster than the chief the first time. I suggest you save your game. The treasure chests inside do not have great items, so leave them alone.

Battle:: Summon during the first round. Use Jenna's Aura or Healing Aura each round. The chief's troops don't have any strong attacks, so don't worry too much about them. It is a fairly easy battle.


Get a Djinni

After the fight, the chief will give you the Hover Jade as promised. You will then rest in the inn automatically. After the rest, go explore the village. The villagers are willing to talk to you now. You can now go back to the racing dungeons to get the items if you want. If you go through the western one, at the end you will see a very special marking on the wall. Equip your new psynergy item and use Hover. You can now walk in the air through the marking on the wall. It will give you access to a cave, but ignore it as you don't have the Lift psynergy. There is a Djinni in Shaman, too. From the village, go east to the next screen. There you can get the Djinni. Nothing more to do now. Leave.