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Requiem For An Epic: Self- Made Unhappiness The Mars Lighthouse was lit, but on the ride home turmoil was brewing.

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    Posted 07 September 2007 - 10:55 PM

    So This is my first fic every.... U I'm putting at Pg-13 due to strong language, and several adult themes. Enjoy!


    It was nighttime when we were about to depart from Prox, and I left the little lantern on Issac's bedstand still burning. So he and I could see what he would do. I was in bed all covered ready to go, but I was playing with my Hover Jade while waiting. Issac twisted the doorknob and pulled it open. He came in and pulled it slowly, probally not to wake me up, but it creaked anyway. He gave a glance to see if I woke up, but it looked like I was sleeping anyway. He continued to pull the door shut.

    He dropped his bags and sword at the foot of his bed. Issac stood looking vaguley out of the porthole to who-knows-where, and laid in bed. He pulled a quill, a bottle of ink, and a small leather bound book from under his pillow. This book had some enchantment on it and only he could open it, I tried and failed miserably, but he does it with ease. I assume its his diary or journal. He dipped the quill in the ink and proceeded to write somthing dipping the quill in ink every now and then. I always wanted to look at his handwriting but I never see him write anywhere else. He shut the book and out all of it back under his pillow. He snuffed the lantern out.

    Issac positioned himself so that he was facing the ceiling. He left out a long stessful sigh of fustration. He then proceeded to take out somthing small from a pocket on his pants. He had his hand enclosed around it. He opened it and a soft and plae brown light emminated from his palm. It was one of his dijinni.

    "Flower, my dad and I got in an argument today," Issac said to Flower, the dijinni, almost on the verge of tears; was I hallucinating, I've never seen him cry. Now I was completely enthralled by what Issac was doing, maybe it was that tone of plead in his voice, or perhaps I never seen him like this before, but one thing was for sure, I was listining.

    "About what," asked Flower in a lighthearted and warm voice.

    "He wants me to get married! I told him I didn't want to. But He didn't care. He said 'Me and Mia would be a great couple,' I told him I dont want to get married yet and then he struck the lowest blow of them all. Calling something up from my childhood. He said ' You haven't gone back to being a fairy again have you? You were alway's going over to Garet but it wasn't for Garet most of the time it was for his sister. You and her cooked and gardened and cleaned their house. We had to make Garet come over here.' I was only thirteen Flower, only thirteen," Issac was in tears by the time he finished.

    "Issac you need to talk to a good friend about this issue, they will do better than I can," Flower said caringly, "perhaps Garet your best friend or perhaps Ivan."

    "No, Garet would just laugh at me. But, but, Ivan, no Ivan is different he seems more understaing and almost loving. I really need my mom right now."

    What!?! Could it be, Issac, the one who made every girl go gogo-gaga and fight over him, ***? I just never pictured it till now, all of these small stupid details that no one would notice all seemed to add up know. He is always clean and well groomed, he uses proper table manners, hes considerate of otheres feelings, he cooks great and he was always the first one up to make a good breakfast I always thought that was just good leadership. It all makes sense know. He could have screwed so many grils that threw themselves at him, but he declined. Issac is ***.

    "Well, I think you should tell Ivan then,"

    "But Flower, I dont have the balls to tell him..." Issac was cut off by the soft and almost inaudablie thud of the Hover Jade hitting the floor.

    ****! I've been caught. Chaught damn red handed.

    "Ivan?" He put Flower away by know and was looking directly at me.

    My face cringed when he said that."Yes Issac?"

    "How long have you been up Ivan?"

    I paused and took a breath, "all of it."

    "So there is no need to tell you I'm *** then?," his voice was his normal coll and laid back tone, but there was some sadness and apprehensiveness left in it.

    "No. There isn't.

    "Umm... I'll personally rip your **** off and then kill you if you tell anybody Ivan."

    "Oh I won't. Dont worry. So who do you like?"

    "WHAT!?! That's unfair! I think we both need some sleep for tonight."

    "Uh, Issac I have one small favor to ask of you, please dont rape me."

    "Haha... I'll be on my best behavior tonight"

    Its okay that Issac is ***. Its good that he did not want to marry Mia anyhow.

    The end of Part one.

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      Posted 08 September 2007 - 05:52 AM

      Whoa, that's srsly weird but worth reading. I chuckled a few times. Is this going to be a GS soap-opera? That would be original. And I bet Ivan turns out to be ghay too...

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        Posted 08 September 2007 - 01:55 PM

        It's extremely strange. I just hope it doesn't become a yaoi thing.

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            Posted 08 September 2007 - 07:52 PM

          Hey thanks for the comments. I dont know if I'll make Ivan *** or not. I guess you will just have to wait and find out. I am going to try to write a couple chapters though really quick, then a new chapter Each Week. But Yes This is the Original Golden Sun Soap Opera.

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              Posted 08 September 2007 - 08:53 PM

            Well Here it is chapter two.

            Requiem for an Epic: What Lies Beneath

            Issac and Ivan were settled into bed early while everyone else was still in the mess hall. Kyle and Jenna's parents were all sitting at the table. While the others were dispersing accordingly.

            "I'll take steering the ship till two Piers," Mia said.

            "Mia, are you sure? You only drove this two other," Piers was cut off by Mia.

            "I'll be fine!" Piers backed down and gave up. He turned to grab the sextant on the bookshelf. Mia took the sextant and marched right outside.

            Piers shook his head in disbelief, and walked down the stairs to his quarters. He swore he heard crying from somewhere in the hall. But he simply shrugged off the feeling and opened his door. He got undressed wound his alarm clock and crawled into bed after extinguishing the lamp.

            Back up in the mess hall things were getting chaotic.

            "Garet! If I ever get my hands on you!!! GHAA!!! I'm gonna fillet you alive!," Jenna roared. Garet ran out of the room and Jenna chased after the idiot, slammed the door on the way out of the mess hall. A bright, feiry glow appeared within thirty seconds.

            Sheba and Felix left to check what happened and soon after that Kyle's group broke up all three of them looked angry and by the way they stammered out of here. You could hear doors slam shut, a couple closed more gentle than the rest. That just left me then, an old and decript scholar. I walked over to the bookshelf and perused through the books like a cat plays with a ball of yarn. " The Legend of Deathbeard, no, The Isle of Mermaids, no, Ten Steps to Tango, no, Piers your book selection is horrible, wait what's this book? Gaia Falls: A portal to the Unknown, this looks good."
            I pulled the leatherbound book out of its place and went over to the table and opened it.

            It was blank, all of the pages, blank. In my fustration I slammed the book shut, and hastily shoved it back in its place. I shoved it in with force that the leather binding tore in the top left corner of the front of the book. I quickly ceased shoving and pulled it back out. I set it on the table. I pulled back the torn peice to see the damage I've done but was surprised by what I found. There was a symbol perhaps. I began to have an internal conflict, my respect for books was raging on with my curiosity "Repair the book Kraden and my curiosity shouted what else is there?," my curiosity won. I beagan to unbind the book.

            There was a page tucked inside there and the symbol was a closed eye in a circle. I took the page and carefully opened thinking a monster would lunge out of the letter. All it said was, "Waves reveal the truth to what lies beneath the sand." I was surprised by the simplicity of this note, it was surely a riddle. "Think old man, Think! For the life of you Think!," but I simply couldn't connect it to anything. I carefully looked around to check for anyone. Not a soul. I tucked the note in my pocket, rebound the book and carefully put it back on the shelf. I will ask Piers about it tomorrow, but for now sleep sounds good.

            ----End of Chapter two

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              Posted 09 September 2007 - 06:27 AM

              It's cool that the chapters you've written were from different character's perspectives. I'm guessing you'll continue like that? Good job, but you should pay more attention to when you should put capital letters, commas, full stops and stuff like that.

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                  Posted 18 September 2007 - 08:36 PM

                Chapter Three: Nightwatch

                I quickly grabbed Piers sextant from him. Turned around and walked out of the warmth of the ship, slamming the door behind me. I pressed my back against the door and took a deep breath.

                "Finally, freedom! They get on my nerves! It is way to chaotic in there. I mean come on...," I quitely mumbled this to nobody. "Another relaxful and stress free night." I took the sextant while walking away from the door. It was a rather chilly night, but that doesn't phase me, it was a clear night too. We let the boat in the water at night, it doesn't drain our psynergies as much. I calculated the direcion we need to be going in accordance with the stars.

                I moved the wheel accordingly. I pulled out two ropes from my overcoat. They had loops on each ends. I put one toop on the wheel and attach another to a pole and made the rope tight. I did the same with the other rope. "Good, good. Now I have a free night to do whatever I please," I sighed, " I wish I knew what goes on in Issac's head. He always smiles but his eyes beg to differ. I need to know if he likes Jenna, Sheba, Fezhi, or me. Sheesh. Nevermind I dont want to know, I might kill the other girl. Blood is very hard to get out of my over-coat."

                "What is Kraden doing up yet!?! I'll let him be," I shook my head in disbelief. I began to walk around the ship to see if all was well. I stopped at the back of the ship, looking back where Prox would be. I whispered to myself, " That was our last great adventure. I hope everyone still remains in contact with everyone after we part. It is going to get boring too. I haven't evem seen a monster yet tonight," a tear hit the banister below. Another tear on my left cheek would soon hit. It is depressing that all of this is ending, "This is my final voyage." I left the rear of the deck , it was just too sad back there. All look good around the ship and I proceeded to climb the mast.

                The crow's nest was desolate. This whole ship was becoming derelict, its life was being sucked out of it fast. There was no land in sight, so I climbed back down. The bow of the ship wasn't any better but I liked it there best. I could see the bleak night ahead.

                Clouds were moving in and it started to snow ever so lightly. Out of the corner of my eye seen to dark figures clmbup over the banister. I took out my Rising Mace and set all of my Dijinni. They got on deck and collapsed. I cautiously walked over to them. They looked almost dead but I still couldn't identify them. They were going to die, " Here's your chance for adventure Mia! Save them!" I opened the door and the lamp was still lit, because Kraden forgot to shut it off. I heaved and pulled with all of my might until all three of us where in the mess hall. I shut the door and reexamined them. At once I knew who they were, "...But I seen them die. It's impossible?"

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                  Posted 22 September 2007 - 05:17 AM

                  Interesting and weird. Keep it up.

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                    Posted 28 October 2007 - 09:09 PM

                    Chapter 4 Some People Play Dice with the gods.

                    " I need fire," it sounded raspy coming from my dead throat. My eyes were frozen shut.The sea had cruely drained all of my internal warmth. I despise Water. " Fire, please."

                    "I need to get Issac here now! He will know how to deal with this better than I can," I ran quietly down the hall.

                    "... I'm so cold. Will anyone help us? I think... I think she is in more harm of dying than I am... help," with that my mind went black.


                    "You're positive Mia? The're still alive?"

                    "Barely Issac. You need to hurry."

                    "I need to wake Ivan up."

                    "Ivan!?! Why that litlle pip..."

                    "Don't you dare call him a pipsqueak! He was at the begining, but now Mia, I think he could kill you if he wanted too. Ivan wouldn't kill you though, he's was too gentle," In was harshly said, more than it needed to be. He holds my greatest secret, I have to stand up for him now. I walked over towards his bed and tapped him on the shoulder. I seen violet eyes look into mine, my ocean blue was nothing compared to his cloudy violet eyes. "I... I... Ivan, get up," I stuttered.

                    I sat up in bed, "Issac," yawn, " I was having the weirdest dream about you. You were all alone..."

                    "Ivan, now isn't the time for that we have a situation on our hands," I patted his blonde hair.

                    "Unless Saturos and Menardi are still alive; I'm going back to sleep," I laid back down.

                    "Ivan, thats the problem! They are still alive, upstairs!"

                    I sat straight up in bed, " Impossible, I watched them fall into The Eastern Ocean!" I leaped out of the bed, almost right into Issac. He backed into Mia to avoid me, " Lets go!"


                    I busted into the mess hall first, my blue hair all crazy, then Ivan and Issac was Issac was last. We all looked over both of them. They were barely breathing. Satuors and Menardi, after all of this time, were finally brought to their knees by the ocean. " Do you want a Water of Life?," I asked reluctantly.

                    "Ivan get me a psycrystal, Mia I will take the Water of Life," I said. I had no idea what I was doing, it was insane, perhaps just stupid but there I was going to recessitate my archnemisi, Saturos and Menardi. Mia handed me the Water of Life, half went for Saturos and the other half went to Menardi. I did the same with Ivan's psycrystal.

                    "Mia, let me see your gown."

                    "What, Ivan! No, you perv!"

                    "What, no, not for that reason, its the warmest peice of clothing we have, unless you want Issac or I to strip naked."

                    "No, please I think I had enough adventure for one day," I took my favorite white gown off and laid it over Saturos and Menardi's chests. We waited there, and waited. Luckily that contraption of Piers's, the alarm clock or whatever you call it, doesn't work half of the time.

                    Menardi stirred.

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                      Posted 19 November 2007 - 09:59 PM

                      Chapter 5: A Change in Heart

                      My head throbbed and the bright light of wherever I was... I'm in Heaven? No, that means I'm dead! Saturos! I thought of him and his bizzare ways. I wondered if he was alone. "Saturos," I yelled but nothing but still emptiness sourrounded me. It was a horrible and frightening, I was all alone in this bright light. I put my fingers to the corner of my eye, it was moist. I was crying, I lost the only thing dear to me, Saturos...

                      "Menardi, are you okay," A voice asked me, it was definately a male, and I heard it before... Ivan? That little blond kid. He must be dead too! Memories of our first encounter in Vault. He read my mind, and I actually felt abit intimidated by him.

                      In my thoughts I told him," Never read my thoughts again, or I will hurt you."

                      "Issac look her eyes are open," a girl said, surley it wasn't Mia. She died too?

                      I seen a dark figure in all of this bright light. It was a man; my only logical choice was Ivan. In a pathetic voice I asked, "Ivan?"

                      "Guess again," the mysterious figure said.

                      I heard a, "what," from somewhere else so Ivan had to be in the room too.

                      "Could it really be you Issac?" I asked hoping for a no, hoping it was Saturos.

                      "Yes, Menardi, I'm Issac."

                      I felt dead and numb all over; it was like my mind shut down. Unfortunaltely my mind raced along, if I was dead, this was Hell, and definately not Heaven. I thought it was a lie; i came up with ten million excuses on why I hoped that Issac was lying, or this was all in my head. My eyes finally got adjusted to this bright light; I would have rather stayed in ignorance... It was Issac. I seen his Blue eyes, his dirty blonde hair; and the most ironic part is Mia would have traded me shoes any day just for this moment, but to tell the truth, at this moment I despised him. I wanted him dead; because he crushed all of my hopes and dreams. I reached out my arms. He reached out his also, this act really confused me. Although I wanted to kill him I felt my self hugging him and he was hugging me.


                      When I seen her strech out her arms to him, and he streched out his arms to her. I became enraged with jealousy and a lust for murder. This feeling was wild and it felt so unlike me to have such a bizzare feeling, but it felt very provoking. I wanted to stike her over the head with my Rising Mace, that would of done her in! I looked at her she was crying, I dont know why she was crying abut she slid off of Issac made a fall unto the floor. She crawled onto Saturos's chest and nudged her hair against the bottom of his chin, and she was crying in the process. She clenched a fist ad just held in into the air, I don't know what she was exactly about to do. She brushed Saturos's skin. I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt, and started to tears up in the eyes. I walked outside, leaned against the wall, slid down it and cried.


                      My hug with Issac didn't last long, I started to cry when I seen Satours there, lying on the floor. At first they were tears of joy, but those didn't last long. I crawled on top of him and nuzzled his chin, there was no response, and I listend while still crying, there was no breath, his skin was cold. I wailed and raised my fist in anger and fustration, but I simply couldn't fight death. I just wailed in agony and rubbed my skin against his cold skin.


                      Issac looked at me. I could tell that he was holding back a deluge of tears. I myself was choked up too. Before I knew it Issac was in my arms crying soft murmurs, and I just stared at Menardi, lossing her love like that. I teared too. Mia was even outside crying. Saturos was dead. Though we were all crying Menardi's call of sadness was most intense as it echoed down the hallways, and it even sent a chill down my spine.

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                        Posted 16 December 2007 - 01:03 PM

                        Chapter Six:Trapped Souls

                        " I feel terrible, my thoughts of murder tainted my innocence," I said softly to myself. I walked over to the balcony on te ship... More thoughts rushed through my head and I said them aloud without concience though," I like Issac so much, why? Is it because of his looks, or his caring side, or maybe perhaps it was his wonderful personality. Gah! I wish I could just forget about him! My rage of jealousy back in the cabin made me want to murder Menardi, even though her hug was a hug of innocence. I still wanted to kill her, but now I felt sorrow over how I acted. I'm supposed to be the pure one..."


                        "Did I just hear a yell, or was I dreaming," I looked groggily at my alarm clock. It read 10:19. That's the time I went to bed. My alarm never went off! "Damn," Mia will be angry at me, but she won't show it. I sat up in bed and leaped out. I got dressed and sprinted to the main cabin. I didn't expect to find what I did. I found well from what Mia described him, Menardi lying on the floor next to Satours, Issac whimpering in Ivan's arms (something I would have never imagined) and Mia was no where to be found. Menardi was crying on Saturos and by the looks of it... Wait, I understand how I was woken up. Menardi's crys of sorrow awoke me from my peaceful slumber. I looked around to see if there was anywhere to escape the sense of sadness. I looked at the door and walked out not saying a word.


                        I couldn't belive that Piers just walked in here, looked around like he was imagining this whole scenario. He never said a word, like a mute. He walked outlike we, or the sadness wasn't there. Issac was still crying softly, I never realized that he was this emotionally distressed on the inside. He probally just let it build up in there, now like a dam it was all coming out at once. We hobbled over to the table, and I sat him in a chair. I walked to Menardi, even though I was reluctant to approach her, I felt like there was a compulsive need to touch her.

                        I put my hand on her shoulder, skin so cold. "Menardi,"

                        Inbetween sobs I heard, " Yeah, Ivan?"

                        "If it makes you feel any better; I 'am here for you."

                        Her sobbing seemed to get softer and softer,, and then just a loud sigh. There was the creepy silence afterword, " Thanks Ivan, I really apprcieate that... I'm sure Saturos will too... Even though we were in love at childhood, through are teenage years, and now our later twenties, we both knew It would come to a violent end." Menarid took a necklace off of her neck, It was a silver chain with a half of a glowing ruby heart, she held it her hand and just looked blankly at it, " Ivan this symbolizes love fo the people of fire, like the ring of Earth Adepts, or the braclets of the water people, and the unique gifts of the Air tribe. I can love no more, Ivan." She put the necklace around Saturos and joined the two halves of the necklace to form one. It glowed bright red and diminished to its a normal ruby color, "Ivan?"

                        "I'm here," not knowing what else to say, and plus I was rummaging through my own thoughts too. About my sister and Issac and just the general welfare of the group and myself.

                        "Do you think that you can convience Piers to stop the ship at Magma Rock tomorrow and give him a proper funeral service," there was a pleading in her voice.

                        I just couldn't resist to say, "Yeah... I think that would be honorable."

                        " Oh and Ivan; no hard feelings on top of Venus, right," she said.

                        "Nah. Come on I'll get you some hot chocolate," Hoping to fight the grief and sorrow with humor and hot chocolate, " Issac, do you want some?"

                        "Yeah, I'll take some," I said, pertty well relieved now that all of my tears were out.

                        "I'll heat the water," Menardi said.

                        I came to the conclusion later that night, after we moved Saturos into Issac's bed, Menardi was sound asleep in mine, and Issac was asleep on the floor beside me; That we were all trapped souls in life and what we did was up to us, to make it a prision or a beautiful pardise, it was all up to what we want to make of it and death is not really the end, just a phase we all go through. I think Menardi already knew that; that is how she was able to grapple with her grief of Saturos's death with ease. For now though, I think this is just the beginning.

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                          Posted 05 January 2008 - 01:24 AM

                          So, I've come back from Hawaii, and I'm ready to present to you, my faithful readers, Chapter seven.
                          This Is the Golden Sun Soap Opera.

                          I hope everyone likes it so far!

                          Chapter Seven: It Rages Within

                          I was infuriated. There were a bunch of things on my mind! For example; Dennis and Julie, Jenna's and Felix's parents, are morons who don't want Jenna to have an arranged marrige! I mean it's arranged; how bad can it be? Issac doesn't want to get married, Blah, Blah, Blah. I almost hit him across the mouth. His attitude gets on my nerve; how can Dora put up with him? Oh I know! He is a fricking fariy! I will disown him if he is; there is no doubt about that. It's not Dennis and Julie that are ticking me off, It is my own flesh and blood, my son, Issac! I hope he rots, the little queer! I hope he isn't though. Get married to some foreign girl, just dont fall in love with a guy! For now though, I will just stare intensly at Dennis and Julie, with the passion of anger.

                          Kyle looks angry. Dennis looks angry also. Why do men fight? It is so immature. I'm not a mind reader, but from Kyle's fierce look on his face he is upset, and dissapointed. Dennis just looks plained ticked off. The tension between the two of them could easily have been cut with a knife. I wish that Kyle understood that we understand where he is coming from with the arranged marrige and all, but Jenna is a very strong willed person. She gets it from my side. We are in a tough descision spot, we had to give our daughter respect and let her run free with love. Issac is a nice kid, and no doubt he will be a good husband, but don't get me wrong, I don't think that he is mature enough emotionally, physically there is no doubt in my mind, but emotionally, he is weak. Plus, Issac was standing behind Kyle desperatly shaking his head in the, 'No,' way.

                          You know I never had a problem with Issac marrying Jenna until tonight. But Kyle is a huge jerk. My poor wife Julie had to sit through this. Here is how it went.

                          "Issac come here," Klye demanded.

                          "Hold on Dad, Let me say good bye to Mia," Issac said innocently, not expecting what came out of Kyle's mouth. Issac came over after saying to goodbye to Mia, "Yeah?"

                          "Guess what son? I you're getting married hopefully," Kyle said. He must 've thought that would go over smoothly. Kyle had something coming to him.

                          "WHAT!! NO! I don't want to get married! I won't! Not to Jenna, no offense, or to Mia or any other girl!," Issac was a smart man, not wanting to get married. I didn't take offense to him not wanting to marry Jenna. I know that marrige was a mistake for me, but what can I complain for, Julie makes a killer dish of lasanga.

                          "Yes, You are! You will, No Questions asked!" Kyle yelled at him. What a way to repay one of Weyard's newest heroes. Kyle turned to look at us. Issac secretly shaked his head no, there was a pleading look in his eyes, an undeniable look of dispair, a blue ocean of cold and sadness filled his eyes. I had to give in.

                          "I don't think that I wabt Jenna to be married quite yet Kyle," I said.

                          "Thank you," Kyle said what and Issac said thank you seimultaneously. I knew the choice was difficult, but Kyle disrespected Issac so much. It made me angry, so naturally I sided with Issac.

                          "Fine then, be that way Dennis," this was a low blow what Kyle was about to say to Issac, not even looking at Issac, "Get out of my sight Issac. You disgust me," there was a brief pause, "Fairy!"

                          Julie and I both looked at Kyle with shock. Kyle was looking down at the table with an evil smirk on his face. Issac turned away and walked down the cabin to the door, and we probally won't hear from him again till he talks to his mom, Dora. Kyle looked hideous. He became a monster, a heartless monster. So what if the kid is ***, if he is, a supporting father is the thing he needs most right now. Jenna, Sheba, Kraden, Garet, Mia, Piers and Felix looked at the door still left open by Issac's sad walk out of here. Then looked at Kyle in disgust.

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                            Posted 05 January 2008 - 10:57 PM

                            While your story is interesting, you really need to take your time and proofread your work, you have several typos and grammar mistakes that should be fixed. But apart from that, it is still a good story with potential.

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                              Posted 08 January 2008 - 12:46 AM

                              I loved chapter six. Coming from an fellow author, the emotion in the story is flawless. However, in the last chapter it became confusing when you changed POV's. (point of view). My advice is to make a note, or even just put it like this

                              (Kyle's POV)
                              I was infuriated. There were a bunch of things....

                              (Julie's POV)
                              Kyle looks angry. Dennis looks angry also. Why do...

                              catch my drift? It would make it a lot easier to follow. And don't listen to the other guys. Yaoi is wonderful :] This story makes my day! Keep it up, and I hope you pair Isaac with someone! (Although, poor Mia. I've always been a fan of mudshipping.)

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                                Posted 08 January 2008 - 12:47 AM

                                I also do agree with Lightningstar that I like your story, but it is confusing whose point of veiw it is. If you could state it that would be awesome.

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                                  Posted 14 January 2008 - 03:07 PM

                                  I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments about my story. I will do better with grammar, at least I will try. I like the point of view idea, but I just dont like to bluntly come out and tell It, so I will in fact write it into the story. and I hope that will help you. And here in lies chapter eight. I hope you enjoy it. *COUGH*Short Chapter*Cough*

                                  Chapter Eight: Confession of Love

                                  "Sheba," I asked her in the nicest most innocent tone as as poossible.

                                  "Yes. Felix," she replied.

                                  "Are we an item," I'm not good at using words, so I just asked politely. I mean we have been sleeping in a bed together now for a month or two, nothing ever happened. I like her too. I like her alot. She is my other half, I hope she feels the same way for me.

                                  "Felix, look, all you have to do is ask me. Okay? But for now we are not an 'item'," Sheba said that as kindly as possible for me. She didn't want to harm my emotions.

                                  "Sheba, do you want to be an item with me, although it may seem stupid? I love you. Ever since I saw you in Lord Babi's palace, as a hostage, I loved you. My heart wanted to rescue you out of your prision, If I couldn't do that I would' ve gladly spent eternity there with you. Saturos and Menardi luckily noticed that you were a Jupiter adept as soon as they saw you. They stole you and I vowed not to let you get harmed over my dead body. When you fell off Venus Lighthouse, I jumped in after you. It would've been horribly painful without you and the comfort you offered me. I love you," Sheba looked at me and there were tears in her eyes. Sheba hugged me, I felt like I was on top of the world.

                                  "Yes, Fel, I will go out with you." She said, "I love you too." Afterward we both settled in to bed. She was in my loving arms now, and once again nothing happened. Love is patient and love is kind. I think maybe we will get married someday and have children hopefully. I am satisfied with this love.

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                                      Posted 05 February 2008 - 03:46 PM

                                    Chapter Eight was tragically short but there is alot that goes on in it. So, in a desperate hope make a "good" chapter I wrote nine.

                                    Chapter Nine: Mystery of Life

                                    For being a one hundred and seventy year old Lemurian, almost nothing can shock me anymore. What I seen in there shocked me to the core. Issac, the gallant knight, collapsed crying in the arms of Ivan. Menardi, or what looked liked Menardi, was teared up in the eyes while looking over the corpse of what appeared to be Saturos. It was like the nightmare from Tartarus.

                                    There was nothing I could do; so I simply just walked out on my comrades, but more importantly my friends. I shut the door behind me not to let any cold air in. I could just imagine Ivan's glare, colder than ice. I wasn't surprised to see Mia out there, poised over the banister. She was looking blankly at dark ocean, and the dark sky. Sea and sky seamlessly merged into a bleak canvas, "Mia?"

                                    "Piers, is it that time already," Mia didn't even turn to look at me. The only reason that made me even think that this was real was the cold stinging rain on my face. I was reluctant to walk toward her, but I did so anyway. I tried looking for what she saw in the night to no avail. She started talking in a cheerless, monotone voice, "Piers, it's over isn't it? There is no more mystery left in the world."

                                    I quickly thought of something to counter a rather dreary thought, "No, not at all Mia. There is still some mystery left in this world."

                                    "I highly doubt it," she was trance like.

                                    I didn't want to imagine the thoughts going through her head at this time. I did. I know what its like not to live for anything anymore, "Mia, I know the feeling. It's horrible, but what ever you do, don't end it. You can't come back."

                                    She turned and looked at me, "Ending what Piers? What are you talking about?"

                                    She wasn't thinking the thoughts that I thought that she was thinking. I made up a lie, "Umm. Ending mystery. Mystery doesn't have an end," I thought of the other side of Lemuria, the ancient side, " Hey when we get back to Vale, do you want to come back with me to Lemuria so we can explore the other, ancient side? No one has been down there for hundreds of years, and in fact the Senate has forbidden us to go near it," Not realizing what I just said, I invited her to come back to Lemuria with me to go do something illegal.

                                    "I'll go with you Piers, We have to visit Imil first though. I need to tell everyone that we're okay," She force a pleasant smile on her face, and returned to her original state looking over the banister to an unidentifiable horizon. I thought about what just happend between me and her, what I saw in the cabin, and maybe just maybe stoping for rations tomorrow, in Loho.

                                    Ivan came out of the cabin with a smile on his face, and what appeared to be a hot chocolate mustache also. I was perplexed and deeply disturbed by this, "Ivan what are you doing?"

                                    "I need to talk to you," Ivan came over where Mia and I were standing and told us, "Menardi was hoping that you could stop at Magma Rock tomorrow evening? She wants to cremate Saturos in a proper ceremony. I was also wondering If you would stop in Loho? I have a debt to pay."

                                    Denying him anything he wants is virtually impossible, he knows how to work all of us better than we know how to work ourselves. That is horrifying. "Sure, we can stop at Magma Rock for Menardi and her late lover, Saturos. Actually Ivan, I was thinking about a stop in Loho also," It was an automatic response.

                                    Ivan said, "Thanks." He walked to Mia and patted her on the back, "It's okay. I know more places with mystery."

                                    Mia turned around, hugged him, and said, "Oh Ive. You've always gave me support when I needed it."

                                    Ivan said, "Yep, no problem." He turned around and walked back into the cabin. A few minutes later the lanterns inside were snuffed out.

                                    I wondered what Ivan meant by that, he knew where more mystery was. It probally had some sort of deep and universal meaning with him. There was a clearing ahead in the rain. The rain! I forgot about the rain. I guess I was numb too... I saw the constellation Zeus in the sky. I took the sextant and plotted a new course to Loho. I was going to go to the wheel when I saw ropes on my beloved wheel. I stood in shock. Mia came behind me and started to laugh, then I started to laugh, I took the ropes of the wheel. I set the direction and locked it with the foot pedal, "Mia you do know there is a lock on this thing, don't you?"

                                    "No, I didn't," after she said that we both started to laugh. After the laughing she said,"Bonne Nuit, mon ami," she paused after she seen the expression on my face, " Its the old ancient language of Imil. It means, 'Good night my friend,' that's all."

                                    "Oh, Good Night Mia," I waved her off. What she said was beautiful. The flow, her tone, it was all just divine. It was a good night.

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                                        Posted 22 February 2008 - 10:57 PM

                                      This is chapter ten. I was in a dark and dreary mood when I wrote this, like always, haha.

                                      Chapter Ten: At Dawn, The Tempest Brews

                                      The sun was rising on the eastern horizon. Storm clouds were looming to the north, the tempest had grown in intensity, luckily we got out in time. All of a sudden the morning sky was no longer orange, it turned red. Something was wrong, the wind started to change. "Impossible," I thought to my self. It can't be... Hurrican, the god of Air, has returned! I must wake the others.I ran into the cabin, through the galley where I passed Ivan drinking his tea. Wait, Ivan. "Ivan," I yelled, "Come here you've got to see this.

                                      I looked at Piers like he was nuts, "What could possibly make you that excited Piers?" The more I thought about what I just said, something started to click in my head, "If Piers, a very old Lemurian, was excited about something; then what was I still doing sitting down?" I sat my cup of coffee on the table and ran out side before Piers could follow. I stood on deck, looking for something exciting, I just seen the sun rise. That wasn't exciting, but on the contrary, it was beautiful. Piers ran out, " Piers, you just wanted to show me the sunrise?"

                                      "No," I was exasperated, " look to the north!" I pointed to the north when I said his. I breathed heavily and staggered to the wheel to steer the ship. Ivan just walked to the back of the ship. I lost sight of him, so he must have been at the very rear of the ship. I locked the wheel and walked to the back of the ship. Ivan was firmly planted along the railing.

                                      "Piers," I said, when he walked back, " I had the most horrifying dream before we lit the Mars Lighthouse," I paused, and took a breath, "It was this exact moment. The storm talked to me, it said, ' My look is devistating, my eye is peaceful. Who am I?' Piers, I think it wanted something! Do you know what it is Piers?"

                                      "The storm is Hurrican, the god of Air. No matter how hard we try, we can't kill a god," I put my hand to my forehead and started to rub it. This very well could be the end of Weyard. If Hurrican has returned; so has Pele, the Fire godess, Terra, godess of Earth, and Sonya, godess of Water and Queen of the Seas, have come back too. I must tell King Hydros this if I ever get spared the chance to see him again. "Ivan, in complete honesty, we probally won't make it to land..."

                                      "Oh, Why did you have to tell me that," I said. A sharp pain went through my body. There was total darkness. I started to feel gentle breezes and finally awoke on a cloud in what appeared to be... Hey a fairy!

                                      Oh my! Ivan was just struck by lightning! He's glowing now! I backed away from Ivan's glowing body.

                                      Ivan started to talk, it wasn't his voice, it was deeper, and more sinister. "Where is my daughter," He demanded.

                                      "Ivan, You don't have a daughter!" I looked at Ivan his body was brimming with psynergy.

                                      "Iva? What? Oh, I'm sorry. I for got to introduce myself," Ivan's mouth projected these words, " I am Hurrican, God of Air! Now, Where is my daughter?"

                                      I trembled in fear at the awsome power of Hurrican. I quickly thought who could be his daughter. Sheba was my only guess. The child that fell from the heavens, according to Felix and people from Laverio. That's it, "Sheba?"

                                      "Yes, Sheba. Where is she," Hurrican looked impatient, " bring her good friend, Felix, too.

                                      "Certainly," not knowing what else to do or to say. I was trembling with fear. I looked at Ivan's bodyand didn't recognize it anymore. I walked down through the galley. I knocked on the door, opened it, pulled them out of bed while they were half awake, drugged them up the stairs and out side. I found Hurrican inspecting my ship, "Here they are, Hurrican." They slouched against the wall.

                                      "Good! Like any concerned father, I just want the best for her... He's an earth adept... Sheba, I can't belive that you could find happiness in... earthly people. Well, it it makes her happy, I suspose," Hurrican sighed, " I can let this slip under my eye. Piers, this is a fine ship, use her well. I have to go now."

                                      Lightning hit Ivan, again. The aura faded from him, "Ow! My head hurts... I'm going to get Issac to cure me... Good Night Piers" He started to ramble about faries and then it became incoherent. He was out of it. I have ply, Ivan knows that; why did he go to Issac? Cut the pipsqueak a break, he was out of it afterall. There was a flash of lightning, and the storm shrank to the size of a cloud. The sky was orange and we should be hitting land by noon.

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                                        Posted 23 February 2008 - 02:16 PM

                                        An interesting chapter, but you need to stop changing POVs so suddenly. I makes it very confusing in what is happening or who is talking. If you want to do this, than it might be better if you switched to a third person pov instead of first. It might work better.

                                        #20   King Hydros 

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                                            Posted 22 March 2008 - 09:49 PM

                                          I have given in and will use "---" to change the point of view.
                                          Chapter Eleven: The Trip to Loho, and Ivan's Debt Repaid.

                                          "Ivan where are you?" Issac said.

                                          "In the galley, finishing off my coffee and," I cut off, paused for a second, "And, tending to my wound." I heard Issac star to jog up the hallway below, then the stairs. He came through the door and ran to me.


                                          "Ivan are you okay," I asked him. He said he needed cured, which he did, I guess. There really was no physical wound that I could see. It might of been in his head, behind his violet eyes... Right back to the point. "There you go, you are all better," I gave him a pat on the shoulder.


                                          Of course I wanted to be nice to him, I was awake when Mia so rudely interrupted my so called, 'sleep.' I always was called a pipsqueak. Issac stood up for me,he is the only person that stood for me, except family. He cares for me, maybe even likes me. I guess he can cure me every now and then. "Issac you're blushing," yeah, he likes me too. Great,
                                          the only person that ever liked me is a guy. This will be interesting to see where it goes.

                                          Piers walked in a while later and said, we will be docking in Loho in a couple of minutes. I froze solid when he said this. I needed a mist potion, I promised the shop lady that I would get her one in return for my mother's photograph. I don't even know what a photograph is.
                                          It sounds important though. And it is my mom. I've never even seen her.

                                          I went downstairs to my back pack. I found a mist potion... I hope it wasn't of great importance to the group, oh well. I slipped it into my pocket and ran back up and Issac was cooking breakfast. It smelt great. He did cook fairly well, better than the rest of us, with the exception Jenna's mom, Julie, because she was more experienced than Issac.

                                          The ship docked and everyone was awake. There was tension in the air between Kyle and the rest of the group. I hoped it cooled off between them. I ran onto land, Loho was about a mile up the road. I ran the whole way and into the shop. Well, what was left of the shop. Apparently it caught fire, and pretty much all of it was destroyed. The shop keeper appeared much older than she did before. I put the mist potion on the table and started to leave without saying a word.

                                          A crackly and raspy voice said, "Wait. I remember you." She took a breath and coughed for a while, "You are Ivan. I need to hold up my end of the bargain.

                                          I said, "You don't need to pay me back with anything." I would feel horrible taking something from her now.

                                          "Nonsense," She said, "I owe you a picture of your mother." She rummaged through a pile of junk on a burnt shelf. Finally, she pulled out a tiny piece of paper, the edges were charred from the fire. "It's yours now," she handed it to me.

                                          I stared at it, a photograph, it was just a fancy word for a drawing. It was beautiful though.
                                          My mother was on this burnt sheet of paper or at least her face was. She was beautiful. I tear hit the paper taking some of the sketch away whiled it rolled off the paper. I finally knew the mother I so longed to meet, even if she was dead. I folded it up and put it in a pocket close to my heart. I was feeling very emotional at this point. I couldn't thank this shop lady enough. I laid a bag of several gold coins on the counter and left.

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                                              Posted 03 May 2008 - 10:22 PM

                                            It has been a while since I have been on. Chapter twelve continues my epic saga. For my avid readers I present the long awaited Chapter Twelve: A Dirge for All

                                            We all arrived in Loho a little after Ivan did. I saw him leaving town and going in the direction of Magma Rock. I don't think that he noticed that we were even here. I noticed that the inn has burnt down. I felt bad, but was relatively use to it. The group split up and I went off on my own to find a blacksmith. There was no blacksmith, but everyone I asked pointed me to this dwarf in front of me. I was reluctant to ask him to forge an item of great importance for me, "Are you Geemer, the dwarf?"

                                            His response was, " What do you want?"

                                            "I want to employ your blacksmithing services," I said.

                                            "Sorry, I'm closed," he refused.

                                            "Will this do," I laid a small bag of gold coins in front of him.

                                            He turned around and his eyes gleamed, "what do you want made," he finally gave the correct response. I told him what I wanted. "Do you want it made out any special material," he asked.

                                            "Yeah, as a matter of fact I do, can you make it out of Stardust," I asked.

                                            "Yes I can. Any special properties you want," Geemer said.

                                            I really did not consider this a possibility. I thought about it for a while. The perfect idea came, "imbue it with my palm."

                                            Geemer took my hand and emptied the Stardust onto my hand, "rub your palms together and then put the Stardust back into the bag. I will have it done for you by this evening."

                                            "Okay, thanks," I met back up with the rest of the group for our ascension up to the crater of Magma Rock.


                                            Menardi led the procession while Issac and Garet carried Saturos Mia and I followed them then Felix and Sheba as a pair. Then Jenna alone followed by by her parents, Julie and Dennis, and to round the whole procession up were Kyle and Kraden. I assume that Ivan already made it up here. We reached the volcanic crater close to time of sunset.

                                            Issac and Garet gently placed Saturos near the rim. Menardi placed his sword, in a stately manner, onto his chest. I could hear Mia start to cry along with Menardi. Menardi let red rose petals fall onto her late love, Saturos. I caught a glimpse of the sadness in Menardi's eyes. She truly loved him, a love that is hard to find. Menardi kissed Saturos's lips one last time, they were so pale and did not respond. The sunset was caught in the tears falling from her eyes. She never said a word, but her grief echoed through the valleys, silently touching all of us.

                                            We all left except for Menardi. She got to say goodbye the last. Mia said, "Piers thanks for the arm to weep on." I didn't mind it one bit, "no problem."


                                            I watched the group depart from me and Saturos. "I wanted to say so much about you Saturos," I wiped a tear away from my eye, "Except the only thing that would have came out would have been bellows of sorrow and angst."

                                            I was alone for a couple minutes then Ivan walked up silently and sat down beside me. I was surprised that he did that. He asked, "how are you feeling?"

                                            "Okay, I suppose," I lied and he knew it too.

                                            "I understand that it hurts. I wanted to ask you a question Menardi," He said.

                                            "Okay. go ahead and ask it," honestly, what's the harm.

                                            "How do you love," Ivan posed such a hard question.

                                            I didn't know how to answer that, "It is unique Ivan. I guess once the heart is broken once; one can spend a lifetime looking for the person that can mend it correctly." I took Saturos's half of the heart necklace and mine and joined them, a perfect fit, like the many years ago. The halves melded together again and I put the heart necklace around my neck.

                                            Ivan sighed, "Oh. I understand now."

                                            "No, you will not understand until you know when you are in love," I didn't mean to scold him.

                                            "How do you know you're in love," he asked another question.

                                            "You just do, your heart will flutter around this person, and all sorts of emotions will flow," I thought of Saturos, cold and just waiting, "help me push Saturos in the lava."

                                            "Okay," Ivan and I pushed my love in.

                                            I asked him if he ever saw the white flash. He said no, and I told him what it was and we waited until the sun laid into bed.


                                            I got into Loho by myself while the sun was sitting on the horizon. I found Geemer and he gave me my item of great importance. It was stunning. I was mesmerized in it's clear beauty; one could gaze into and see Luna and the stars and sometimes Weyard. I loved it. I slipped it into a tiny pouch and ran back to the ship. While I was running I looked over towards Magma Rock and saw a bright white light emitted from there only for a second and it disappeared.

                                            Ivan and Menardi were walking beside shortly after that.

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                                              Posted 04 May 2008 - 12:11 AM

                                              Interesting chapter, I wonder who it was that got the item forged, and who it is for. Your doing better about seperating out the changes in POV, but it can still be hard to tell who's it is at some times. Anyway, keep it up, I hope to read more.

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                                                Posted 25 May 2008 - 10:41 PM

                                                Incoming from escout's poetry topic!
                                                Interesting lolz. Well, I read the first and last chapter only though...

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                                                    Posted 11 June 2008 - 09:54 PM

                                                  One has to wonder about such things, as in, a name for a chapter and most definitively a plot. I know I spell Issac incorrectly, but that is the way I learned.
                                                  Chapter Thirteen: An Awkward Situation

                                                  "Ivan we need to talk," I said.

                                                  "Garet, the only time you ever 'need to talk' is when you want to harass, or make fun at me. What do you want," Ivan was right. I did, infact, love to torment the hell out of him. It ws so funny to see him get angry like that. Issac doesn't enjoy it to much that I torment him.

                                                  "Sheesh... No need to be so hostile," I said.

                                                  "Hostile? Do you even know what that means," I had a feeling that Ivan just insulted me for his own sinister pleasure.

                                                  I do not know what it means, "maybe."

                                                  "It means, ' to be excessively bitter and angry towards someone or something.' You've heard me use it before. So, does it seem that I am, 'hostile?' What do you want," I didn't ask for a, 'Kraden-esque,' lesson.

                                                  I didn't know how to say this without seeming weird, "umm, does it seem that Issac is hiding himself away from everyone on the ship?"

                                                  "Garet, he is angry with his father. They had an argument, a violent argument. I heard it from my bed and you were even in the mess hall when the fight happened. I guess he just has more to bear than any of us could ever know," Ivan answered, "if you're so concerned Garet, go talk to him. After all, you are his best friend," Ivan did have a good point. "Now, will you let me finish my evening tea in peace," Ivan was being annoyed. Good.

                                                  "Uhh. No. Hey Ivan, did you for get to get to cast Spark Plasma today; because your hair is all frazzeled," I had to insult him.

                                                  "Garet, do you remember what, 'hostile,' means," Ivan spread his hands apart and there was lightning jumping between his fingers, "I can help you remember, if you can't."

                                                  "I'll take a rain check Ivan," I said. I did not want to die in the middle of the ocean. I excused myself from his presence, "G'night Ivan."

                                                  "Goodnight Garet."

                                                  I was walking down the hall towards Issac's room when Menardi came out. I didn't exactly like her, but I will talk to her, "hello, Menardi. I'm sorry that Saturos died."

                                                  She shot me a glance,"hello Garet. Thank you for the sympathy. We knew it would end someday. Do you know where Ivan is?"

                                                  "Ivan, yeah, he is finishing his evening tea. Is Issac still awake," I hoped that he was.

                                                  "Thank you. I do belive he is still awake," she walked up stairs into the mess hall and I continued to Issac's room.

                                                  I knocked on the door, "give me a second or two." It was strange, but he was strange lately anyway, so I guess it didn't matter. The door opened, "Garet," he was surprised.

                                                  "Issac, hey, do you mind if I come in," I asked.

                                                  "No, not at all," he said. I walked in, "what do you want," he asked.

                                                  "I just want to talk. It seems that we haven't talked in ages," I was looking around the room, " how do three people sleep in here?"

                                                  "I know we haven't talked in a while," Issac looked around, "I honestly have no clue how this is going to work. I think that Ivan can have my bed while Menardi sleeps in his. I'll sleep on the floor," Issac yawned.

                                                  "You're such a homophobe," I joked, "just joking. I know that you like to have you're own sleeping space. You had your own tent even when we left Vale."

                                                  "Hah! Homophobe, right," Issac smiled and looked out his port hole. "My father is the homophobe."

                                                  "Yeah, what was that about a couple evenings ago? You haven't been yourself lately," I said.

                                                  Issac sighed, "he wanted me to get married Garet. I told him no. We fought, it is simple, really."

                                                  "Oh I see," there was an awkward silence.

                                                  Issac broke it, "how are things between yoiu and Jenna?"

                                                  "Good. I understand you, not wanting to get married," I wanted to be funny.

                                                  Issac laughed, "hah. Our motives differ greatly. Plus, he wanted to get married to Jenna. I didn't tell him that you were an item with Jenna. I didn't know if Dennis and Julie knew."

                                                  "No, they don't know," I sighed, "what do you mean by, 'our motives differ greatly?'"

                                                  "One day, I will tell you, but not today. I am very exausted I haven't got a good night's sleep for some time, before Prox. Night Garet," Issac yawned, again.

                                                  "Okay then. G'night Issac," and with that I shut the door behind me and went to bed.

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                                                      Posted 14 June 2008 - 09:13 PM

                                                    I wonder who reads this.
                                                    Even though this extremely early post goes against my traditional 1+ months in between posts. I already have this chapter thought out and it has been fighting to get out so...
                                                    Chapter Fourteen: One of Issac's True Loves

                                                    That was the best night of sleep I've had since, well, to be honest, I can't remember the last time. I didn't even hear Ivan or Menardi come in. I guess the floor did wonders for me. I got up and saw Ivan in my bed. It was interesting to look at, Ivan sleeping soundly. If you listened hard enough, you could hear him snore very lightly. He looked, well, cute.

                                                    I went up stairs. Julie, Jenna's mother, beat me to who made breakfast this morning, "do you need help Julie?"

                                                    "I think I have it under control today. You can set the table if you want Issac. I'm making your favorite, pancakes and bacon," Julie said.

                                                    I was ecstatic, my favorite, "thank you."

                                                    "No problem, hey Issac, umm," she began to change her tone, "I have a question or two."

                                                    I wanted to put my palm over my face to hide, but there was a strange curiosity wanting to know the question, even if it makes me sick in my stomach. "What is it," as I prepared myself.

                                                    "Issac, is Jenna dating Garet," she posed a rational question, "don't lie to me either."

                                                    I thought she was going to ask if I was gay or something along those lines, "can't you tell," I smiled, "of course they are. They have been for quite some time. I think around Jupiter Lighthouse, our reunion possibly. Why?"

                                                    "Oh no reason," she was lying. I'm no Ivan, but I cant tell when someone is frustrated by how they cook. She was flipping pancakes with unnecessary force. I had no desire to ruin anyone's day, mostly my own, this early in the morning.

                                                    I prepared the table. It appeared to me that we were the only ones up. I looked out of a window and saw Piers standing at the wheel. I went outside to ask him where we were, "where are we Piers?"

                                                    "We're approaching Lalivero, we will dock there within two hours if the weather holds," he said, " Menardi, Ivan and I flew the ship across Gondowan. It was a shortcut. Were exhausted. Will you steer until Mia or Kraden wake up?

                                                    I could tell he was being honest, he was ready to collapse, "yeah, just tell Julie to bring my pancakes out when they are done."

                                                    "Okay, thanks Issac," he walked through the door.

                                                    I smelt it before it she ever said a word, the bacon, the pancakes covered in syrup and butter, and a glass of fresh milk. "Here Issac, hot off the griddle, the way you like them," Julie said, while sitting the milk, fork and plate on deck.

                                                    I was almost drooling when I said, "thank you," as she walked inside. I was alone with my plate of heaven at seven-thirty in the morning. I savored the first bite of the crunchy bacon, the first gulp of milk, and the golden-brown delicious first bite of my syrup and butter drenched pancakes. I finished eating my three pancakes, strips of bacon and downed a pint of milk in a matter of minutes. I shook my head and agreed with myself that today should and most likely would be fantastic. I took my plate, glass and fork in to the galley and set them in the sink. "It was divine Julie," I gave her a complement.

                                                    "Oh, thank you," she replied.

                                                    "Send Mia out here when she is done eating," I said.

                                                    "Okay, I will," she said and I walked out. I went to the wheel and stood like I was on top of

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                                                      Posted 18 June 2008 - 08:05 PM

                                                      amussing. looking forward to another chapter soon.

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                                                          Posted 28 June 2008 - 01:58 PM

                                                        It is pretty pathetic when you have dreams of writing this. My mind races on at a million miles an hour to plot every tiny detail. It is becoming hard to distinguish reality from the stuff of fiction, but then again, what's the difference? [size="5"]Chapter Fifteen: His Tormentors/size]

                                                        It was just the two of us in this surrounding blackness. I did not even know if what we were on was solid. It felt solid, but then again it meshed with everything around us. The only thing that had light on it was him. He was lying on the ground in this circle of a yellow- white light. He didn't move as I approached him. It was raining red rose petals and white cherry blossoms. When I got near him I noticed his sword was lunged into him. I ran and ran and he got further and further away. I finally got to him and he turned into dust and the breeze carried his dust into the darkness, never to be seen again. I looked down and saw myself in his blood. I cried, and it was still raining, but now they were black rose petals. One hit his blood and my reflection was blurred. From that unforgiving blackness I heard his voice whisper, "goodbye."

                                                        I sat straight up in bed and shook off the chills. I've never had this nightmare until after Jupiter was lit. I've never actually got to him before that one. I was driving myself crazy. I saw Menardi sleeping peacefully in a deep sleep. I wished I could do that, my mind wanted to torture itself with this nightmare. On the other hand I've had a very good dream where he lived. I hope that this wasn't one of those crazy predictions that my sister told me I would have. If it was, I feared for Issac.

                                                        I looked at Menardi again, "damn sleep queen," I muttered this under my breath. I only put on a shirt and some pants, no need to overdress. I stumbled out of the room and up the stairs into the mess hall.

                                                        I rubbed my groggy eyes. Sheba and Jenna were up and drinking tea, "Hi Ivan," their tone scared me. Then they giggled, "Ivan is their a reason why you're stark naked?"

                                                        "What are you guys talking about," I demanded.

                                                        "Look down Ivan, see for yourself," they said.

                                                        I did look down, lo and behold, I was naked. I saw everything and I'm assuming that they saw everything. I smiled and blushed and covered myself and walked away from the two of them. I was extremely embarrassed and almost mortified. I thought I put pants on, at least in my mind I put pants on.

                                                        I went up again. I made sure that I had my pants on this time. Sheba and Jenna only waved at me when I came. They both had a blackmail smirk. I could read their minds but I was still felling a bit spent from flying the ship last night. I needed my morning tea now. I looked out of the door window and saw Mia and Issac talking. I walked into the galley and made my tea. Julie was in their doing whatever she does. I'm glad she wasn't out there when I was nude. I grabbed a plate of pancakes and and tea. I sat by Sheba, "hello."

                                                        "Ivan we were thinking," this can't be good; they're mischievous, "since we did get a full body shot of you," here we go, blackmail, "we want to know who you like in return for keeping your nakedness hush hush."

                                                        Is that it, somehow I knew this couldn't be it," Umm, I like," I thought quick, because I never gave it thought. "Mia," first girl to come to mind, I lied.

                                                        Sheba's and Jenna's jaw dropped to the floor almost. "You're lying Ivan," Sheba said. I didn't feel her reading my mind. I wonder who she knew that.

                                                        "Tell her that you like her then," Jenna added, evilly.

                                                        "NO! How do you know that I'm lying," I questioned angrily.

                                                        Sheba said, "because Ivan, we hear you whisper things in your sleep sometimes. Sometimes the things you say scare us out of our minds, most of the time it doesn't make sense what you say. You whisper names every now and then, Issac."

                                                        "I don't talk about him in my sleep do I," I never thought that I did this. It was frightening.

                                                        She continued, "everything coherent that you say relates to him and him dying. I guess that it is a nightmare of yours."

                                                        "But I don't like him that way," at least I didn't think I did.

                                                        Speaking of Issac, " We have reached Lalivero! Home!"

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                                                          *Random reply to have every reply in GSSF square.*

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                                                            gasp skippy, quality control much?

                                                            k I actually like it, but first person stories bug me for a bit. Oh and you missed a [ for your title.

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                                                              Do not defy me.

                                                              And yeah, story is medicore. Not bad, but not great.

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                                                                mediocre means worse than bad. well done captain vocabulary

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                                                                  Well done Ms.Bitch.

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                                                                    ooo 4 words. Maybe if you called me Ms. *****y mc**********? Has a nice ring to it ;)

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                                                                      Or how about Slutty McFuckittySlut.

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                                                                        *gasp* how do you know my real name??

                                                                        ...and get back on topic

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                                                                          Ok then Ms.I'mNotOnTopicEither.

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                                                                              Posted 26 July 2008 - 11:03 PM

                                                                            What do you mean quality control... Well, there could be some things a bit better. However, my story is not mediocre! Humph! In that case then, I will need to improve quality and content. I also write my best when I'm dark and sad, for a lack of a better word that starts with, "s." Now here is my favorite number's chapter, Chapter Sixteen: Home Bound

                                                                            Issac was correct, we've reached Lalivero. I haven't actually been in my hometown as a free person for a very long time. I really didn't think that I would miss Lalivero this much, but deep in my heart I truly did. All of the people, the atmosphere, and all of the mystery surrounding this ancient place, left a tear in my heart when I was abducted by Babi as collateral for the lighthouse. I walked out onto deck when we docked and there was a crowd of people rejoicing because of my safe return.

                                                                            I was very ecstatic that I was holding Felix's hand while walking down the ramp into the town I loved. We were the first pair off the ship. Dennis and Julie followed behind us then Kraden and Menardi, and I was absorbed into the rowdy crowd before I could catch who came off next. I desperately looked for Faran, I wanted to see him very much. It was a good thing that I remembered where his house was luckily. We managed to get out of the crowd and navigated to his house.

                                                                            I knocked on the door and he opened up and saw Felix and I standing there. He gasped and hugged us both. I think he missed me more than I missed him. I know that was is a horrible thing to say but I was busy the whole journey, and more recently, Felix. I wept when Faran hugged me, I knew I wouldn't stay more than an hour. We would be leaving for Vale shortly. We had tea, and I told him of every major thing that happened to us on our journey. He told me that Venus was beautiful and that Kraden would have loved to see it when the light went towards Vale. I also told Faran that I was an item with Felix. He did not seem to mind as much as my actual dad did. After that we departed for the rendezvous point at the main gate where we intercepted the rest of the group. We left for Vale.

                                                                            I had the brilliant idea to get across The Suhalla Desert, let one of the wind cyclones take us to the town, Suhalla. After that we would go through Gondowan Cave and approach Kalay where I would depart from from the group, alone hopefully, to see Layana and Hammet and to tell them of my journey throughout Weyard. I hoped that the rest of the group went to Vault, because by that time it would be dark and everyone, no matter how much worry or excitement would be exhausted by today's long journey. I proposed bits and pieces of my idea to the gang and they agreed, excellent.

                                                                            We were nearing in on Kalay and I wanted to sneak out unnoticed, however Mia told Piers that I lived in Kalay. Piers then thought that it would be an excellent tourist attraction to see my home... I shook my head in disbelief but it worked to my advantage because I could go there with no questions asked now. Menardi wanted to come along to make amends with certain people, the only thing that I told her was, "do not make Kalay a bloodbath, or I will be seeing your head above my fireplace." I didn't even have a fire place but I would get one for the occasion. She reluctantly agreed. Kraden joined us for who knows what reason and tension was flaring up between Issac and Kyle again, so I guess I he could tag along. He really didn't seem to mind. That was our group... If anymore people joined I would smack my head on a rock till I bled to death. We left in a hurry as dusk was rapidly approaching.

                                                                            Piers was stunned by the beauty of Kalay. Layana really went to town with her gardening. Out of all the ridiculous things Hammet and Layana could've done they put Issac, Garet, Mia, and I as marble statues in their royal garden. Everyone in town was shocked to see how much I have grown over the journey; to be honest I was too. Gabrielle my childhood friend was much relived to have seen me alive. I missed her, we were two peas in a pod as Layana put it. We talked for a while and I introduced my friends to her and visa-versa. We went into the palace and Master Hammet and Lady Layana were very surprised to see me. They thought that I might have perished. I was overjoyed to see them. They were my parents regardless of what Hama said.

                                                                            I saw Issac's face and I could tell just by the look in his eye that he was hurting. I think that he might miss his mother, Dora terribly. She was his only source of courage during a battle. I hope for the best but expect the worst for what happened to Vale. I think Issac knows that his mom may not be there when he returns. I fear for his life if he finds out the worst has come true.

                                                                            We rejoined the group at the inn in Vault, we learned that our group would be spending the night at the mayor's home. Tomorrow, it will surly be interesting.

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                                                                                Posted 18 August 2008 - 10:53 PM

                                                                              I actually have been thinking of this chapter from when I started this story... Obviously, if you play the game you know what part I'm at by now. Father of the Mourning Son

                                                                              "Hey, Ivan," I whispered into his ear.

                                                                              He had a very faint snore, "...Zzz..."

                                                                              "Ivan," I said louder.

                                                                              "Wha... Menardi, what do you want? It's like three o' clock in the morning," he said.

                                                                              "I'm leaving, for now. I should be back by this evening," I said.

                                                                              "Why," is all he said.

                                                                              "I have a very special present to deliver to someone," I paused, "you know you talk in your sleep sometimes. Utter-nonsense, but sometimes you can understand it. What tortures your soul so deeply Ivan?"

                                                                              "Huh? Whatever. See you later Menardi," good he didn't ask questions, but I still didn't get an answer from him. Maybe it is for the better that he doesn't tell, but I can narrow it down to a few things. He was snoring again. I was silent on my way out, and grabbed my Death Scythe, it may be necessary.

                                                                              Vault was almost unbearable for me, I wanted to see Dora so badly; it became a craving. Secretly, I desired to leave Vault tonight and go back to Vale, but I was too damn tired, not to mention the lasting impression of anger my idiot for a son, Issac, left me. I'm glad he is at the mayor's house and not in the inn with any of us. Morning will come soon enough for him and I. I'll be glad when this is all over with.

                                                                              "It is morning son," I told him, "wake up. Wake up Issac."

                                                                              "It can't be morning already. This is a nightmare if I'm being woken up by you. Leave me alone," he stung me there.

                                                                              He hit me in the heart. I didn't know that he came to dispise and resent me so much. I really felt horrible now, but the damage was done, and now Karma is being sick and twisted by turning my own son against me. I just want to know where I went wrong with him. "Your mother wants to see you," I hope that gets him out of bed.

                                                                              "Where," he shot straight up from bed, "mom, where are you?" He looked around fervently for Dora, but to no avail, she was not here. "Why do you lie to me," Issac demanded an answer,

                                                                              "It was a case of mistaken identity, okay," round one was coming down the pipe, "you need to cool your attitude, that's all I can say." The kid was being cocky, again, that isn't a surprise. Issac is getting on my nerves already.

                                                                              "My atta!"

                                                                              "Hey! Issac, cool it," I yelled at him and cut him off so he wouldn't shout. He was irate at this point as was I, "just, shutup until we've reached Vale!"

                                                                              "FINE! I will Kyle," my son is ignorant.

                                                                              I didn't go wromg with him, he was wrong to begin with, "aww, poor baby, do you miss mommy? Are you going to cry like the fairy you are?"

                                                                              "You mother...," I wish he could've finished that sentence. I would have hit him in the mouth so hard!

                                                                              "THAT IS ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOUR BICKERING THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING," Ivan pointed to some place on the ceiling, he was so livid that it made me seem mellow, "You woke me up! You embarrased me in fron t of the Mayor and his family. Most importantly you woke me up," Ivan paused. "Kyle, get out of here before my Spark Plasma eradicates you." I have nor will I ever have the desire to experience his Spark Plasma. I left peacefully from there.

                                                                              " Ivan, thank you," Issac said to me.

                                                                              "No, what you would have said would have caused irreparable damage to your relationship with your father. It already stands on the knive's edge, don't push it! Plus, I saw him balling his fist up; I couldn't let the person that secretly stand up for me behind my back, get knocked down by his own father. At that point it became necessary for me to intervene between you two. Now, I need my tea."

                                                                              "Do you want me to make it Ivan," he asked me.

                                                                              "If you don't mind," I said. That was the best tea I've had in a long time. We left for Vale.

                                                                              As we approached the last knoll before Vale, Garet, myself, and the rude man standing by my shoulder, were to worried to go check for Vale's exestince. We made Felix do it! Vale was dystroyed. My mother was dead. Garet's whole family, gone! I ran to the top of the hill and took in the devestation. My heart was filled with sorrow and despair as I tried to justify why my mom had to die! My knees gave out and I hit the ground and wailed into the sky. Tears burst forth from my eyes; one drop after the other they fell into my palms. The dam between my emotions and rationality failed. I was in a state of grief.

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                                                                                  Posted 18 September 2008 - 09:25 PM

                                                                                I can't believe that I started this over a year ago; it only feels like last week. What do you think? Eventually, I will put this on Chapter Eighteen: The Reunion

                                                                                I called to them, as they stood on that lonely knoll. I never lost any of my parents. Well that isn't true; I thought I lost my dad and mom on the lighthouse, but I didn't. When the flood hit Kyle and my parents along with myself, we were swept down the river. It must have been horrible to Dora and Issac; they thought that Kyle was dead. He regained his father at a terrible cost, his mother. I can not fathom what thoughts he may be going over. He truly lost the most important figure in his life, his mom. "Issac," I called to him.

                                                                                Kyle lost his wife. If I lost Sheba, I don't know if I could live on with out her. She has become an integral part of my life over this journey, my lover. Kyle and Dora were married and from what I recall, they loved each other. At least Kyle still had what was left with of a relationship with Issac. "Kyle," I called to him.

                                                                                Garet, poor Garet, he didn't deserve this. I don't know what is like to lose my whole family in one shot, nor do I ever. Three years without Jenna was already hard. I asked myself, "what did Garet do to deserve such a punishment?" I wanted to reach out to him so bad but I couldn't. I wonder what was worse: sacrificing mother for father, losing your true love, or losing your whole family. "Garet," I called to him.

                                                                                I guess the only logical thing to do was to back to Vault. I am not equiped to handle this; Issac was always such a better leader than I ever was. I really took charge with my decision, "Let's go back to Vault for tonight. We can think about our next move there."

                                                                                "NO, Felix, we can't! You don't know what it is like to lose your whole family," their was so much anger in Garet's voice.

                                                                                Kyle shook his head and stared off into the gaping hole in the ground of what used to be Mt. Aleph and Vale.

                                                                                I barely heard what Issac said, the only thing that gave it away was the sadness that permeated the air when he said that one singular, haunting word, "mom." A chill went down my spine.

                                                                                I saw three glistening tears fall from the three of them, a breeze blew the tears toward Vale. It was a sad day for all of us. I guess if I had to choose the worst of those it would be: sacrificing mother for father; because you decided which parent of yours lived or died. The conscience burden of that on someone must be too immense to bear.

                                                                                "Hehe, there so blinded by tears Sheba; that they can't even see down the path," I heard them laughing.

                                                                                "I know Mia. It is funny," I was starting to get annoyed.

                                                                                "Yeah," I had it.

                                                                                "What are you two laughing at! It isn't funny! I lost my whole family," I was in tears.

                                                                                "Oh, I got to see this, my brother is crying," that voice!

                                                                                "Sis, I wasn't crying, I just had something in my eye," I said.

                                                                                "Geez Garet, you went through all of this and still cry." She went on.

                                                                                "Now, Kay, don't be so harsh on him, he thought he lost all of us," my parents said in unison.

                                                                                "You're alive," I shouted and ran for my family. I was happy now.

                                                                                "What about Dora, did she make it," I asked them in a cold voice.

                                                                                "Why don't you look to where Issac is running to Kyle," she suggested. I saw that he was running to Dora! I ran to her as well and I threw my arms around her.

                                                                                "It's been awhile Kyle," she said.

                                                                                "It's been way too long. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me the most," We separated. I loved Dora.

                                                                                I watched from afar their teary reunion. I was happy for all of them, I truly was. I would've been there but there was a far more pressing issue at hand to be dealt with. I could sense it as soon as we got out of Kalay, his psynergy. Alex! We will have our own reunion, however I highly doubt that ours will be so pleasant. I knew his one true desire from the very start, power. He knew that, we would kill him if he ever was disloyal to us. I didn't trust him but Saturos did, so I went along with it. Since Saturos is gone, there is nothing restraining me from killing him.

                                                                                I walked around the hole for a while, until I found his body. He was lying on the ground a foot away from the crater. "Get up, you filthy wretched thing," I yelled at him. There was no response, "get up," I kicked him in the side of the stomach.

                                                                                "Ugh," he groaned, "that voice is unmistakable," his voice was real airy.

                                                                                "Alex! You are indirectly responsible for my sister, Karst's death," a sense of killer calm embraced me. A fury unknown to me took over my soul.

                                                                                "Menardi, I'm sorry," he grabed his side, "please help me up Saturos."

                                                                                "Oh no, your protector no longer lives, thanks to the cruelty of the Western Sea."

                                                                                "He's dead, and it is my fault?"

                                                                                "No. It isn't. Now stand!"

                                                                                "I can't get up Menardi, I need help."

                                                                                I held out my hand, "here grab my hand."

                                                                                He grabbed it, "thank you Menardi. Are you going to kill me now?"

                                                                                "Yes, I am."

                                                                                He grabbed his arm inbetween his elbow and shoulder with his hand. He cocked his head and looked down at the ground, "I'm ready now, but please tell Mia that I died." He didn't even have the energy to fall back down.

                                                                                "Okay I will," I raised my scythe in to the air with both hands. The cold razor sharp blade caught the light from the sun and reflected it through the air and into the valley. "Alex, nothing gives me a more cynical pleasure of killing you right now," I started the downward blow, my scythe sang in the air as it swung down to meet Alex's flesh. It sliced through and his beautiful blue hairs were chopped into halves as they scattered into the air and drifted back down to the earth. His lifeless body hit the dirt and his eyes lost the light. I picked up some of his hair for Mia as proof that he died. Alex was dead. This is one thing I can cross off my list of to-do's. Of course I have a few other things to tend to as well. I cleaned off my scythe. "You are not called the Death Scythe for no reason," I whispered this to my weapon.

                                                                                I started to leave the hideous site, and I turned to look at the pathetic lump of blue. I shook my head and left. Alex was finally dead.

                                                                                "Hey Kraden," I said.

                                                                                "Yes, Ivan?"

                                                                                "Did you see that glimmer of light just the other second ago?"

                                                                                "Yes! You saw it too! I know now that I am not going crazy even if I am senile. Do you know what it was?"

                                                                                "Nah," I lied, I had a hunch but was extremly unsure.

                                                                                "Hey, Ivan, where is Menardi?"

                                                                                "She said she had to make some amends. She told me early this morning."


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                                                                                  View Postkate, on Jul 7 2008, 10:16 AM, said:

                                                                                  mediocre means worse than bad. well done captain vocabulary

                                                                                  Haha, I think Kate needs a dictionary.

                                                                                  And yeah...good story, Hydros.

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                                                                                    Chapter Nineteen: Mother of the Fallen Star

                                                                                    "Why are we leaving so soon? Answer me," I demanded, "I would like to rest you know!"

                                                                                    "There is no rest for the weary. We can rest at the cave entrance for the Goma Range," He was so happy until Prox, more specifically the way home from Prox. His father and him didn't get along I guess; I didn't know his whole life story Felix or Garet, and I wasn't a mind reader like Sheba or Ivan. Issac continued, "plus Imil is our next stop, isn't Mia?

                                                                                    "Yeah, but I thought you would like to stay home a little bit you know," I don't know what came over him.

                                                                                    He retorted, "home, Ha, I don't have a home anymore... I really am all alone now."

                                                                                    Poor Issac, I wondered what happened. I walked away from and then went to Ivan, "Hey Ivan, what is wrong with Issac?"

                                                                                    He said, "there was nothing left for im in Vale when he returned. I was with him the whole day; I know what happened."

                                                                                    "Something happened," it had to deal with his mother or father, I guessed.

                                                                                    "Yes, he was shunned by his mother. Mia, he was devestated."

                                                                                    "What? That's horrible!"

                                                                                    "I think that his father was behind it though; because he had a smirk on his face when Dora said those awful words. It tore Issac to shreds. Why isn't he loved? I mean, it isn't wrong to be that way. Issac," Ivan was speakin his thoughts.

                                                                                    "Yeah, his father became a real jerk lately. What do you mean by, 'that way'," I asked Ivan.

                                                                                    "I'm sure you will know it soon enough. Why are Kraden and Piers accompaning on our journey?"

                                                                                    "Well, Piers wants a grand tour of Angara nad who knows why Kraden came along; probally to increase his understanding of Alchemy. Where is Menardi, she surley wouldn't have hun gout at Vale?

                                                                                    "I don't know Mia, she might meet us soon. So we could have a little gang of six."

                                                                                    "I suppose. What are you getting at?"

                                                                                    "I still want to travel as well, I do belive that adventure could be on the other side of the falls, if we survive."

                                                                                    "Ivan you're nuts, but it does sound like some sort of wickedly awsome adventure! Look the cave entrance, and it is approaching dark. I wil tell Issac that we can rest now," I walked over to Issac and told him that. He agreed and pitched his tent. I still can't belive that we were only in Vale for a few hours.

                                                                                    Issac asked Ivan to take the first watch, he agreed.

                                                                                    "Are you sure Garet, they would be here," Dora asked.

                                                                                    "Yeah, this is where Ivan joined our group," Garet said. Now mind you, it was well past midnight when they tried to get here. I overheard them in some brush a few yards away. I thought of what they would be doing out here at such an ungodly hour.

                                                                                    "I can't thank you enough Garet for coming with me."

                                                                                    "Oh, no problem."

                                                                                    "There! I see some coals still." Dora whispered excitedly.

                                                                                    "Mam, coals can be very deceiving, from what I learned," I heard garet unsheath Excalibur.

                                                                                    "Oh hush," she said.

                                                                                    I couldn't let them continue like this very long, "Garet, you're a bumbling idiot."

                                                                                    "Ivan? You were given nightwatch," Garet said sarcastically.

                                                                                    "Oh good we found them," Dora said, "is Issac here."

                                                                                    "Why," I asked her.

                                                                                    "I want to apologize. Dennis told me what happened on the ship. I feel horrible. I need to let him know that I still love him, Ivan," she was starting to cry.

                                                                                    "Oh," go wake him up I said, "Garet, what are you doing here?"

                                                                                    "I'm escorting Dora. If she came up missing I'm sure Kyle will blame Issac, even though it doesn't make sense. So, uh, is it true about him Ivan?'

                                                                                    I was like a dear in headlights, it was his bestfriend Garet, but I didn't wan't to tell a secret, "Yes, Issac is gay, you didn't hear that from me though, you understand?"

                                                                                    "Yeah, why didn't he tell me, I would've understood."

                                                                                    "He thought that you would laugh at him, Garet."


                                                                                    "Issac, I still love you and your father is cruel towards you, even if you don't want grandchildren."

                                                                                    "I love you too mom," Issac pasued,"I am still not going back there. You can probally see me in Tolbi in a couple of days. I'm going to fight in Colloso again, I don't think that any of them know sokeep it hush hush."

                                                                                    "Ok, Tolbi you said"


                                                                                    "Okay, I love you Issac."

                                                                                    "I love you too mom," He hugged me and I left.

                                                                                    I fetched Garet and left crying. We saw a strange woman with blonde walking up the mountain, creep.

                                                                                    Issac came and sat beside me, "Garet knows, I told him."

                                                                                    "Yeah my mom knows as well. I told her the truth."

                                                                                    "Look, shooting stars! Jupiter must be pleased." Issac and I watched the stars fall and shoot all night long.

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                                                                                        Posted 28 December 2008 - 01:23 AM

                                                                                      Sorry, I've been way busy. Oh gosh, is this a long chapter. Anyway, where was I... Oh yes, Chapter Twenty:Standing in Imil's Shadow

                                                                                      "Oh! I'm so excited! I will finally be home! Imil," I was straining my voice from the excitement, "I never thought that I would miss it this much."

                                                                                      "I'm glad your happy Mia," Piers said.

                                                                                      "You will like it, it is a very peaceful town. My grandparents live there. Oh, and Megan and Justin, they live there too!"

                                                                                      "What about your parent's Mia," I heard Kraden ask me.

                                                                                      I never did know either of them very well. I don't remember my father. My mother was a healer, like I was. I remember the last time I saw my mother,with that beautiful bracelet, many years ago, I was twelve. She said she was going out to meditate, she never did return. It was a snowy night in the winter, frigid cold and winds blustered. She said that she was a disgrace to the peoples of Imil and that she was weak compared to our ancestors. My powers were weaker than hers before this journey, but now, through battle, my powers as a healer have grown way beyond that of my mother's; I worked for mine and earned the respect as a healer. Mom would be so proud to see what I've become. "Kraden, I don't know my father, but my mom was a great healer and one night she left and never returned," I felt a tear run down my cheek and looked at a puddle on the ground. In my reflection I thought I saw my mother.

                                                                                      "Oh," he said.

                                                                                      "Blast! I can feel that lighthouse tapping me of my power," Menardi shouted into the air.

                                                                                      "Hey, Mia, I feel strange, but in a good way," Piers said.

                                                                                      "It is the lighthouse, I feel it too," I said. I saw some glimmering lights as the sun was beginning to lower, "there it is!" I started to run, "come on, Ivan I know you can run faster that I can!"

                                                                                      "I know it too, I'm giving you a head start," he yelled at as I was off in the distance.

                                                                                      "Are you actually going to race her Ivan?"'

                                                                                      "Of course Issac, I'll beat her too even when she is ten feet away from the town entrance."

                                                                                      "Don't rob her of her glory, of her happiness, comfort her. You know it is because of your Elven Shirt, that makes you so fast.

                                                                                      "Comfort her, I'm no good at comforting. Maybe I will grow some pointy ears and look like an elf, no, you would like that to much, wouldn't you?"

                                                                                      "Ivan, you were always good at comforting me, and you about to lose."

                                                                                      "Huh, what?! What a stall tactic!" Ivan was halfway down the field in a few seconds. I will admit he was fast, really fast.

                                                                                      "Issac he has a sharp tongue doesn't he?"

                                                                                      "Yeah Piers he does."

                                                                                      "Ivan! I didn't actually think that you would listen to me and run," I said

                                                                                      "Mia, I like to run, It is fun." Ivan said to me as he slowed down to my pace.

                                                                                      "It looks like you are home."

                                                                                      "Yes, and I did miss it. I can see my grandparents house."

                                                                                      "Only a few more seconds until we are in town." Ivan said as we reached the gate. I could see Mercury Lighthouse glowing radiantly, a star among the dark night.

                                                                                      "It's beautiful isn't it?"


                                                                                      "The lighthouse, it is like a jewel."

                                                                                      "Yes it is," I said wondering if he read my mind. I did not feel him read my mind. I guess it was a genuine thought of his then, it is rare for him to show emotion, except rage. I saw his rage and fury on the field of battle and I would fear for my life if I ever crossed him. I wonder were he summoned it all from.

                                                                                      "It torments me, so beautiful, but yet I'm not allowed to touch, to see, smell, hear or taste it."


                                                                                      He was silent, staring at the lighthouse. I guess the beautiful ocean-blue color of the beacon can put a calming trance on the spirit. He finally looked at me, sighed and said, "oh, nothing. It is something that I am no good for. The rest of the group is here."

                                                                                      I was concerned about Ivan. "Hey you guys finally made it. We will go to my grandparents first."

                                                                                      "Okay," the group said. All six of us walked up to my grandparent's door and I knocked.

                                                                                      It took a while for my grandmama to open the door. She let out a strange sound, like a cry almost, and dropped her cup of tea, "Mia!"

                                                                                      "Grandmama!" I gave her a big hug! then my grandpapa came over and I gave him a big hug! She invited us all in and she put a kettle of tea on the fire. I told her my stories and about how we saved the world. It was well into the night with several kettles of tea that we all finally decided to go to sleep. I was happy that I was home.

                                                                                      I was sleeping when I heard, "Mia, wake up, I need to show you something."

                                                                                      "Grandmama," I saw her standing over me with a lantern.

                                                                                      "Piers and I were talking while you guys slept. I need to show you something," she sounded urgent. I got up.

                                                                                      "Where is Piers," I asked.

                                                                                      "He is outside, waiting." She said. We started to walk towards the door.

                                                                                      "Hi Mia," he said to me.

                                                                                      "Hey, do you know what we are doing?"


                                                                                      "Shush you too, we don't want to wake the others." There was silence and my grandmama held the lantern as she walked in front of us two. We followed behind her. She took us to the stream, it was frozen, we could slide on it. That is exactly what she done. I took Piers hand in mine and led him through the ice. Where was my grandmama leading us too. She was going to the waterfall, maybe into the cave. We just kept following her. She stopped in the cave and tapped on the ice on the back wall three times. The ice thawed and a portal opened up. "There is something I want you too see on the other side of the portal. I figured now is a better time than any other. Use ply to illuminate the hall on the other side, and tap three times to leave. Your mother would be so proud Mia."

                                                                                      "Grandmama, what are you talking about."

                                                                                      "Just walk through. I will be at the house sleeping." she left Piers and I alone.

                                                                                      "Well I am here with you, by your side Mia ready to fight if there is a monster."

                                                                                      "Thanks, Piers." We walked through the portal. It was dark on the otherside, "ply." The ice on the walls illuminated a blue color. It was a hall with many statues. They were all beautiful females. I started to walk with Piers down the hall when I noticed all of the statues were female. There were about fifteen statues on each side. I walked to the last statue and I stared at it. It was my mom, she was beautiful. Then I noticed the statue before my mom's on the opposite side, my grandmama. I didn't know my grandmama was a healer, look how young she was. I looked at my mom again, it was an exact replica of her.

                                                                                      "Mia, are you okay?"

                                                                                      "Yeah," I said, starting to cry, "these are my ancestors. This one is my mom."

                                                                                      "Mia, don't cry."

                                                                                      "I'm not crying."

                                                                                      Piers wrapped his arms around me and I embraced him, "Mia, I love you."

                                                                                      I was still crying. It was so obvious, his love for me, but, I, I was so obsessed with Issac. I cried harder but managed to say, "I love you too." After a few minutes of my emotional breakdown Piers wiped away my last tears and I saw his smile. It was for me.

                                                                                      "There is a puddle that formed by your grandmother."



                                                                                      I wondered what it was for. I thought for a second and looked at the statues. I noticed they were all made of ice. Then I thought of frost, it would make the puddle to ice, "frost." Nothing happened. I did it again, "frost." Still no response.

                                                                                      "Mia, what did you do? The tunnel is starting to turn orange."

                                                                                      "I don't know." The ground started to shake and a chunk of ice rendered Piers unconscious. I tried to heal him, but I could not awake him.

                                                                                      "Mia! Help!" I heard two kids yell... Megan and Justin?


                                                                                      "Hahahahaha! I will never let you go," a sinister. low, and evil voice said.

                                                                                      "Help Mia!"

                                                                                      I turned to look and I saw Megan and Justin in the hand of a fearsome beast, "No! Don't harm them! Let them go and you can have me instead. Please, let them live and take me!"
                                                                                      I fell on my knees begging the beast to accept my offer. I couldn't fight it by myself, if only I was a better healer, I could of got Piers back up. "Please take me!"

                                                                                      The monster and kids disappeared, the wall's returned to normal color but Piers was still unconscious. I ran to him.

                                                                                      I heard a sweet, and gentle voice say, "Mia, self-sacrifice is the most noble thing a healer can do."

                                                                                      I turned around and saw a figure, "Mom?"

                                                                                      "Yes Mia, I am here now."

                                                                                      I ran to her, "Mom!"

                                                                                      "Mia I can't stay long."


                                                                                      "I just can't. Listen to me though. I tried to do what you did, light Mercury, but failed. I thought that the water of Hermes could even cure death. I tried so hard to bring back your father."

                                                                                      "Mom... You're fading."

                                                                                      "Yeah, it is my time. Give Piers a chance, he really does love you. Issac is rare and fragile be kind to him. Befriend Menardi, and make sure Kraden does okay. Ivan is his own greatest enemy and love is what calms the rage in his soul, if it dies, I hope that rage and grief will not consume him."

                                                                                      "Mom, I love you"

                                                                                      "Goodbye Mia, I love you too," she faded into the air, "I'm so proud of you Mia."

                                                                                      "Mia, wake up. Wake up!"


                                                                                      "No, it is Piers. You blacked out after you casted frost on the puddle."

                                                                                      "Did I? Is it still a puddle?"

                                                                                      "Yes and yes."

                                                                                      "Let me cast frost one more time."

                                                                                      "I don't..."

                                                                                      "Shhh. Frost." I started to see ice forming and it made a statue. A statue of me, a frozen replica so I could be honored in the future as a healer.

                                                                                      "You are very beautiful..."

                                                                                      "Thanks Piers, let's go." I caught a glimmer of something sparkly in the corner of my eye. I looked to see what it was. It was a bracelet, my mother's bracelet. I picked it up and put it on. It was her gift to me, to remember her. I would pass it on to my daughter when the time was right. "Piers, did I ever tell you that I love you." We left the cave holding hands as a new item. Dawn was breaking over Imil as the night retreated behind the mountains. It was a beautiful day.

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                                                                                        Posted 16 January 2009 - 09:30 PM

                                                                                        Its really good...
                                                                                        At this point i'm starting to believe you'll make Ivan gay. Lots of little clues dotted around if you look for em'.

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                                                                                          It was a little difficult for me to come up with the name of this chapter. I did it anyway Chapter Twenty One: Arguments, Kraden, and Mischief

                                                                                          We left Imil as soon as Mia permitted us to leave. She had to see Megan and Justin off. I have to say that they did grow a fair amount since the last time we saw them a year ago. Mia gave them hugs and kisses and told them to watch over the village. She left them in the sanctum, both Megan and Mia were crying. She talked to her grandmother and grandfather before leaving and started to cry as she left the two waving in the doorway. It was a cold morning and winter was thriving. Mia looked at the lighthouse and then walked away with us.

                                                                                          An uncomfortable and unnerving silence gripped us until we got out of Bilibin Cave, "So what is our destination for today?"

                                                                                          "I was hoping for the Fuchin Temple," Issac said.

                                                                                          "Isn't that a bit ridiculous Issac," I asked.

                                                                                          "Kraden, to you it might be, but there is a deadline to meet and this time there will not be any exceptions, Lord Babi is dead."

                                                                                          "That doesn't make any sense, deadlines, Lord Babi?"

                                                                                          "It does though. If you traveled with us on our last journey you would understand," Mia interjected.

                                                                                          Issac, Ivan, and Mia all said, "Colosso," simultaneously.

                                                                                          Menardi added, "I heard a rumor that you won Issac. Is that true?"

                                                                                          "Yep, I am the current champion of Colosso."

                                                                                          "Humph, we will see who is the champion when it is over," She said, "I want to join."

                                                                                          "Are sea captains allowed to join," Piers asked.

                                                                                          "I suppose they would be. Are you two planning on beating me?"

                                                                                          "Actually Issac, I want to do it too," Ivan said.

                                                                                          "I can put my self to the ultimate test," Mia joined.

                                                                                          I can see that this was going nowhere, fast. I readjusted my glasses and smiled. I was waiting for the right time to do two things. I wanted to reveal that I had the Teleport Lapis. I swear I asked Felix for it, I didn't steal it. In fact I had all of the Psynergy Items in my bag, except for the few that Ivan and Issac carry. Oh, the other thing I wanted to ask Piers about that book. I have it in my bag as well. Actually there might be a tome on this book at the Fuchin Temple. Good, that is a plan, with one problem, how to get there attention from arguing with each other. Hmm, no that is too radical. How about faint. I pretended to faint. I don't even think it phased them. "Help," I yelled.

                                                                                          Mia did glance over to see me lying on the ground, "Kraden, are you okay?"

                                                                                          "Yeah, At least I got your attention Mia," I said getting back up and dusting myself off, "Mia, what were you arguing about?"

                                                                                          "The Colosso, we all want to do it. We were arguing which one would be the better fighter."

                                                                                          "Would you like me to do a statistical analysis of who would win," I was already starting to weigh in on the options. I think it might come down to the males. Mia and Menardi are excellent adepts; with Mia having legendary healing abilities and Menardi having amazing fighting skills. However Menardi will not stand long against against any of the males because she is weaker than them, maybe not Ivan, and Mia will be to busy trying to heal herself, plus I can't see her striking one of her teammates. Piers is strong, hardy, and well balanced, he might just win. On the other hand Issac is a seasoned veteran at Colosso with a previous win, does he still have it in him? Finally, Ivan, he has the strongest psynergy I have ever seen, even stronger than Sheba's psynergy. It is a toss up, I cannot say, they are all equally matched.

                                                                                          "No, thank you though Kraden," she was always polite. I didn't bother to tell her I have already done it anyway.

                                                                                          "Mia, want to make the rest of them walk while we sit and drink tea at the temple?"

                                                                                          "No.. You stole that from Felix," Mia paused and looked at the bickering, "Kraden, do you want me to get us there?"

                                                                                          "Ha-hum! What, you think that I don't know how to use psynergy. Child, I have learned psynergy over my travels, at least enough to teleport us a few times," I started to fumble around for the Teleport Lapis. Ah, there it was, "Mia, are you ready? I think we should teleport to someplace we can see them but they can't see us. To see if they notice."

                                                                                          "Yes, I am ready. How about that outcropping of rock over there, she pointed to it. It was perfect. She grabbed my hand. I started to concentrate and the Teleport Lapis started to glow bright blue. The next instant we were on top of the outcropping. We began to watch from a distance.

                                                                                          Did I just imagined that? That was certainly the teleport psynergy. It was with Felix. Kraden! He must have stolen it! I stopped my bickering with Issac, Piers and Menardi, "Did you guys notice that? Kraden and Mia vanished into thin air!"

                                                                                          They stopped and looked at me, "Ivan no one just vanishes into thin air!"

                                                                                          "Oh, I'm sorry, they disappeared into thin air; is that better?"

                                                                                          Menardi scowled, "ivan, you have a sharp-tongue!"

                                                                                          Issac was a little more reasonable, "No, the Teleport Lapis was with Felix, I think."

                                                                                          Piers was concerned, it didn't seem to hit him that they didn't vanish but simply teleported, "Mia, where are you."

                                                                                          "That is exactly what I thought Issac. I think Kraden stole it from Felix. I think Mia casted it though, he hasn't acquired any psynergy."

                                                                                          We watched the spectacle unfold, we just laughed at them. It was a sick joke, but it was funny! Piers was frantically searching around for Mia and I. Ivan was pointing to the spot where we were then into the sky. Issac walked around while Menardi was burning innocent patches of grass and trees. Mia began to frown after she was all done laughing. "What's wrong?"

                                                                                          "I can't stand it any longer! Let's go back!"

                                                                                          I was puzzled; hesitantly, I agreed, "Okay." I got the lapis from my pocket and we were back to our original spot in an instant.

                                                                                          "Oh, Piers! I'm sorry" Mia ran to hug Piers. Issac gave me a stern look. I looked away, at Ivan , who was glancing at Issac. I looked back at Issac, and unfolded my fist to show the Teleport Lapis lying in my hand. Issac took it.

                                                                                          Issac was interrogating me, "Kraden, did you steal this?"

                                                                                          "NO! I swear I didn't! I did ask Felix for it!"

                                                                                          "Well, I am going to hold onto or a while until I can verify this with Felix."

                                                                                          I was wrongly being accused of theft. I felt a prick at my mind, it was weird but it only lasted for a brief second. I responded, "Issac, I didn't steal it. Can I please have it back?"

                                                                                          "Of course, when I see Felix."

                                                                                          "Give it back to him Issac," Ivan intervened.

                                                                                          "Why," Issac said. Finally, someone else who had a little logic.

                                                                                          Ivan grew pale, he looked as if what he was about to say made him sick, "Kraden... He is," Ivan sighed, " Kraden is Innocent!"

                                                                                          "Fine," Issac looked at me, "I am sorry. I don't know what came over me." He was very humble and gave me back the lapis and walked away towards Menardi.

                                                                                          "Kraden," Ivan said, "I'm sorry, but I had too. That prick at your mind was me, reading it. I was surprised you felt that. When did you first pick up your psynergy skills?"

                                                                                          "It was some time ago, we were in Lemuria when I first noticed. It all started after I drank out of that fountain. Thank you, for coming to my rescue."

                                                                                          "No problem," he said. Ivan began to shout, "We are leaving now! If you don't want to walk then hurry over here."

                                                                                          They all came over and held onto me. I smiled and we were gone. We were at The Fuchin Temple in an instant. You could just tell, it changed...

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                                                                                              Posted 11 March 2009 - 09:13 PM

                                                                                            This is an interesting chapter and I enjoyed writing it. Chapter Twenty Two: I Am Forgiven

                                                                                            It changed, Fuchin Temple, was desolate. I remember when we stopped here to visit Nyunpa our first time. He was in a deep meditation; we tried to read his mind but he caught us. I remember the grotto trial to obtain the Orb of Force. I really like that psynergy. It was our final resting place before that maze of a forest. This was a place of solace for us on that dreadful trip.

                                                                                            The sky was set ablaze by the evening sun. The grass on the temple grounds was all dry and shriveled to a crisp. There was once a gentle stream that fell over the cliff face; now it was nothing but bleached rocks. I saw the entrance to the grotto it was dark in there, very dark.

                                                                                            We walked carefully deeper into the temple yard. We were at the bottom of the stairs. I could hear a few drops of water drip off the waterfall onto scorched earth below. I started climbing the stairs, Ivan and Mia followed behind me. Menardi, Piers and Kraden started walking over pillars of stone, where the river once was, and entered into the darkness one by one.

                                                                                            "They will be fine Issac," Mia said.

                                                                                            She must have sensed my anxiety. I wasn't worried about the. I got this strange feeling that I was being watched. It wouldn't be the first time I felt that, but I was uneasy. The silence was brooding and the air became heavier as we ascended. We reached the temple. It was partially collapsed on the one side. The wood was rotting.

                                                                                            We reluctantly entered the temple. When we pushed the one door open it fell to the ground, and created a cloud of dust. The dust settled and the orange light from the sun setting caused elongated shadows to form from us, Ivan's was the longest out of all of ours. We saw a skeleton, the top of the skull laid where the light ended. It was a full skeleton. It was Nyunpa, he must have fasted to death a while ago. Mia got down on her knees and whispered a prayer to Iris, to make sure his soul got to the other side. She got back up and we all stared at the bones. It looked like the rib cage was shattered. I wouldn't remember him like this; I couldn't allow myself to remember him like this.

                                                                                            "Do not worry, he died many moons ago," a mysterious voice emanated from the darkness.

                                                                                            I unsheathed my sword instantly. Ivan and Mia did the same with their weapons. I asked, "Who are you?"

                                                                                            "Sheath your sword Issac! I do not mean you any harm," the voice said.

                                                                                            "Reveal yourself and I will sheath my sword!"

                                                                                            "How do you know his first name," Mia asked. I wondered this as well but did not have time to think about it.

                                                                                            "Isn't it obvious Mia," the voice menaced. The figure stepped out of the shadows. It was a female in a black ninja outfit. She melded seamlessly with the shadows. She approached Mia. Mia rose her Tungsten Mace, getting prepare to strike. "Whoa Mia, no need to strike me. Like I said I mean you no harm."

                                                                                            "No it is not obvious," Mia said.

                                                                                            The figure seemed to glide on the darkness over to me. "Issac you haven't changed a tiny bit." She started touching me. Coursing her hands up into my hair and untying my scarf. I was dumbstruck, I couldn't move to defend myself. I did however see Ivan come out of the corner of my eye with his Lachesis Rule wielded high into the air. It well with a mighty force on top of her head. She fell to the ground.

                                                                                            "You will thank me in a second Issac. I promise," Ivan said. He bent down to the unconscious black lob on the floor. He pulled off the face mask. I could tell who it was instantly. I revolted in the thought that she touched me. I shuddered in disgust.

                                                                                            I said, "Mia, make sure Feizhi is okay and comes to. I will be retying my scarf."

                                                                                            "Okay," Mia complied. I think she was just as stunned as I was. I will never understand them. Why do girls obsess over me? I just never understood.

                                                                                            "Ivan," I paused, "How did you know it was her?"

                                                                                            "I wasn't sure if it was her or not. It has been a long time since I saw her, but her green eyes gave her away."

                                                                                            "Unn...," Feizhi said, "Ivan... Why do you hit so hard?"

                                                                                            "I don't know," he said.

                                                                                            "I meant you no harm. You must leave here before nightfall. Evil, evil things lurk here."

                                                                                            "What do you mean," I asked.

                                                                                            "Ever since Nyunpa died the peace of this place fled with his last breath. The monks grew jealous of each other. I know, I was here. I was a monk at the time. I have killed... Many of them were my friends. Till this day, I don't understand what drove me to kill them. I was weak and let evil get the best of me. The last monk put a curse on me. He said that I would never be able to love again until his spirited rested. I kicked him in the chest; it was his fatal blow. He fell over and died. I was glad to see Nyunpa dead. After that, my body brimmed with rage and it seemed nothing in me was human anymore. I began needing something shortly after that moment. It was love. I couldn't love the breeze blowing through the trees any more. I couldn't love meditations any more. I have lost the love to life. I thought that I loved you Issac, but all I could feel was carnal lust. I truly am cursed..."

                                                                                            Feizhi didn't cry she lacked emotion her face was stone, lifeless, and indifferent. I was in awe. I shook my head in disbelief.

                                                                                            "You must leave! Hurry!" She pushed us out of the temple and almost over the cliff.

                                                                                            The other three were walking up the stairs. I motioned for them to go back down, they did. Mia and Ivan walked by me briskly and went down the stairs. Feizhi came up to me, hugged me, and she started to cry. Ahe was trembling when she said,"Issac, please release me."

                                                                                            I thought to myself and whispered, "Venus, forgive me."

                                                                                            I stopped on the stairs. Mia was walking in front me and didn't notice that I stopped. I could still see Issac and Feizhi by the temple if I looked over the top of the cliff. She embraced him. Her mouth moved, what she said was inaudible to me. Issac looked up to the sky and shut his eyes. He whispered something too, I couldn't hear what he said. He moved his hands from her sides to her head. His right hand was on the back of her head and his left was on her forehead. Tears fell from both of their eyes, they caught the red light from the sun before falling to the ground. His arms jerked and I could hear her spine sever, and I flinched. She fell lifeless to the ground as Issac walked away from her head down and weeping. I shook my head. It was the right thing to do; I didn't know he was just as heartless as she was to carry it out though. I turned around and kept on walking down.

                                                                                            The sun sank below the horizon. Camp was up just outside of Mogall Forest. I got Issac alone, it was easy, he was silent. "Issac," I said.

                                                                                            "Ivan, what do you want," his void was cold.

                                                                                            "Why did you do that? It was the right thing to do but, I never thought that you would be that heartless," It needed to be said.

                                                                                            He was enraged, "Heartless! You have not the slightest idea what I just went through! She begged me to kill her! Don't judge on that action! If I was heartless I wouldn't have given her the quickest way out..." He cried.

                                                                                            I felt awful, I didn't know that she begged him. It is true what he said; he did give her the quickest way out. I hugged him and didn't release until he stopped crying. When he did stop crying I let go and started walking back towards camp.

                                                                                            I watched Ivan walk away from me. I wiped away my last tears and flung them to the ground. The earth began to rumble gently underneath my feet, the stars and night. Venus was forgiving me. I saw Ivan fall over. I ran to him and made sure he was okay. I extended my hand and he grabbed it. I pulled him up and I knew I was forgiven by him as well. He smiled and we both laughed as we walked to camp.

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                                                                                                Posted 06 May 2009 - 10:58 PM

                                                                                              Tsk, tsk, tsk; I have not been on for a really long time. Needless to say, I want ot write another chapter. Attonement

                                                                                              We had a good relaxing night sleeping by the river across for Mogall Forest. I hated that forest when we hostages with us; it might have been nice if it was just you and I. However we could not linger, Venus needed lit and Prox needed saved. Now, I do not have you, Saturos, and I want you more now than ever as the burden has lifted and we are freed of that immense weight on our shoulders. We didn't have many moments, just the two of us, but I treasured each and everyone like a diamond. Time is cruel not pausing even for the briefest moment, not allowing you... to live and love. And now, it is even more merciless not giving me time to bask in my reveries of you, Saturos.

                                                                                              "Menardi, are you okay," Mia asked and I remained silent. She looked at me and I avoided eye contact with her. She continued, "It doesn't take Ivan to know what you are thinking... I know how it feels, kind of."

                                                                                              I replied, "I don't want to belittle your help but how do you 'kind of,' know how it feels."

                                                                                              "Well, there was one person I loved, and he never returned it in a way I wanted," Mia paused. "I guess I am okay with that now; I have Piers and I love him and the best part is that he returns it to me."

                                                                                              "It doesn't take Sheba to know that you were head over heels for Issac"

                                                                                              Mia blushed, "Was it that obvious, eh?"

                                                                                              "Yeah, It was noticable the first time I saw you on Mercury." I sniffled as I became nostalgic thinking of the aerie and Saturos.

                                                                                              Mia hugged me and patted me on the back as we bothed sniffled she said, smiling, "It will be okay."

                                                                                              "I know it will be Mia." I thought about something, something recent. I asked, "Did Issac ever tell you why he didn't love you back?"

                                                                                              "No," Mia said. I grinned; chaos would ensue.

                                                                                              Issac was walking be Piers in the middle of the group, they seemed to be talking about sword technique. I saw Kraden in front of them and way up in the lead was Ivan. Ivan was moving with fevor and it was a task to keep up with him. Mia and myself were at the rear. I don't understand why we don't use the Teleport Lapis more often instead of walking every where, and especially through a forest.

                                                                                              I told Mia why he didn't love her in a nice way, "Mia, you just are not his type." I knew she wouldn't fully understand what I meant; she is nice but really naïve.

                                                                                              She jogged up and stopped in front of Issac. She took her little white glove off and revealed her delicate hand. She raised her arm high into the air. Time had another person to be cruel to instead of me. It slowed as Mia pushed her hand through the air. One could almost watch the waves of force as they traveled across his face.

                                                                                              "Mia! What the hell," Issac yelped. Kraden paused, turned around, shruged his shoulders, and then tried to keep up with Ivan.

                                                                                              "That was for a lie of omission!"

                                                                                              Piers interjected, "What did he lie to you about?"

                                                                                              "I don't know what I lied to you about!"

                                                                                              "When I asked you why you didn't love me you said, 'I do not like you like that Mia, sorry.' Do you remember saying that?"

                                                                                              "Yeah, I wasn't lying though."

                                                                                              "Oh but you didn't tell me the underlying cause! You didn't tell me you were," Mia breathed in and was trying to search for the correct term, "... a fairy!" I don't think she wanted to call him flat out gay. I guess she isn't as naïve as I thought she was; I'm surprised she got that little gesture I made pointing at the guys.

                                                                                              "I didn't think it was necessary... We were in the middle of fighting the Hydros Statue in those ruins beneath the mine," he regained his poise and rubbed his cheek, "It was inconvenient at the moment."

                                                                                              "What was? The truth?"

                                                                                              "No! The truth is a good thing. Love," Issac closed his eyes gently. He smiled and opened his eyes again, "Love is an inconvenience at times, like in the heat of battle. Plus now you know you are not my 'type'. Are you not spoken for anyway?"

                                                                                              "Yes, I am spoken for, but that is after the fact that you lied," she stopped, "forgot to mention a tiny little detail about your personal taste. I guess you have never loved or been loved, you wouldn't say it is an inconvenience, espcially during thet hea of battle. It provokes a bloodlust, like none other, and it makes people fight to the death. It is kind of ironic actually."

                                                                                              "I have just been to busy with saving the world and now I am confused about feelings I've devoloped while saving the world. I don't know if I should embrace them, repress them, fear them, of hate them. Love is a new concept to me."

                                                                                              I stepped in, "Embrace love Issac, do not fear it. It is something that I will never regret. When it is taken away it is a bane in your heart and you will do anything, absolutley anything in your power to get the love back."

                                                                                              "Well if you never had it in the first place, then what is there to kill?"

                                                                                              "Issac do not be gloomy," Piers said, "I've waited about a hundred and seventy years for love and it is sweeter than honey."

                                                                                              "No! Love! What a foolish concept; I am not meant to have it," He was so downhearted. He has been destitute of love for such a long time that he wouldn't know what to do if it clenched his heart. I think that might be what he is trying to hide. I think that Issac might not want to share. He is a dam built strong and tall but the trials and tribulations of time and life have worn him down and cracked him. Soon he wil burst; he knows this; it will all come out in a flood. He will go to great legnths to prevent that from happening, but sooner or later his emotions will breach the stoic, cold, and indifferent dam right behind those mysterious blue eyes the dam has already started to break. He hasn't cried, at least not in front of me, but his eyes reveal his true emotions.

                                                                                              Ivan kept us going, ignoring all comments, encounters, and battles. He had a set goal. What that goal was, I have no idea, but it is driving him mute, deaf, and blind. It is as if he is lost within himself and his feet are moving automatically. We were out of the forest before noon. We passed Xian quickly and it seemed as we were heading straight to the Lamakan Desert, surley he wouldn't be committing suicide. However the thought that he was a Jupiter adept made me rethink the suicide part open. He veered off the beaten trail. After a few minutes we came across a temple. I think it was the Lama Temple? I don't know. I did not get to stop here on our way with Menardi. As a scholar I tried to deduct why we were here with all know rational thoughts.

                                                                                              There was a monk standing on the bridge to enter he said, "Master Hama is meditating right now. No one is permitted on temple grounds."

                                                                                              This didn't go over well with Ivan. He clenched his fists and bluish, white light glowed inbetween his fingers. He turned around and nothing but rage filled his eyes. He advanced to me. I was petrified. He took my bag and rummaged through the bag looking for something. He pulled out the Teleport Lapis and teleported to the doors of temple. The monk and I shared the same expression of horror. The monk knew not to interfere as well as I. He slipped the lapis into his pocket and pushed the doors open simultaneously.

                                                                                              "Ivan? What brings you here with rage brimming out of your body?"

                                                                                              "You should know sister. You knew she couldn't handle it!"

                                                                                              "She could have handled it fine. I know this for a fact. Hsu is okay with his powers."

                                                                                              "It is not natural! They were not meant to have our power!"

                                                                                              "An adept can be anybody."

                                                                                              "But not everybody can handle being an adept! Feizhi went insane!"

                                                                                              "I cannot help that."

                                                                                              "You are sick!"

                                                                                              "Have you looked in the mirror lately? No Jupiter adept is doing well, you know this, Ivan"

                                                                                              "You have them too then... Sister is it harder for you to keep your powers in check as well?"

                                                                                              "Yes, I fear for you though," Hama walked to the window and stared out at the serene sky.


                                                                                              "Yes, you have power far greater than mine and I cannot hold reveal over your head anymore. Your power has exceeded Sheba's as well. It is a pity though..."

                                                                                              "You say that as if you know something that I don't. Tell me! NOW!"

                                                                                              "Temper, temper. It is your weakness and you will fall because of it." I was silent and menacingly pensive. "You have already begun falling Ivan. Love will be your downfall as well as his."

                                                                                              "Don't," I grumbled as I started clenching my teeth. I could envision the clouds becoming threatning and black with anger. I could see the wind howl with fury. I could hear the thunder bellow with rage. I could feel the rain's vehemance.

                                                                                              "Like I said, you have far greater power than Sheba and I. You think of a storm and one gathers right over your head. It is as if Hurrican himself was lending you his hand, but at what cost," She looked at me avoiding, eye contact. "Your body grows frail with each passing second. You will kill yourself if you keep on doing this."

                                                                                              "Never," I said violently.

                                                                                              "It is nothing to be ashamed of... Falling in love."

                                                                                              "I am not ashamed of falling in love; I am ashamed of who I fell in love with. Why him? Why Issac," I felt my body start to give way as the storm was exausting me of my life.

                                                                                              "Ivan it appears that you are dying. Well, I can't permit this to happen in my temple. Look me in the eye Ivan," I looked into my sister's eyes. I felt a sharp overwhelming pain run through my spine and the world went black.

                                                                                              "Kyle, I am going to Tolbi. The Colosso is starting. Issac is going to compete and try to retain his place as champion. Are you coming?"

                                                                                              "No, I do not know this Issac that you speak of."

                                                                                              "Fine get the house rebuilt then."

                                                                                              "Yes Dora."

                                                                                              "Let's see here," I said, "Felix?"

                                                                                              "I'm here with Sheba as well."

                                                                                              "Dennis and Julie?"

                                                                                              "We're ready Dora!"

                                                                                              "Garet and Jenna," there was no response, "Jenna, Garet!"

                                                                                              "We're coming," I heard Jenna yell, "Slowpoke here didn't want to get moving!"

                                                                                              I laughed. Everyone was present; we could leave Vale on a tour to Tolbi! How exciting.

                                                                                              Sheba gasped for air all of a sudden. "Are you okay," Felix and I asked in tandem.

                                                                                              "Yeah, I just have a strange feeling about smoething. I can't place it anywhere but I am worried. Oh well."

                                                                                              "Are you sure Ivan is all right," I heard Issac ask with worry in his tone.

                                                                                              "Issac, I'm positive," I heard Mia reply.

                                                                                              "Thank Iris he is fine," I was surprised to hear Menardi show genuine concern.

                                                                                              I heard my sister start talking, "It is a miracle that he is alive. The storm was of his creation," there was a slight gasp from a few of them, my sister continued, "It took a huge toll on his body. Luckily I knocked him out before he comitted suicide. I noticed he had intense rage pent up in him. If was a way to release for him. Has something agitated him?"

                                                                                              Kraden said, "I don't know what the root cause was, but I noticed as Sol progressed through the sky he did become more irratated."

                                                                                              "I know what did it." Issac said, "There was an event last evening that occured."

                                                                                              I knew where he was going with this. He killed Feizhi, and he was going to admit to it. I had to stop him. I started to open my eyes. My sister beat me to stopping him, "Say no more, for he has awoke"

                                                                                              "Ivan," the group cheered.

                                                                                              I yawned, "Hey."

                                                                                              "Are you okay," Mia asked.

                                                                                              "I've been better," I smiled. I felt as if my rage has been attoned, for now anyway. I fell back asleep.

                                                                                              Mia and Hama came to a consensus that he needed to rest. Issac protested saying we would be late for Colosso entry trials. Kraden handed Issac the Teleport Lapis. Issac picked me up tenderly and put me on his back while I slept. The rest of them grabbed onto Issac and we apperead on the outskirts of Tolbi.

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                                                                                                Posted 21 June 2009 - 11:36 PM

                                                                                                Well here is chapter twenty four. I hope that you will enjoy it. Chapter Twenty Four: The Inn of Serendipity

                                                                                                The town was alive with the festivities related with Colosso. I would have to hit Lucky Dice up and put my luck to the test. I win so much money at that game. I never did like the ticket game. Issac loved it though. Ivan loved to throw lucky medals into the fountain and he always won good items too like the Demonic Staff. Garet tried to put his bets on his seeing witch ladies he cuold flirt with. It was actually hilarious to see Garet get slapped across the face by women of all varieties. Sometimes though he would be a decent flirt and get the ladies interested. He never did do anything more than flirt with them though. I think it is impressive. "We should find an inn. Night is going to be falling soon," I said.

                                                                                                "Mia, you are right and I do prefer to sleep on a nice comfortable matress tonight," Kraden agreed, and because of trial battles being during day and not night Issac nodded in agreement.

                                                                                                It was almost impossible to find three beds, at least three. However we did find an inn right after sunset and it had three rooms with one bed each. I really didn't care about room assingments and neither did anyone else at this point. The clerk gave me three keys I paid him gold coins and his face gleamed with delight. I gave one of the keys to Issac. I gave the other to Menardi. "Piers, you are going to room with me tonight."

                                                                                                "That's fine Mia. I have no problems rooming with you," Piers said. He was smiling gently.

                                                                                                "Good. Menardi do you have any problems rooming with Kraden," I asked.

                                                                                                "Na. I don't mind one bit," Menardi said.

                                                                                                "Yes, I do not believe that Menardi and I will have any problems," Kraden concurred.

                                                                                                "That leaves me with Ivan then," Issac said half question, and half answer.

                                                                                                "Issac, I always knew that you were a smart cookie," Kraden said and then he laughed.

                                                                                                We all parted with our new roommates. It was going to be an interesting night. It was an upscale inn; you would expect it for the price we paid, 300 coins per room per night. I guess it is during a festival and that is why the prices are jacked up. Piers and I walked in our room holding hands and then I really felt robbed. I wanted to go back and break his head open. The room was very basic a bed, a few boxes and crates, and an old fire place with fresh wood. There was a lamp lit and some kindling wood by the lamp. I assumed that this was the method to start a fire. "Piers will you get the fire started as I unpack some of our stuff?"

                                                                                                "Sure. It is a little chilly here."

                                                                                                "It is winter time and I'm sure that Boreas has chilled most of Weyard by now."

                                                                                                "This is true. But still, it does feel colder than it should be."

                                                                                                "If you come from where I come from you get used to it..."

                                                                                                "That gives me shivers just thinking about it."

                                                                                                "Ha! Piers not all of us have the luxury of living with a fountain of youth on a tropical island!"

                                                                                                "I guess. Oh well. Mia, at least you don't have a dying civilization."

                                                                                                "True," after Piers said that he lit the wood in the fire place. The fireplace was radiating warmth and lit up the dull room. It was like a transformation occured in the room as light bounced off of every wall. The room was really beautiful. There were many shades of blue and they seemed to glimmer every now and then. It was as if you were looking up into the heavens. I swear I could see constellations.

                                                                                                I laid into bed and it was breathtaking. The bed was so soft. It was the most comfortable bed that I have slept in this whole journey. I will sleep well tonight. Piers tried climbing into bed, "What do you think you are doing?!"

                                                                                                "Going to bed. Why?"

                                                                                                "I said you were my 'roommate' not my bed buddy. There is a nice spot on the floor by the fire place. You can have most of my blankets."

                                                                                                "Well this is unfair. How come we cant just sleep together?"


                                                                                                "Mia, don't be so obscure."

                                                                                                "Fine... It is because I do not want to loose control."

                                                                                                Piers thought for a little and then said, "Oh. I understand," he paused, "Do you want to room with Issac?"

                                                                                                "Oh heavens no. It would be awkward and once again I may loose control."

                                                                                                Piers frowned and sighed, "How 'bout Menard? Kraden can room with Issac and I can room with Ivan."

                                                                                                "Please, Ivan? Come on Piers, get real. Issac is the only that can tolerate him while he sleeps. Who know what he may do. I swear he wants to kill us all..."

                                                                                                "His sleep talking? Oh, that didn't even cross my mind. Lately he has been okay."

                                                                                                "You don't room with him on the ship. I guess Issac doesn't mind it though."

                                                                                                "Do I really have to sleep on the floor?"

                                                                                                "I would prefer if you did," Mia paused and sighed, "However, since it is a cold night I wouldn't mind if you slept in bed just this once."

                                                                                                Good. I could sleep well too. I got into my night clothes in the darkest corner of the room facing the wall. Mia crawled out of the bed and went into the oppisite corner to get more comfortable. I have to admit it was hard not to look over my shoulder and just glance at her. She was beautiful. That soft blue hair. Her blue eyes. Her everything, she was just so beautiful; I couldn't resist. I looked over and surprisingly my eyes were met by hers.

                                                                                                He was gorgeous. His phyisque was phenomenal. His tan, what a beautiful brown. His eyes, his fiery orange eyes were just so radiant and full of life. I loved how his muscles rippled when he fought. He was just too handsome to resist. I needed to see what he looked like. I don't care if it is only his backside. I looked and was checking out how tone he was and then I saw his orange eyes burning with desire.

                                                                                                We ran into bed and started to kiss wildly. It was paradise from the very first moment. I stopped and pushed him off of me, onto the other side of the bed. I stopped moving my lips like I was still kissing him and regained my poise. I stumbled saying this, "Piers... I... I just can't... Not tonight."

                                                                                                "It is okay," he was dissapointed. I could tell, "I understand. I respect that." We had are backs turned towards each other. I could still see some glimmering on the walls from the fire. It was dying, but the room was still pretty warm. I heard Piers mutter, "Goodnight, I love you my sweet Mia."

                                                                                                "Goodnight Hun, I love you too," that's the last thing I remember saying before I fell asleep.

                                                                                                Kraden and I walked into our room and saw that is was boring. There was a bed, a fireplace, and two nightstands, each nightstand had a lamp. The one had kindling wood beside the lamp. There was unburned wood in the fireplace. The night was cold.

                                                                                                "Menardi, will you warm the room up?"

                                                                                                "Kraden, you read my mind," I knew he didn't read my mind. I would've felt it. Anyway i casted some of my psynergy into the fireplace and it lit up the room. I also lit the lamps well I was at it.
                                                                                                I saw the room in its sheer grandeur after the flames were cast upon the walls. The room was red in many shades. The light from the fire danced with joy off of the walls. The dance of light caused shadows that fleeted into every corner of the room. It was an enchanting room. I crawled into bed and watch with glee the battle between light and dark.

                                                                                                "Menardi are you doing some fancy work with your psynergy to impress me?"

                                                                                                "No, I swear it is thee room."

                                                                                                "Okay. I believe you. It is really mesmerizing though."

                                                                                                "Yeah, that is the truth."

                                                                                                I pulled out the one book from Piers ship. It was the one with the blank pages and the riddle. It was the book that has stumped me since the first time I tried to read it. I crawled into bed and opened the book. It was still blank. I sighed in fustration, knowing it would be the same hoping it would have changed. I was just dissapointed in myself for not having the wisdom to find out what the meaning is or the context of the book. I heard Menardi ask, "What book are you reading?"

                                                                                                I answered, "I wish I could read it, but I can't."

                                                                                                "Let me see it," she grabbed the book from me and examined the pages. She was having difficulty flipping through some pages so she licked her fingers to flip the blank pages better. When she flipped the first page with her wet finger I saw the sighest change in the paper. A very faint and pale symbol appeared where she touched it. I almost shrilled with delight, but I was stotic and my face didn't crack a smile. I don't think she noticed but I did and I will keep it secret for now. She shoved the book back at me, "Maybe you write the story Kraden? I don't know how you can read a blank book."

                                                                                                "Perhaps," I said almost vacant in emotion. I was too far gone into thouht. I set the book down and went to sleep, "Goodnight Menardi."

                                                                                                "Goodnight Kraden," she said and fell asleep.

                                                                                                I took the key from Mia and went back to the front desk with Ivan on my back, sleeping. I asked the guy at the front desk when the Colosso trials started. He said that they started tomorrow. I smiled I wasn't too late. However the downside was that the rest of the group could join. I didn't want to fight them. I would though if it was necessary. I didn't want to hurt them. I didn't want to hurt Ivan at all; he is so delicate. I told the guy thanks and went to our room.

                                                                                                Our room was plain. It had a bed an a fireplace. I let Ivan carefully glide off of my back and onto the bed. I wrapped him in blankets and put a pillow under his head. He whispered something and smiled. I smiled back knowing that he would never see it.

                                                                                                I tried to get a fire going. It took multiple times, the wood was a bit green still. It must have been cut today. I got it started. The fire was pretty pathetic it burned out quickly, but it left hot coals burning in the fireplace. I made my bed on the floor between the fireplace and the bed, hoping to get some heat from the coals.

                                                                                                I looked up at the ceiling after staring at the coals for awhile. It was dimly lit from the coals. I could make out purple and brown lines. After a while the lines fromed patterns and then the patterns formed images. My mind was playing tricks on me. I saw faces, my dad, and I saw Mia. I shut my eyes and imagined the happiest moment of my life. I know this event didn't happen and probably wont happen... ever. I will always be tormented by Garet and Jenna, Sheba and Felix, and Piers and Mia. They love each other... I guess I am not fated to love but I really would like to have someone even if it was just for a second. I would give it all just for a kiss and to know that it was true. I rubbed my eyes and drifted off to an escape.

                                                                                                "Issac. Issac, wake up," I heard someone say. I was tired it took a while to register that it was Ivan.

                                                                                                "Ivan, is it morning?"

                                                                                                "No, far from it. I'd say it's a little past midnight. Come sleep in bed you have to be freezing."

                                                                                                "Did the fire die?"

                                                                                                "I guess. I am not even able to tell if you lit one."

                                                                                                "Oh. I guess it did. Ivan there was a reason why I slept on the floor."

                                                                                                "Issac, it doesn't creep me out to share a bed with you."

                                                                                                "It doesn't?"

                                                                                                "No. Actually I would be more comfortable with you than anyone else. After all you are my best friend."

                                                                                                We crawled back in bed and Ivan was off to being asleep again. I stared at the ceiling again looking for the faces, but they blurred together in the darkness I couldn't tell anyone thing apart except that I knew that Ivan would always be there for me. I knew that my next action was pointless he wouldn't hear me, but I mustered up the courage to say, "Ivan, I love you. I know you won't ever return it, but I love you from the very depths of my wounded spirit and heart." I looked at ceiling while saying that, if not I would have started to cry if I saw him. Finally my eyelids were heavy and I left against my will.

                                                                                                I was sneaking out to get a glass of water and I heard Issac confess his feelings to the sleeping Ivan. I stopped and wiped tears away from my eyes. It was beautiful. His tone was truly from the heart as were the words. I bit my as to not cry. Being a Proxian I do not cry... Yet here I was crying.

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                                                                                                  I've been antsy to get this chapter out, but I really didn't feel like it until now. It might be hard to follow. So without further delay Chapter 25: Beautiful Minds

                                                                                                  It was virtually impossible impossible to cross the desert to begin with, let alone the excessive heat and the evil that lurks here now. Good thing there is a hidden shortcut through the desert that I found shortly after the first time I met Ivan, well, saw him as a grown up and not the baby that he was. I almost told him that I was his sister the first time. I couldn't though, he had to move along, he need to make it through. There is really no point to dwell on past occurences.

                                                                                                  I know that Issac wants to do Colosso to defend his title. I know that Ivan wants to try, so do all the others, except Kraden, he is much too old. I do want to see my little brother fight though. It will be interesting to watch his styles and techniques because lets face it, he is a pipsqueak. I know I can't hold reveal over his head anymore and that I would be easily dispatched if I ever fought any one of them. They wouldn't fight me though; I believe their hearts to be pure. Ahha! Here it is I can slip through the desert in no time now I found that shortcut. Thank goodness that it is night and the Lamakan isn't nearly as hot.

                                                                                                  I left the temple behind with a few monks to tend to it. I'm sure that Hsu is still looking for Feizhi so he will not surface at the temple any time soon. I really feel bad for her. She couldn't check her power, not that it was much, but it was just a little too much. She started becoming dark and twisted. I felt her mind warping when she talked to me. She asked me to help and I told her what to do. Meditate incessantly to clear and refocus her mind then attempt to correct her problems. I knew that this was a double-edged sword. It could back fire if she lost focus on her mind. However it was the only way to control her hunger for power. That was the last time I ever saw her. Ivan told me what happened to her and it depresses me very much that she is dead and killed master Nyunpa in his withered state. He was defenseless against her. It was a shame Weyard lost two great people that day. I got these thoughts out of my head it is not good to dwell on past memories.

                                                                                                  I focused on my arrival in Tolbi, I wanted to cheer my brother and his team on. I set out soon after they teleported. Good thing that I stumbled upon the Kandorean Temple where Master Poi taught me the art of levitation. It comes in much use to m e and this desert. I mumbled to the cool night air, "Ivan, I will see you again soon."

                                                                                                  Our Vale tour group was growing weary for the night as Jenna and Garet put so bluntly, "We are tired. We are stopping here for the night. " I had a remark to say to those two but I decided to refrain so I wouldn't risk humiliating them; my mother wouldn't be very happy if she found out what they have been up to. I asked everyone if that was okay. They agreed, I guess I didn't need to rush to save my mom and dad and Kyle anymore. It is a shame that Kyle treats Issac the way he does, so cruelly, and after Issac saves him. I really wish I knew why he mistreats him. I released my hand from Sheba's hand so that I could set down my pack for the night. "Sheba, do you want to help me unpack for the night?"

                                                                                                  "Sure, as long as you help me unpack for the night as well," I said, smirking, "Your parents aren't very happy that Jenna and Garet are dating are they."


                                                                                                  "Who told them that they were an item? I knew Jenna had a thing for him since Madra. but I really didn't think that it would become anything of great intensity that quickly."

                                                                                                  "Well you see, Garet and Jenna are Mars adepts and well Garet and Jenna are the average curious teenagers, and umm, yeah..."

                                                                                                  "There is no need to go into details... Jenna has already elaborated, much more than I ever needed or wanted to know," I shuddered when Jenna told me some of the things she has done.

                                                                                                  "Oh, I know."

                                                                                                  "Then, Jenna, had the nerve to ask us what we did together."

                                                                                                  "Oh, for Iris's sake, what did you tell her?"

                                                                                                  "I told her the only thing that we ever did was kiss, hug, cuddle, and hold hands."

                                                                                                  "That's the truth. I wonder how Mia and Piers are doing?"

                                                                                                  "Oh I think that they are fine, what really peaks my interest is how the the two bachelors are doing."

                                                                                                  "Well I think that Ivan has someone in Kalay, or was it Tolbi? I can't remember which town but he said he had a friend in one of the two."

                                                                                                  "Having a friend doesn't qualify you having a special someone."

                                                                                                  "This is true. Now I don't think that Issac is really interested in being attached to anyone thing other than a sword and fighting."

                                                                                                  "Really Fe, you don't think that he wants a girlfriend. I disagree, I heard him say that he would have rather loved and lost than to have never loved at all."

                                                                                                  "I didn't think of him as a romantic buff."

                                                                                                  "Felix, I think it is a Venus adept thing to be romantic."

                                                                                                  "Heh, you really think so Sheeb?"

                                                                                                  "Yeah Fe I do."

                                                                                                  "Hun, no wonder why I fell in love with you," I kissed my beautiful Sheba on her forehead right in front of everybody.

                                                                                                  I looked at the romantic couple from across the fire I started. I was happy for them and myself but I was jealous, I wanted to be kissed on the forehead and have a cute little nickname. What can I complain for I know that all relationships are different and I also know that Garet loves me. I looked at my Garet and he was looking back into my eyes lovingly and I was reassured.

                                                                                                  I knew she wasn't mad at me when she looked in my eyes. I thought that Jenna would be mad at me for not be romantic. I try to be romantic in my own way but I don't know if I succeed or not. Sometimes she giggled other times she cracked a sinister smile which meant she wanted something from me, and every once in a while I would actually get a genuine smile that meant that I was a sweetheart. I just wanted her to be happy. I decided to nuzzle my nose against hers to see what she did. She gave me a genuine smile. She liked it.

                                                                                                  I truly enjoyed watching my children grow and find love. It wasn't everyday that children fall in love so it was truly a miracle. I do not think Julie was a very happy camper at all. She didn't want to loose her children. I told her that she needed to loosen and take off the apron and I got a big welt across the face from her violent hand.

                                                                                                  I just wish that my children would have stayed innocent so I could take care of them for ever. I didn't want grand children. I didn't want them to fall in love. I was certainly not happy that they didn't feel comfortable telling me the truth. I hate Sheba and I really hate Garet. I could only postulate what Garet has done with my precious Jenna; it makes me sick to my stomach. I know one thing for certain Sheba and Garet better watch their backs, one wrong move and I will bring them down. My husband also angers me, he told me to loosen the apron. Let's just say I showed him who is boss, and he will never tell me that again. My hand still stings from when I hit him. For now, I will smile to make them think that everything is okay. I wish I could talk with Dora about this but lately she has been in deep thought. Even now Dora is staring blankly at the fire, she is somewhere but not here.

                                                                                                  It wasn't that I wasn't paying attention, quite the contrary. I just was thinking about many things as any woman does. I hoped that my house was getting built by that wretched man I married. I felt really, really guilty about what I did. I hope Kyle comes to realize this fact, he may loose his only son for good. I hope that Issac realizes that his father wasn't angry at the fact that Issac chose his life style... He just wanted to keep the family name going. I am angry with Kyle for making this mole hill into a mountain. Issac has a right to love and be loved just like any other creature on Weyard. I really did want to see grandchildren, but that never will happen I guess. What will Kyle and I do if this ever gets out? I can't even begin to speculate what might be said behind our backs. How some people will pleasantly smile to me in my face and then start a rumor about my son, Kyle, or me the instant I turn my back to them. I don't know, maybe I can't deal with that. I hope for my sake that I can. If I can't... Venus take pity on me. I knew that this was a black and white subject the instant I heard the truth slip from Issac's mouth. I would inevitably be forced to make a choice between Issac, Kyle, or my reputation. I forced my eyes shut so I could stare into nothing and see how it felt. I only felt my eyes start to water and then I heard my name being called out and I answered with a harsh, "What?"

                                                                                                  Ha! I know the secret to reading the book! It took water to see the text on the page. Oh yeah! I know what I am doing tomorrow. Whew I am glad I know how to see the text on the pages. I can only wonder as to what the text on the book is. It excites me very much. Oh for heaven's sake I am going to dance! Then I started to think that it might be in an ancient language. I soon stopped dancing then I said there was no way that I couldn't understand it. My logic is flawless.

                                                                                                  I know that this is a dream, albeit a much needed, and very pleasant dream. "Saturos, I miss you so much. Why did you have to go? Why?"

                                                                                                  "Menardi, I know you miss me. It was my time."

                                                                                                  "No, I still need you."

                                                                                                  "I know you do."

                                                                                                  "I love you so much."

                                                                                                  "Menardi you know I love you too."

                                                                                                  "Don't leave me here tonight Saturos. At least give me one last warm embrace."

                                                                                                  "One last warm embrace, for my love Menardi," he embraced me I imagined how he felt, how he looked, and how he smelt. I knew that he was a figment of my imagination. I cried so hard when I watched him fade away to nothing in the air. I was left alone again.

                                                                                                  I had a mirror set in front of me and I looked at the repulsive image of myself in the silvered window. It couldn't have been me. My eyes turned red instead of my normal purple and my hair was jet black instead of light blonde, my skin was paler than it already is. It mimicked me in every way like a normal mirror image would but it wasn't me. I asked him his name, "Who are you?"

                                                                                                  "Isn't that obvious Ivan? I am you or at least a manifestation of some dark secret of yours."

                                                                                                  "A dark secret, what dark secret?"

                                                                                                  "I don't know, but you do know what secret it is."

                                                                                                  I thought about it for a while, no. No. "No I will not tell that yet, it is not the right time. I can't admit it to myself let alone someone else."

                                                                                                  "Well until you do, I am afraid I cannot go away, and that I will only become more sinister as time progresses."

                                                                                                  "No! I don't want this!"

                                                                                                  "Apparently some part of you does want to confess."

                                                                                                  "No. No. Get out! Get out!"

                                                                                                  "Your heart will break if you don't do it Ivan."

                                                                                                  "Get out!" I punched the mirror with an angry might. It shattered and I cut my hand.

                                                                                                  I know that Mia loves me. I will wait for her to be ready before we have another go at that. Mia I love you and will be there for you when you need me.

                                                                                                  I can't believe myself. My purity is all gone almost. My angelic shine almost tarnished. I don't see the harm in it as long as it is truly the person I love and I believe that I do love him, Piers. Maybe what I am trying to say is wait, hold on, and reflect. This sensation which I am not accoustomed to might pass on. Do I want it to pass though?

                                                                                                  Finally I was happy. It was the happiest moment that I could remember. I know it might sound tacky but all we did was hold hands, and I would have been okay passing on. I just wanted to love him with all of my heart. I remember the first and last time we held hands to read Garet's mind. I though I liked Garet before that, how silly, but when my eyes fell upon him, the most beautiful person I have ever seen. He is my unsung hero, every day when I see him, he just enchants me. Lo and behold I fell in love with him and I don't ever expect to get it back. My heart pangs at this fact, my soul aches, and my emotions go numb when I think that I can't have him. I just want to love him and I can't. Sometimes I would rather die and be lost to Oblivion than to hear him say that he doesn't love me.

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                                                                                                    I am astounded that I started this two years ago. I can't believe it. Any way in lieu of the mini two year anniversary celebration I am going to ppresent the next chapter quietly. Oh, I hope that you enjoyed some of the pathos in the last chapter. I leave a part in here open to interpretation, have fun guessing what it is.

                                                                                                    Chapter 26: A Consensus

                                                                                                    We left camp early that morning. Julie and I made breakfast from the food we had at hand. It wasn't much, but it was some form of substance. We were moving as the sun was still waking up below the horizon. I was glad that we were moving this early. I didn't want to miss Issac battle. I knew he would do a good job. The whole tour group, including myself, was a bit groggy from the restless night. I hope that there will be a good hotel availible.

                                                                                                    Surprisingly I woke up earlier than my travelling counter parts. This is strange because normally Issac is up before anyone else and I am the last one up. The sun was just at the horizon when I looked out of the window in the hallway. The sky was a brilliant, and fiery red. I went to the front desk and asked what was for breakfast. The inkeeper smiled and showed me a menu. I saw pancakes, bacon and milk. I also noticed my personal favorite, tea. I ordered all of those and told him the room number. There were other items on the menu but I didn't bother to order any. I wasn't hungry. The innkeeper told me it would be a few minutes.
                                                                                                    I did some some exploring of the inn in those few minutes I had. There were only a handful of rooms and that included the three we had rented out. There was a flight of stairs that went up to the second floor. I decided to take it. I thought it would be the innkeeper's house on the top floor but it was not that. It was a hallway, a dark hallway with a light at the end. I walked to the end of it to find another door.Now what surprised me on the other side of this door was a pair of box seats at the Colosso Stadium. Someone of much importance roomed here and had private box seats. There was no one in the stadium at the time. It was really serene; I knew though that it wouldn't be by noon. I walked back to my room. The whole trip only took a few minutes.

                                                                                                    Hmm, I hope, hey, wait... Something woke me up. It was a delightful smell. That smell. My favorite food! It smells so divine. Pancakes, bacon! I sat up. My stomach ached with rapture as I knew I would eat the pancakes. I turned to look upon the floor and I saw Ivan drinking a cup of tea in silence with his eyes closed. He peeked to see if I was up and I smiled at him. I got out of bed and walked over to Ivan. He said, "Well good morning to you too."

                                                                                                    I became very embarrassed and blushed, I sat down and whispered, "Good morning Ivan. Did you order this for me?"

                                                                                                    "Yeah, I knew it was your favorite."

                                                                                                    "Ivan, you rock,"

                                                                                                    "I'm glad you like it," he said, smiled at me, and sipped his tea.

                                                                                                    I ate the pancakes and bacon like I usually do, lots of syurp and butter, I started eating and then realized that Ivan wasn't eating, "Ivan, do want some of my pancakes?"

                                                                                                    "Oh, really?"


                                                                                                    "Sure, I will have some."

                                                                                                    "Here, please have my fork Ivan," I handed him my fork. I stood up and started to walk out of the room.

                                                                                                    "Issac, I can go and get you another fork."

                                                                                                    "No, I want you to eat some," Ivan, if you want to fight, please eat. You need your energy. Plus it is awkward for me to eat in front of you when you eat nothing. It almost makes me sad. I left the room and walked into the hall up to the front desk to get the fork. I must have been seeing people, "Lady Layana?"

                                                                                                    I saw her turn her head it was her. She looked at me and instantly ran over to me and gave me a hug. "Issac! How did you know that this was Hammet's and my private hotel?"

                                                                                                    "I didn't, but I am glad to know that it is now. What is with the rooms?"

                                                                                                    "Ohh, don't you like your room?"

                                                                                                    "No, I love it, It is beautiful."

                                                                                                    "Excellent, each one of our nine rooms has a unique decorating scheme. Describe your room."

                                                                                                    "It is purple and brown."

                                                                                                    "Ah, The Peace of Venus and Rage of Jupiter, it is a very beautiful room. Some of our guests report that the paint starts to swirl together and sometimes they can even view faces. I dismiss this, our rooms are beautiful but not enchanted. Although I swear my room, The Butterfly Suite comes alive at night."

                                                                                                    "Oh, how lovely," is all I could say.

                                                                                                    "Is Ivan here with you?"

                                                                                                    "Yeah. He roomed with me."

                                                                                                    "Oh, I am so glad that he has true friends now. Gabrielle, was only his friend because we asked her to be. Please don't ever tell him that."

                                                                                                    "He isn't bad at all. Your secret is safe with me Layana." I wanted to cry when I heard that. He never did talk about Kalay that much. He grew up his pretty much his whole life, alone.

                                                                                                    "Oh good. Tell him Hammet and I will be in to see him in a few minutes."

                                                                                                    "Will do." I got the fork and returned to the room. I rejoined Ivan on the floor.

                                                                                                    "I promise, I will eat. I was just waiting for you to get back."

                                                                                                    "You didn't need to," I smiled at him and he smiled back. We ate the pancakes nice and slow, savoring every bite. "Did you know that this is Layana's hotel?"

                                                                                                    "Really?! Are they here," He was excited.

                                                                                                    "Yeah, they are coming to see you in a few minutes."

                                                                                                    "Oh, excellent!"

                                                                                                    "I will let you get ready and go wake the others."


                                                                                                    I was just about to go set up my silk shop for the day when Layana approached me and said, "Issac and Ivan are here!"

                                                                                                    "Wonderful!" Layana and I loved Ivan so much. It makes us so happy to see him. I went to their room with Layana. Ivan was drinking tea when we entered in the room.

                                                                                                    "Hammet, Layana!" Ivan said with enthusiasam as he set his tea down and ran to give us a hug.

                                                                                                    "Ivan," we exclaimed.

                                                                                                    We talked for a little bit while Issac was out of the room. I told Ivan that we erected statues of him and his company in the gardens back at the palace. He told me about the box seats he found. He did like to explore, I remember that he was always in the tunnels below the palace. He said that he had a surprise for us and that we would have to wait to see it. I really wanted to know what it is. He said that if I am patient he can see it today. I wonder what it was. I told him that we had to go and run business early today so that we could watch the start of Colosso. He understood and urged me on my way, but not without one more hug.

                                                                                                    I usually got everyone up by knocking on their door. Then I opened it to make sure they were up. Kraden and Menardi were up with no problems, but Mia and Piers, looked like they just fell asleep, which would and would not surprise me. There was no doubt that those two were tired. They just grunted and streched. Kraden seemed giddy and so did Menardi. I wonder what got into every body. I went back to my room to see Ivan getting prepared for the day. I knew I wasn't going to sway him on joining the battle so I gave him a few pointers and he just smiled at me. It was reassuring.

                                                                                                    That's right, today is the day I learn I thought to myself. I pulled the book from it's place and noticed the remaining water in Menardi's glass. Oops, I thought to myself as I poured it onto the pages. I was really reluctant to do that, everything I have ever learned on books was literally tossed washed away when I lost my mind to pour water over a book. My curiosity overwhelmed me. I loved it as the text started to fade in. It just looked like faint blotches at first then they darkened and darkened until a very defined letter or symbol was formed. To my utter dismay the book was in a language I did not even recognize.

                                                                                                    I did not care at the moment what Kraden had discovered, eventually I would, but right now I need to focus on battle as a single unit instead of a pair. A pair... Saturos, I still need you. No, focus Menardi, I am lethal. I am excellent. I am superior. I am Mars! There we go. I'm prepped for now. I looked at the book. Instantly, I was confused. The text was alien. I just said, "Kraden, good luck."
                                                                                                    I used my sythe blade as a mirror to fix my hair. It wouldn't be my first time that I have done that. Speaking of hair, I wondered when the right time would be to give Mia that lock of hair... Focus Menardi, to win you need to rely only on you.

                                                                                                    "Let's not talk about last night," I said to Piers.


                                                                                                    We all left the hotel before noon, that is what time participants needed to be at the stadium. All but Kraden stood in the line. "Let's get one thing said now, no matter how these fights happen, we remain in good standing with one another once we leave the stadium. Understand?

                                                                                                    Everyone nodded.

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                                                                                                      One has to wonder what Colosso was like. I would have enjoyed watching it. Chapter Twenty Seven: The Woman with Purple Hair

                                                                                                      I saw them approach the coliseum entrance from where I was. It was kind of scary to see Ivan and all of the crew, minus Kraden, get into the fighter line. That line has had people in it all morning. Kraden entered the crowd and was lost. I am going to close shop up early today to watch that group battle. I asked my wife, Layana, to go ask what time the game started and she left me and disappeared to someplace with the correct information. I sold silk in the mean time. It was really busy this year, I might exhaust my supplies. Time to raise the price a little. "Fine Xian silk for sale!"

                                                                                                      I was separated from the group, but it worked to our advantage. I was instantly recognized as myself, one of the alchemists that worked for Lord Babi. They said that Master Iodem wanted to see me after the tournaments were over. If it was to inform me of Babi's death he would be wasting his breath. However I would go tomorrow after it was over. I'm sure that it was about my progress in the search of The Stone of Stages. Yes, that must be it. I know it formed because legend says that it does. However I am unsure of its whereabouts. I can only speculate that it is near Vale, or what was Vale. Yes, the only reason he summons me is to inform me of Babi's death and about The Stone of Sages. Ah, now to help the team. I used some of my psynergy to help them out after seeing what track they were on. I am sure they appreciated it.

                                                                                                      "So Issac, what's it like being up there in the arena?" I asked him. I was curious, I never fought for the glory of it.

                                                                                                      "Mia, its strange. It is indescribable. You go in weaponless, but I like the feeling though," I said back. I really didn't enjoy the fact that I was most likely going to have to fight my friends. It irked me that I was going to might them. One of my worst nightmares would be fulfilled today, fighting friends. I hope that the brackets are arranged so I don't have to fight them until later. And I hope that I never have to fight Ivan.

                                                                                                      "Indescribable eh? Hmm," I thought to myself. I only need to heal. I assume that the healer in me is going to want to heal my friends, after the fact I destroy them with icy blows and djinn. It is a huge contradiction to what I stand for, but hey it is only for sport. "So Piers, are you ready? What about you Menardi?"

                                                                                                      "Mia you know that I am always ready," I said to her. As a captain I have to be prepared for just about everything. Most of the time, especially on our epic journey I was unprepared. I just want to go to the Apojii Islands and bask in the sun, with Mia. I'm sure it would be boring though. These battles will surely test me.

                                                                                                      "Oh piers, I know that you are always ready. What about you Menardi?"

                                                                                                      "Please, battling is in my blood. You guys have the upper hand though, you have djinn." I wonder if I have what it takes to make it to the top. If only Saturos was here to see me. He would battle with me. It would be nice to fight along side of him again. I grabbed my heart pendant and closed my eyes."

                                                                                                      "Oh I never thought that we," I stopped, I saw Menardi take her pendant and close her eyes. I didn't want to ruin her moment. She misses him. I resumed talking to Piers, my love.



                                                                                                      "Ivan, are you sure you want to do this?"

                                                                                                      I saw the pleading in Issac's eyes. His eyes. They were blue. I looked back up at him, as I was sitting on the ground. I smiled at him, "Yes, Issac. You don't need to worry about me, I'll be fine. I promise."

                                                                                                      I smiled, I can't help it. I didn't want him to fight. His eyes. They were purple. When he looked at me he seemed calm, and determined. He got up to meet me at my level.

                                                                                                      "Relax. All of us will do fine."

                                                                                                      That's what worried me. I don't want to fight. I don't want to drop out. This wouldn't be the first time I didn't know what to do. Oh well, I have to move on.

                                                                                                      The guard called, "Positions!" The battles were about to begin.

                                                                                                      There was an excitement in the air! Layana and I felt it. It was packed this year. It was unfortunate that I missed it last year, being held captive and all. I thought I saw someone today. She looked like someone I knew from Atteka. That purple hair was very peculiar and her clothing. Actually it reminded me of the master of the temple right before the Lamakan Desert. What's her name? What's the name of that temple? I think it was the Lama Temple, but her name escapes me. I can't recall. I will have to seek her out later.

                                                                                                      "Hammet, It worries me that Ivan is fighting."

                                                                                                      "Layana, he went all around Weyard fighting fierce monsters, and your worried about him fighting a few humans?"

                                                                                                      "I just don't want to see him get hurt. It worries me."

                                                                                                      "I'm sure he will be okay. His strange powers will protect him."

                                                                                                      "If you say so. But that won't stop me from worrying."

                                                                                                      "This is true. It isn't right not to worry."

                                                                                                      Levitating this whole journey was really exhausting. I want to watch my brother, Ivan, fight though. So I must sustain myself a little longer. Then I will have to find a hotel to sleep in. Maybe I can room with Ivan. Getting in to this event was easy. It wasn't even expensive to get in. Normally, I do not like wanton fighting. I believe it o be barbaric and primitive. However, I must admit it is exciting. I noticed that Master Hammet was looking at me. I think he didn't recognize me. I hope that Ivan fares well. I stood close enough to the arena to cheer him on.

                                                                                                      My son was going to win again, even if he was a fairy. He is the best fighter I have seen. His friends are great as well, don't get me wrong. Ivan has some extraordinary psynergy. Mia is a wonderful healer. Garet isn't fighting in Colosso; he didn't want to. We did make it to Tolbi in time. The events were starting when we got there. I saw Kraden in the crowd near the mechanical elements of the stage. It was pointless to call out to him. He wouldn't have heard me. We all found a place. It was crowded. There was a strange woman with purple hair in the audience. She stared at me and I stared back. I could tell that she wasn't a threat. She looked really exhausted. Perhaps we shall meet. I kept this incident to myself. The first contestants took the stage!

                                                                                                      I saw Mia up there getting prepared for the course. Conveniently, there was a log that could be moved by the Orb of Force. I used it and it jammed the running treadmill. I stood back and cheered her on, "Come on Mia!!!"

                                                                                                      I saw what Kraden did. I smiled. I ran past him and waved. I was the first one to reach the battle stage. There was a mace in the center and a short sword. Luckily, I was an expert on maces and equipped it. I saw a lot of familiar faces here. There was Master Hama, Haster Hammet and Layana, Garet and Jenna, Jenna's parents, Felix and Sheba, and Dora. They all saw me and cheered me own. I saw my enemy. He was brutish looking. He got the first hit in with the short sword. I decided to unleash Mist. He fell asleep and took alot of damage. Then while he slept I healed myself. He awoke and I hit him with the mace. He was felled. I raised my arm to show I was victorious and the crowd roared! I quickly dropped my mace and proceeded to heal him. After that was done I turned my back to him and continued to wave at the crowd. They got silent all of a sudden and I saw a shadow moving. I turned around and by reflex I caught his arm as he was about to attack me. I yelled, "There is no room in Weyard for evil people like you! Serac!" I unleashed Serac. An immense spire of ice formed on the ground beneath him and fatally impaled him. I grabbed my mace and walked away. Not saying another word, the crowd was roaring and screaming. I won my first round.

                                                                                                      Note to self, Mia doesn't tolerate evil, period. Get on her bad side and she has no problems killing. She confuses me so much. I was next. I was on this stage before, last year. I know that death in this happens. Last year I never killed an opponent, just knocked them out. The door opened and I bolted. I didn't have any help in the obstacles. I think Kraden was on the opposite side. I still got to the battle area first. I picked up the better weapon. I saw my enemy. He was scrawny. I mean I didn't look too threatening either, but every one knew who I was, last years champion. I heard a voice, distinct of all others, my moms. I smiled. He was fretting and scared, I could tell. I whispered, "I'll go easy on you." He gave a hesitant laugh and the battle commenced. I struck him with my sword and he winced. He struck back, it didn't even hit me. I struck again. He fainted and collapsed backwards. I stood and waved. Garet and my mother were screaming my name. I helped him up and he ran away from me. I frowned and walked back into the holding area. This was bad, we were winning. We would have to fight each other, a thought that I loathed.

                                                                                                      I was excited the battle was coming up. Mia told me that the point was to get through the obstacle maze and fight your opponent. It seemed easy enough. I ran through my obstacle course it was rolling logs on water pretty easy. It took some time though.

                                                                                                      "Fe! Look!"

                                                                                                      "What She?"

                                                                                                      "It Piers!"


                                                                                                      I heard Felix and Sheba yelling my name. My opponent saw me coming and he was a brute. I went in and attacked. I was relentless in my assault on him. He got a few hits on me. But I was better. He was knocked out in no time. It was much easier than I though it was. I won my first battle. I liked this feeling and the glory I received from the cheering crowd. The man got up again and walked off.

                                                                                                      Now when I came out of the door and into the maze. The first people I noticed were Jenna and her parents They cheered for me. I was surprised, I didn't expect any supporters. I looked to the sky it was becoming dark, it looked like rain was coming. This would be welcomed because it was humid and muggy all day. I ran through the course with great ease. My foe and I got there at the same time we introduced ourselves. His name was Kaja. I fought him, if I was a normal human I would have lost. However I am not no mere mortal; I am a Proxian Warrior. I let him have the stronger weapon, he needed it. Now I wasn't in the killing mood, so when he fell I let him live. Finally, my battle skills were being realized and I really enjoyed the positive attention. It started to rain.

                                                                                                      Issac wished me best of luck. I walked out of the door and I immediately saw my sister Hama, and Hammet and Layana. Of course it was raining. This made the obstacle course a bit difficult. It was the climbing wall. I went to the top and opened the chest to get a weasel's claw. I got down from the wall and made it over to the battle arena. Unfortunately I couldn't pick up the heavy sword. The crowed jeered, laughed and mocked me. I took the lighter weapon. It was a light blade. My hair was soaked by the time my adversary got to me. He was at least twice the size as Garet. It was kind of intimidating. I saw my sisters face was in shock. He laughed at me and told me that my friends would see me at my grave. I smirked. I think that smirked uneased him. He swung the long sword at me first. It hurt. A lot. I couldn't dodge it. I wasn't critical yet. I had to act. I used the weasel's claw, there were mighty gusts of wind and it blew him back. He was limping when he got up again. It was now or never, "Spark Plasma!" The sky darkened and unleashed a barrage of bolts upon this man. There was some metal armor the heavy long sword, and a pile of ashes left. They were being washed away bu the rain. I clutched my side and walked off the stage. My sister was singing my name!

                                                                                                      I asked Issac to cure me. He wasn't happy that I was hurt. He was happy though that he got to heal me. He gave me a nice warm smile. And I smiled back. Our eyes met. My purple against his blue. We both got lost in each other. I came back to reality first. His hand was still on me. I moved and then he came back. It was awkward for me, "Th-Thanks, Issac."

                                                                                                      "Heh, Yeah." He said he was blushing.

                                                                                                      It was announce that Mia and Ivan automatically made it into the final rounds, they were the only two to kill their opponents. I didn't enjoy the fact that my brother killed someone. I did find him after the battles for the day were over, "Ivan! You fought splendidly!"

                                                                                                      "Hama! You came!"

                                                                                                      "Yes, I did. I am exhausted! Is it okay if I room with you guys tonight, wherever your hotel may be?"

                                                                                                      "Of course! Did you like my Spark Plasma?"

                                                                                                      "It was quite epic! Was it necessary to kill him though?"

                                                                                                      "Yes it was. He said that my friends could visit me at my grave."

                                                                                                      "So you killed him?"

                                                                                                      "Yeah, I didn't want to." That's what he said. There was no need to mind read him, the truth was in his eyes. It was still raining, a drizzle. The two of us walked back to the hotel together. Master Hammet and Lady Layana were waiting for Ivan's arrival.

                                                                                                      "Ivan, you did well. Your strange powers protected you."

                                                                                                      "Thank you Hammet"

                                                                                                      "Ivan you got into the final rounds. That is amazing."

                                                                                                      "Thank you Layana"

                                                                                                      "Who is your friend Ivan," asked Hammet.

                                                                                                      "Oh how rude of me to forget to introduce you to my sister, Hama."

                                                                                                      "HAMA! That's it," I exclaimed. It made sense now. Hama, Ivan's sister was from Atteka. She is the one that gave me the idea to sell silk here. She also entrusted me with Ivan and the Shaman's Rod. It all made sense now.

                                                                                                      "Well, I am excited to see that you remembered me."

                                                                                                      "Oh yes! Thank you for everything! Do you need a room here for the night?"

                                                                                                      "I was actually going to room with Ivan and Issac."

                                                                                                      "Ahh, sure. I will have extra blankets and pillows put in their room."

                                                                                                      "Well, I am extremely tired. I am going to retire for the night. Ivan are you going to be okay?"

                                                                                                      "Yes sister. I will be fine." I said and I pointed to our room, "You may have the bed."

                                                                                                      "Really? Thank you Ivan."

                                                                                                      "No problem," it really wasn't a problem. I think Issac was binging Dora back as well. I should let Hammet and Layana know that there would be five more people lodging with us tonight as well as Hama. "Hammet, if it isn't too much to ask, Issac and his mother as well as some of our friends from Vale are coming tonight as well. May we have extra blankets and pillows in all of our rooms, please? Also can I..."

                                                                                                      "Have some tea?" Layana finished my question and then answered, "Of course, there is a kettle on the stove in the kitchen of your favorite tea. The blankets are being moved in as I'm talking."


                                                                                                      "Ivan, we are so proud of you. You have such a great group of friends who really care for you. Your such a handsome young man and awesome fighter."

                                                                                                      "Thanks Layana." She came over and kissed me on the forehead and went off to bed. I finished my tea and went to bed thinking about that kiss. I was her son. I was okay with that.

                                                                                                      My mother was really happy to see me. She said she was proud. All of the traveling brigade was proud of us five. We went to eat dinner and Ivan went to spend some time with his sister, Hammet and Layana. We arrived a little later than we wanted. We all parted for our rooms. My mom and I went into mine and Ivan's room. I insisted that she could have the bed. I told her she had to share it with Ivan's sister. She didn't mind. I saw a blankets on the floor and crawled into them. I think my next action was unintentional, I put my arm around Ivan. He shifted sleeping positions to face me. He was still sleeping, but we were face to face with my hands on him like when I healed him today. I couldn't resist. I kissed him on the forehead and then on the lips. My feelings could only be described by bliss. I fell asleep.

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                                                                                                          Posted 21 February 2010 - 11:28 PM

                                                                                                        I've come to realize that, when Requiem for an Epic is complete, that it will have seventy chapters, more or less. I've also decided that I want to try and write a chapter a week so that I can get done by Christmas. Then I'm going to upload it onto fan-fiction. Furthermore this is probably going to deny the plot to GS:DS, if it has not already. So may I have the pleasure to introduce you to, Chapter 28: The Bracket

                                                                                                        It was from all of my years being a mother that compelled me to arise from my slumber at such an early hour. Cooking breakfast is what I do. Pancakes just happen to be a specialty of mine. I don't know when anyone else would be up, but I beat the sun. After I made the batter I went outside to watch the sun rise. The rain had cleared overnight so the morning just had a few residual clouds. I waited for the first sign of darkness fleeting at the rising of the sun, it is always a majestic sight to witness something of that grandeur. The sun came up, and it had me worried. The sky was red; it had me very concerned. I have never seen if so foreboding; chills ran up my spine. It was really quiet this morning too; something didn't jive well with me today.

                                                                                                        I went back inside to find Dora in the inn's kitchen. Why we wanted to cook on vacation was well beyond my understanding. She had some bacon which she must have bought this morning before I even woke up, "Dora."

                                                                                                        "Oh Julie," she was startled, "I wasn't expecting you up."

                                                                                                        "You were not expecting me to be up? Please, I though you knew me better than that."

                                                                                                        "Well, I thought it was vacation and you might not have cooked. Anyway, I got some bacon last night after the qualifying rounds were over. "

                                                                                                        "Hah, we still both want to cook even if we are on vacation. Isn't that ironic?"

                                                                                                        "I would suppose so. Did you make the batter?"

                                                                                                        "Yeah, do you want to fry up the bacon before I put the pancake batter on?"

                                                                                                        "I was going to as soon as the stove took fire."

                                                                                                        "Do you need help with that Dora?"

                                                                                                        "Oh, that's right, you're a fire adept; be my guest and I'll start as soon as it starts," I opened
                                                                                                        the door to the stove and lit most of the logs onto fire, "Give it a minute or two for some heat to reach the pan and we will have an excellent cooking fire." I shut the door and made some more batter.

                                                                                                        My eyes flitted awake to the smell of heaven coming into the room. I saw Issac in front of me still sleeping peacefully, so was my sister. It must have been Dora cooking that! We had pancakes yesterday too, but they were not Dora's, hers are absolutely divine. I went into the kitchen and made my self a cup of tea. There were so many varieties of tea; it was hard to choose. I picked a strong tea from Xian, it was really bold. Dora asked me to get every one so I made my rounds. I went to Menardi's room and got them up. Of course Garet was mumbling and complaining that he didn't want to get up, but what else was new. Kraden was already awake before I got there; he was pouring over some unintelligible tome. I went to Mia's room next, they were all up already, talking about how good it smelled in the room. I told them that Dora and Julie were making breakfast.

                                                                                                        I came to my room again. I went in and stepped on a squeaky floor board. My sister, Hama sat up and looked at me and said good morning. I went to Issac and shook him. He looked at me and then he got up and smiled. I smiled back and left. We all were coming into the dining room. By this time Hammet and Layana were coming from their quarters smelling the pancakes too.

                                                                                                        We all sat down this big table in the lobby that I don't recall being there last night, but it sat all of us perfectly. Soon Dora and Julie brought us all out breakfast. We were all drooling by the time it was on our plates. There was a festive atmosphere and it finally felt like we were having a good time, for once. We were all laughing and telling stories about our journey, on Garet's behalf. Even he was laughing! Well, it was time for the semi finals to begin so all of us departed the table and got geared to go.

                                                                                                        It was the semi final rounds today. It was unfortunate that I wasn't there for the qualifying rounds yesterday. I heard some rumors about Issac and his ilk had returned to compete in Colosso; I needed to verify this for myself. After Lord Babi's death a few months ago I took control of the city. I questioned if it were right to hold Colosso or not but I decided to hold it because it would boost morale in these trying times. Also, I have some questions for Issac and his gang anyway about Lemuria; I will ask them when Colosso is complete.

                                                                                                        Menardi asked Jenna for her fire dijinn and Jenna gladly gave them to her. This made Menardi a formidable opponent now. We saw the bracket on the wall. Issac looked concerned. The first battle of the day was Issac and Dekka. Issac said that he was an interesting character he met at last year's Colosso. He said it should be a breeze. Now this is where I was concerned; I had to fight my love the first match. I didn't want to hurt Piers, btu he said we shouldn't hold back on each other. So I promised him a fight he would never forget. Ivan was against someone named Stratage and Menardi was pinned with someone named Nvampa. Issac said he fought both of them last year.

                                                                                                        Well Issac was on stage, I could see him running through the obstacle course from below and Dekka was on the other side. Luckily I helped him with his endeavors. I casted whirlwind on some ivy that would have slowed him down if it wasn't cleared. Dora was standing beside me and we both cheered Issac on when he came past! He looked at us and ran faster.

                                                                                                        My battle, if you can even call it that, with Dekka was an easy fight. He just froze when he saw it was me. I started to wonder if I struck fear into the hearts of warriors, or if they just didn't want to be humiliated. I felt really bad for doing this but he wouldn't even move. I sat my sword onto the ground. I could hear the crowd roar my name again when his helm flew into the air. The sad part was I didn't even punch him that hard. He fell anyway, and I didn't do anything. I turned around and walked away. If was so disgraceful, him not even wielding his sword. I fought whoever won the battle between Piers and Mia. I hope it's Piers.

                                                                                                        My battle with Stratage was one that should have been one easily. It was. It wasn't very hard. I used Sleep and he fell down to catch a few z's. The rest was easy I used a bramble seed and a weasel's claw, which makes a mighty gust of wind, to finish him off. He got up though while I was tossing the bramble seed at him. I heard him roar with pain as thorns caused massive amounts of damage to him. He was still standing though. He used an herb which healed him a little bit. I didn't have the patience to deal with him any more so I cast tempest on him and he fell to earth after the fact that he was taken into a swirling, electrified vortex of air; tempest was like whirlwind but so much more powerful. He was knocked out and I won.

                                                                                                        Nvampa and I tangoed third. It was a simple battle really. These new dijinn and I seemed to be getting along well. I felt much stronger and faster after I got them. We got to the arena and fought it was an all melee battle. It was tough because he was strong. I learnt to unleash a dijinni to in this battle, by accident. I shouted, "Feel my fury," to him and was about to unleash a devastating blow with my weapon but instead, a dijinn by the name of Fury popped out of me and downed him with an equally impressive attack as my own. So I won! Oh no, that means I have to face...

                                                                                                        "Ivan, do you need healed," I asked him after he came back off the arena.

                                                                                                        "Nah, I'm good Issac, thank you though," he said back and started to saugh about how easy his fight was. To be honest I laughed too.

                                                                                                        After Menardi battled Piers and myself took the stage. We both promised to not hold back on each other. He might not fulfill his promise, but I certainly will, it is my bond, no exceptions. I saw the astonishment on Garet's and Jenna's faces when we took the stage. It was disturbing. I struck first. I casted a simple spell,Ice Missile. Shards of ice rained down on Piers. He fired right back with Diamond Berg. Needless to say I was crushed by a block of ice falling from the sky and then he proceeded to cut away at it until he hit me. Needless to say. I wasn't happy about this. I unleashed my dijinni Mist; it made Piers go into a deep sleep. I continued to use more dijinn, mostly to boost my health up to full again. Then he awoke just into to hear me summon Boreas! We both felt the cold wind descend from the north and soon after it started to ice on Piers. There was enough ice to encase him in. Finally, a gigantic arrow of ice came whizzing through the sky and decimated Piers. He was injured pretty well. He still was up though. I was weakened and so was he. He attacked me physically with his sword and wounded me again. I was using a risky technique by doing this but I whispered Serac under my breath. I spire of ice came up from beneath the ground. It didn't kill him but it did knock him down long enough for me to be declared the winner of the fight. After that I ran over to him and healed him with the rest of the energy I had left. He said I fought well. He liked it.

                                                                                                        Issac sighed, I asked him, "What's wrong?"

                                                                                                        "Ivan, Mia won her fight. I can hear them chat her name."

                                                                                                        "Well I can hear them too. Whats' wrong with that?"

                                                                                                        "Well, I wanted to fight Piers so I wouldn't have to fight her."

                                                                                                        "Oh, you dont want to have to hurt her, do you?"

                                                                                                        "No, I don't want to."

                                                                                                        Issac asked me of a favor; it was so simple, win against Ivan. I didn't make him any promises, but I did say that I would try my best to not let him pass. It was an asinine endeavor, either way Ivan would get hurt. I guess he just didn't want to do it himself. Well Ivan arrived at the arena before I did, he was extremely fast. It would only need to be a few good hits. Before I knew it he hit me with Spark Plasma, if felt as if Jupiter himself was in that spell. I reeked of ozone, and singed hair. I cracked my neck, and cast Supernova, Ivan was engulfed in flames. He muttered something under his breath. The sky darkened, and I could hear thunder rolling through the clouds. All of a sudden a giant bolt of lightning arced from the billowing clouds to the arena. I was knocked back by the roar of the thunder. Thor started to electrocute me with his hammer, and then he dissipated. I tried to attack again, but he nimbly dodged me. He yelled, "Procne!" The winds picked up and I found myself in a tornado, created by some gigantic bird and to put the icing on the cake in shot beams of energy at me before smashing me to the ground. I was getting weaker, i could feel some blood seeping through my clothes. I attacked him again, and this time I didn't miss. He fell to his knees. However, he had one more trick up his sleeve, "Atalanta!" There was a light that appeared in the sky, a woman wielding a massive amount of arrows. They were fired upon me in rapid succession. I collapsed onto the arena floor, bleeding profusely. I wasn't going to die though. I heard the crowd start cheering, "IVAN! IVAN! IVAN!" I have failed Issac, but Ivan might truly be Issac's best match if he can defeat me. Ivan "accidentally" dropped a potion bottle beside me while he was walking away from the arena.

                                                                                                        Mia and I looked at each other when we heard the shouts for Ivan. I knew Menardi fell. This is the worst possible scenario. Mia knew that the fight was down hill. She would try to win but she said she was pretty much tapped of all of her psynergy. She looked at me a gave me an optimistic smile before we took our sides and raced to the center of the arena. I arrived first and she was sluggish. I didn't want to do this be we all took an oath that no matter what happens in here we're still friends. This was going to be an insane battle. She pulled out a Psy Crystal which restored all of her psynergy. I healed myself and so did she. I unleashed a dijinni of mine named Bane. Her fate was sealed when I saw her skin start to turn a different color. However I forgot that one of her most potent spells was that to cure poison, so that was a flawed policy. I unleashed another dijinni, Ground, the earth pulled harder on her and she was unable to move. I casted Odyssey on her while she was incapacitated. The colossal ethereal sword impaled Mia and I could see blood start to seep through her clothes. She became able to move again, and healed herself. This was an endless cycle. I needed to take her down now. I used another dijinn, Mold; I said, "Mia, stop hitting yourself," as she was indeed hitting herself. She wasn't so amused and she let a screech and went into a frenzy hitting me multiple times before I could defend. I summoned Cybele; massive vines entangled Mia as if Venus herself was doing the bidding of the vines, causing Mia to wreathe in pain. I felt bad for being so horrible, but she knew what was coming. She was feeble now, it would only take one fell swing of my sword to kill Mia. I didn't want to do that. I took my gloves off, and held my sword backwards. I took aim with my sword taking a couple of practice swings almost coming to hit her. I hit her upside the head with a tremendous force with the blunt handle cutting my own hands in the process. She hit the stone floor of the arena, bleeding out of her mouth and on her head; she was unconscious. I won, the crowd was screaming my name. I just stared at her. I looked at my hands that were bleeding. They stung as I healed Mia, and then myself.

                                                                                                        I though some after that battle with Mia, I apologized to her. She kinda laughed and said, "Is that the best you can do?" I kind of giggled at it myself. I knew that this was nothing compared to some other battles we got into, but still, the idea still stands that it was a friend I was hurting. My next battle, the final round of Colosso, was with Ivan, who was sleeping complacently next to me. The final battle happens at night, it is a trial by fire.

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                                                                                                          Posted 11 September 2010 - 03:56 PM

                                                                                                          I have to say, unfortunately that this took the back burner to my life: Huge Personal Loss, love came and gone, and college. I digress, so, Chapter 29: The Fury of the Elements

                                                                                                          "Do you really think you can win Hurrican? With your pipsqueak, Ivan?"

                                                                                                          "Terra, please, you really think that Issac has it in him to hurt him?"

                                                                                                          "Well, if I take control, it will be easy?"

                                                                                                          "I thought we agreed on nothing more than provoking them, and lending them our powers..."

                                                                                                          "Well Hurrican, if you dont think your Ivan can take it..."

                                                                                                          "Your on! Under one condition, they must be exhausted before we take them"

                                                                                                          "Do you really want them to die?"

                                                                                                          "No, just you, anything to irritate you, and we fight them to the brink of death."

                                                                                                          "Hurrican, are you sure?"

                                                                                                          "Yes, my word is true, like my aim."

                                                                                                          "Suit yourself. Look, Aurora is bringing the dawn to them, surely, they will wake soon."

                                                                                                          Strangely, when I rose to greet Sol, there was not a single person stirring Hamma, Ivan, or Issac, not even Julie or the Innkeeper was up yet. I was surprised at my own nimbleness today, I climbed and watched for the sun to rise. It was still pitch black when I reached the inn roof, I waited in darkness, a testament to my ignorance of it all. Dawn slowly broke into a brilliant red, an ominous red. This was the third day in a row, and it gave me a very real chill down my spine.

                                                                                                          I woke up today before Ivan did, I stared at him while he slept;he was dreaming, and I saw his lips tighten into a smile, before I smiled back at him. It was our day, to battle. I sighed at the thought, and frowned. A liquid diamond hit his face and his cheek twitched where it fell. He was asleep when he whispered, "Don't cry Issac," and I laid my head onto his chest. After a few minutes of my head rising and falling to his every breath I felt a soft hand rub my back; it was Hama's.

                                                                                                          "You love him? Don't you?"

                                                                                                          "So what if I do Hama?"

                                                                                                          "It pains you greatly that you are going to fight him this evening, doesn't it?

                                                                                                          "Yeah, it does, way more than you will ever know Hama."

                                                                                                          "It's because you love him."


                                                                                                          "You need not repress your emotions Issac. Has it ever crossed your mind that he might be trying to prove his worth to you?"

                                                                                                          "But that isn't what he thinks. Ivan knows that he is weak when it comes to battle, and he wants to prove to you that he can do it."

                                                                                                          "He doesn't need to prove it to me," I looked at him while he still slept peacefully, "Ivan all ready has," I pulled the blanket over some more.

                                                                                                          "He hasn't proven it to himself that he is though, it enrages his spirit when he tries to be as good of a fighter as you."

                                                                                                          "Ivan... You don't need to do that."

                                                                                                          "Please, Issac, what I am begging of you is that I want you to fight him, at full strength, and so does he."


                                                                                                          "After all, you do love him, don't you?"

                                                                                                          "Yes, I do love him, deeply... But that puts me in a dilemma."

                                                                                                          "What would that be?"

                                                                                                          "Death is allowed; you know this right?"

                                                                                                          "I do."

                                                                                                          "If I fight him at full strength, he might die. Why would I kill the one I love?"

                                                                                                          "Who says you have to push it that far? He won't fight 'till death; and he isn't an idiot. To put it better, he wants the battle of his life."

                                                                                                          "And only I can deliver that," I asked. She nodded and looked at me in the eyes. I turned away from her and looked at Ivan and smirked. I turned my expression to her and she smiled.


                                                                                                          The day progressed as usual: we had a big breakfast, Hammet left to sell Xian Silk, and we all just relaxed in the hotel. However and as expected the fighters disappeared; Hama told me that Ivan went to meditate and Dora said that Issac went on a walk. They ate breakfast with us though and both of them were happy and laughing at the funny stories I told of Garet on our trip from when I joined in Imil to just a few weeks ago. We probably wouldn't see them again until we watched them fight in the arena.

                                                                                                          I was helping Hammet sell silk with Layana in exchange for a new dress when Hammet decided to close up shop. Evening was coming and the lines were already starting to back up. I got tickets for front and center of the arena early in the morning. It was ridiculous how much I paid for twelve tickets. Hammet and Layana had their box to use. The three of us left after putting the one remaining dress after I took mine, in a trunk and locked it. Hammet said a caravan would come to pick the trunk up.

                                                                                                          We were all excited to get in line and go sit down in the arena; Mia said she got us good tickets, and she didn't lie. We were about ten feet from the stage and every detail could be seen. I was joyed to see these two battle. Garet asked me a question, "Menardi, would Saturos have like to seen these two fight?"

                                                                                                          "Yeah, he would have Garet. He was a good guy you know."

                                                                                                          "Yeah, I know," he said. I smiled at him and started to recall all of the good times we had. I smiled. Then I had to quickly refocus, Iodem took the stage!

                                                                                                          "Welome to the final round of Colosso!" The crowd and I roared with enthusiasm when he said that. "I dedicate this battle to the late Lord Babi!" Now I disagreed. It wasn't in the tradition of battle for someone not fighting to dedicate a battle. It had to be the fighters to do that. I think that was a major disrespect on Iodem's behalf. He continued on and on for several minutes until one of his servants came and whispered something in his ear. "Let the battle begin!"

                                                                                                          I went on a really long walk today, after breakfast, to clear my mind. I was going to run away. I am terrified of this fight. I didn't see him since breakfast, I couldn't bear to. The door opened and the evening sunlight rushed in and it basked me. I stepped onto the course, the crowd roared for me, and I whispered, "Venus help me."

                                                                                                          I found a spot and meditated all day in that dark place. The door opened, I was in shadows, and they surrounded me, I looked to the evening sky, and murmured, "Jupiter be with me."

                                                                                                          There was a sudden fragrant breeze. It smelled like earth. Sol was setting behind the Colosseum, and some puffy orange pink, clouds dotted the sky. They lit the giant torches to illuminate the stadium. It was a minute or two before I saw both of them come blazing through the obstacles. It was balanced: Ivan had difficulty moving the logs by himself, and Issac was slower than him. Ivan got to the arena a fraction of a second before Issac did. Ivan took the smaller sword, forcing Issac to take the largest and most damaging.

                                                                                                          I looked him into his purple eyes and they wanted to fight, with me. We nodded and I cracked a smile at him. His looks perked up and he smiled.

                                                                                                          He swung at me and hit me. The blow had a lot more force behind it than I anticipated. I winced.

                                                                                                          Issac retaliated and hit me with his sword and then the pain started rushing in from my side. I threw a smoke bomb at him and he looked a bit taken aback it worked.

                                                                                                          I tried to hit Ivan again and he dodged it.

                                                                                                          I looked at my wound from Issac's sword and ate a nut to feel its healing effects.

                                                                                                          I cured myself with my psynergy, Ivan was getting ready to attack.

                                                                                                          The fight was intense already, but it was only physical. Ivan wouldn't win if it was just this. My scholarly predictinos came true once again.

                                                                                                          I pulled a lot of psynergy from within me and yelled, "Spark Plasma!" I saw Issac frown. My body started to glow purple and I unleashed a barrage of bolts onto Issac.

                                                                                                          I smelled like Ozone, and my helmet was knocked off from this attack. I shouted "Odyssey!" Ivan's jaw dropped a little. The colossal sword appeared and I drove it into him.

                                                                                                          I tumbled over, bleeding. I unleashed a dijinni, Waft, from my pocket and it put Issac to sleep after doing some damage. While he was sleeping I used a nut to cure my wound. It was my last one and I was still hurting.

                                                                                                          I woke up and unleashed Ground. Ivan couldn't move. I took advantage of this to heal myself. I unleashed Flower.

                                                                                                          I wiggled my arms free and Ground's effects wore off. I unleashed Gust and Issac took a massive amount of damage as he was blown back against the wall.

                                                                                                          I got up, I wasn't able to hold my shield anymore, it hurt too much. I unleashed Petra on to Ivan and he turned to stone. I healed myself again, thins time with Crystal. The stone started to crack around Ivan.

                                                                                                          I used Kite, and got really pumped for battle! Issac looked confused that I didn't attack.

                                                                                                          I released my dijinni, Sap, onto Ivan, and I stole some health from him for me.

                                                                                                          That health drain really worked on me. I used an herb and then I used Wheezed. It inflicted a bane onto Issac, now my battle vigor wore off.

                                                                                                          I had to quickly get rid of this poison. I used my Dijinni Salt to cure it.

                                                                                                          I was still hurting really bad from Odyssey, so I used another herb on my wound, it looked decent now, but I wasted a turn.

                                                                                                          I used Mold on Ivan, and made him hit himself.

                                                                                                          I took damage from hitting myself, but I had no control. I unleashed Squall and a storm swarmed onto Issac, dealing damage.

                                                                                                          It hurt no doubt, but I had to use my eight dijinn I needed, I called Bane to my service. I saw Ivan wreathe in pain. Good, now I could pull my final move next, but I didn't want too, hopefully bane would knock him out.

                                                                                                          It took all of the energy I had left to look up into the darkened, starless sky, and shout to the heavens, "Catastrophe!" I borrowed some fire dijinn from Garet, three to be exact. Issac dropped his sword with his jaw open wide and looked into the sky to see the Catastrophe demon summoning lighting out of the clouds. The ball of lightning formed and came crashing down to the arena, it was a blinding light and the flow of electricity rushed on past Issac. He was lying face down onto the dirt.

                                                                                                          I felt my skin, in was burnt, and blood ran from my mouth. I tried to push myself up off the ground, I couldn't. The crowds starting cheering. With my last strength I called into the dirt, "Charon!" I begged Sheba for two Jupiter dijinn; she complied. I looked behind the barely standing Ivan, he was weak, but it was too late to stop it now. There was a dark sphere growing behind Ivan, and from this Charon reared himself from the blackness. His skeletal wings expanded and he started collecting death into his palms. He thrust this at Ivan and it exploded into a black wave, consuming him. I heard him scream, and fall over.

                                                                                                          "Well Terra, they are weak and about to die, it's about time, no?" Hurrican asked Terra.

                                                                                                          "I agree, now is the time." Terra said, as she opposed Hurrican on the opposite end of the room. Some of the minor gods were watching as the two deities suited up and go all out with each other in a showdown in the heavens.

                                                                                                          "ISSAC! IVAN!" I yelled, my blue moving in this wind. When everyhing cleared they were both felled. I couldn't move though. I was too shocked. I couldn't see any breathing from both of them. They got up though, they stood like nothing was wrong, propelled by some unseen force. "Hama, what could this be!"

                                                                                                          "Mia, I don't know! I thought... I thought that they were dead!"

                                                                                                          They started glowing! Issac started glowing a golden brown color and the light danced around him like fire, a brown fire, with yellow too. Ivan was glowing a dark purple purple color and the light he radiated was dancing like fire too. Both of their eyes looked like they were on fire too.

                                                                                                          Ivan raised his hand and he started floating into the air. He rose gracefully and looked into the skys and a storm formed, seemingly from his command, the winds whipped up the dirt, and it started to pour rain from the sky. Lightning shattered the awe silence from the crowd.

                                                                                                          Issac pointed his fists toward the ground and his feet merged with the ground. He was one with the earth now. He shouted in an unnatural voice and spires of stone surrounded him. Issac attacked first, he made a boulder from the earth, and threw it at Ivan. It exploded on contact and rained into the crowd.

                                                                                                          People yelled and started to flee. Us adepts, Kraden, Iodem, Hammet, and Layana stayed to watch from afar. The Colosseum was a little damaged from the boulder.

                                                                                                          Ivan summoned lightning lots of it, some of it hit the stadium and a lot of it hit Issac. He wasn't even phased. Ivan made the storm grow more intense. It howled like it was actually angry, and living! It was a horrible sound. Lightning illuminated the black clouds that towered into the sky.

                                                                                                          Issac summoned a giant spire and impaled Ivan but only barely, Ivan dogged it by rising higher into the sky, but still wounded. Purple flame started falling from Ivan from his wound.

                                                                                                          Ivan summoned a giant whirlwind from the sky and ripped Issac out of the ground also pulling away a lot of his yellow and brown flame.

                                                                                                          Issac summoned the earth to swallow Ivan, and succeeded at it, but not before Ivan threw Issac into the sky. Iodem fled.

                                                                                                          We all looked in shock, silenced and stunned. The stadium was destroyed. They were dead, Issac and Ivan. I seen the brown flame of Issac go out in the sky, several seconds later he was slammed onto the arena floor and not long after that the earth regurgitated Ivan, caked in mud, the purple flame extinguished.

                                                                                                          Dora, Julie, and Garet ran to Issac, and then Hama, Hammet and Layana ran to Ivan; all of them in unison yelled, "He's breathing!" Dora and Hama started to cry, "Their not going to make it." They both cried.

                                                                                                          "I'm on my way," I yelled. I ran to Ivan and yelled to Piers, "Take care of Issac! I will handle Ivan!" We tapped ourselves trying to keep them sustain. Both of them were breating normally now, but they still unconscious and badly bruised. We carried them back to the hotel. Dora and Julie cleaned Issac up, and Hama and Layana washed Ivan. We let them sleep together and we waited, and waited for them to get up.

                                                                                                          Issac cracked his eyes open, smiled at his mother who noticed, and fell back asleep as soon as it happened. Ivan flitted his eyes open, said hello to Hammet and drifted back off to sleep. I healed them as much as I could, while they slept. "Their wounds were gone, but they are going to need rest you guys. I think they will be okay."

                                                                                                          "Thanks Mia!" Dora said, and smiled while patting her son on the head hand kissing him. I stoked the fire to keep them warm and added another log. I was the last one out and shut the door.

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                                                                                                            Ah, yes, Chapter 30: Incarceration

                                                                                                            They were all gone; Issac, Mia, Dora, all of them were gone. I checked for the chef, even he was gone. That's strange, none of the fires are lit or any thing. I decided to investigate. I checked Mia's room first. There was still her stuff. Kraden's room was the same; a cup of tea was spilled on the floor and the tea cup was shattered. Actually, it looks like there was a struggle that occurred in here. I grew concerned. They seemed to have fought, then just got up and left. But still, that doesn't answer why I woke up underneath the bed.

                                                                                                            I was in the lobby, and I looked out of the window and it was dark out. The stars were bright in the sky, and I saw the constellations Iris, Charon, and Yegelos. I think I slept the whole day. I don't think I am dreaming either, he isn't here... Thankfully. The hotel was silent, but while in the back hallway I heard footsteps, and the front door shutting. They talked. It wasn't a voice I recognized but they looking for me.

                                                                                                            "I'm telling you, that damn pipsqueak isn't here."

                                                                                                            "Shhhh... If he is, I don't want him to know we are here for him."

                                                                                                            "Please, this place gives me the chills. They say it is haunted. I don't know what possessed Hammet to ever buy this large and old building from that old woman."

                                                                                                            "I don't know. Stay focused!"

                                                                                                            "Sorry, but Ivan creeps me out... Legitimately, he does. Even when Babi was around, I didn't like him."

                                                                                                            "Jack, thats enough! Now let's focus."

                                                                                                            They grumbled and of course, being the smart cookie I am, hiding would work well. I hid underneath Kraden's bed. For some reason, I didn't want to use my psynergy. It felt like I was being warned against it. I remained silent, and hid.

                                                                                                            "Look, he isn't here. Lets get out of here. These walls are playing tricks on us!"

                                                                                                            "Jack! Get a hold of yourself! Look, this red room."

                                                                                                            "You can go in. I'm too scared to go into there. Not after the fight with that freakish woman, Menardi is what they called her. Poor Kraden... he is their prisoner."

                                                                                                            "Jack, come on! We don't have to worry about the other ones. They are in prison, and Issac said that they plan on staying there."

                                                                                                            What! Issac and company, imprisoned! No! Their feet were only inches from my face and body. I moved my lips to the other side of my face to let my breath blow out away from their feet. The air grew cold, and I saw my breath, chills surged through my body, as did anger. I don't think I did that though, the cold air.

                                                                                                            "I can't stand it here. Can we please leave Robin? This place is making me shiver."

                                                                                                            "Fine Jack. He obviously isn't here. We searched this place earlier today, when we got the rest of the group. I can't believe they went without a fight. But yeah, lets go; I'm getting cold standing here."

                                                                                                            "Thank Sol!"

                                                                                                            I don't know what just happened. I'm all confused. They were captured. But they didn't put up a fight? Why though? Issac really is good after all? I crawled out from underneath the bed. I didn't even know where to begin. I don't even know where the prison is, let alone busting them out. I've heard rumors that Babi's political prisoners were tortured and made to fight each other in the Colosseum; 'till death of course. Maybe I should try there and look for some clues.

                                                                                                            I put a cloak on. Luckily, they did not discover the cloak ball we had. I equipped it and walked out of the front door in shadows. The streets were empty and devoid of the gaiety and vigor that filled them the past few days; actually, I was the only one out. I don't remember too much of the battle last night... I remember yelling 'Catastrophe' while being in an immense amount of pain. That was the hardest battle I've ever fought, and probably ever will. Then I remember Issac dropping his sword and that look... I never want to see that look again. That look broke me down and it took all I had not to run. Before I knew it, he was flat on the ground, I could see a puddle of blood around his head.

                                                                                                            I shut my eyes and rubbed them, my fingers a little damp. I remembered that Issac said 'Charon' and I felt the weight of death on me at that moment. I shut my eyes in battle; I've given up at this point. I saw Issac's light fade away from his eyes before that shutting mine. It was the most horrible feeling in the world. At that moment, all I wanted was for Charon to take me away after killing Issac. Then it all went black, and at that moment I died.

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                                                                                                              Posted 06 January 2011 - 12:07 AM

                                                                                                              DARK DAWN was awesome! I do enjoy writing these still, even if my plot differs. I just wish I wrote more regularly! Hahaha! Well, at any rate, I am presenting Chapter 31: A Deliverance from Tolbi

                                                                                                              I got back up from hitting the ground and weeping. They are here; somwhere below the ruins that were once the Colosso stadium. It still smelled like charred earth from the battle. I searched through the collapsed rubble and found an opening behind some large stones. Damn, they were right, I am pipsqueak; I couldn't move the stones, they were to heavy. There was really nothing else to be found in these ruins. All of the other exits or entrances collapsed.

                                                                                                              I left quietly because the cloak ball only made me a shadow and not sound proof. My mourning was overheard and was being investigated. The bumbling guards could be heard coming a mile away. I decided my chances to sneak into the palace. There was still no life in the town and the palace was under heavy guard, just by looking at the entrance. It was going to tough but I think I could manage it. There was a guard standing next to the stone archway. It was the starting point to this dangerous endeavor. The archway was wide and slipping by this first guard was easy. I needed to stick to the cliffs, where the torches on the walkway didn't cast much light. What was worse though was that the door itself was very well illuminated and that poses a problem for how I was going to get in.

                                                                                                              I continued walking along the top of the cliffs. I almost lost balance several times, as the ground gave out due to all of the rain lately. On the side of the palace I noticed that a window was open on the topmost floor; it was the room were Sheba was held hostage. That seemed to be my only option into the place. I leaped on the ground, hoping to knock it free so I could just slide onto the courtyard. The ground finally gave way and I hit the terrace the back of my leg was scraped on a rock on the way down and I was bleeding a little.

                                                                                                              I think I was unnoticed, this side was fairly dark, and I was quiet in my processes. I ran across the cobblestone terrace so quick that if you blinked you would have missed me. My back slammed against the gray brick of the palace as I seen light coming from the corner of my eye. I heard footsteps get louder and closer. The Cloak Ball's effects did not cloak sound, unfortunately. I shifted my eyes to a corner to see a foot and a lantern in the hand of a guard. He turned and walked towards a well in the opposite direction of me. I let out a sigh of relief. The guard stopped, and my heart began to race. The guard turned around and started walking this way slowly. I concentrated and my a gust of wind in the trees, to try and spook him.

                                                                                                              The guard shouted, “He's here!” My body froze and I was paralyzed with the fear of being caught. The guard walked away though. He went back the way he came, and I heard some shouting coming from the direction of the stone arch. I didn't waste a spec of time. My hands were around a downspout and I was pulling my way up the pipe. Soon, a pack of guards came around the corner, some with torches, and some with swords. He didn't know exactly where I was when I sighed because they wandered around like idiots. They started walking over to downspout, and their torches penetrated the Cloak Ball's Masking effect. I remained motionless. After a few minutes the guards left and dismissed the one that sounded the “false” alarm for the night.

                                                                                                              I felt almost numb and finished climbing up the pipe and leaped onto the ledge. I inched my way over to the open window and peeked in. It was a small ill lit room. There was an old man sitting at a desk. He didn't move at all. His silhouette was dim in the candlelight. It might have been Kraden. I wasn't sure. I continued my look in, there was nothing around the window, and there was even a rug beneath it to soften my footsteps when I climbed in.

                                                                                                              Climbing into the window itself was a fairly quiet job, the old man still sat there, apparently unaware of my presence. The bad part was that if I was getting out of the room I needed to pass by the man to get to the door. I took my chances. He was asleep in the chair, which was strange considering there was a prepared bed. I took a second glance, moving the candle closer. It was Kraden! I shook him to get him up, but I covered his mouth at the same time. He looked at me and did a double take, and you could see the excitement beam in his eyes. I whispered be quiet to him, and I let go of his mouth.

                                                                                                              “Ivan! My dear boy,” he whispered with a silenced excitement.

                                                                                                              “Kraden! Are you okay? Where are the others, if they are here?”

                                                                                                              “I've been better. Can you get me a glass of water. See the guard outside of my room is cruel and just set it outside of my reach,” he weakly shook his arms, they were shackled to the chair, which was shackled to the walls.

                                                                                                              I got a glass of water for him, and held it up to his mouth for him to drink. Soon the water was gone, and he asked me to get him some more, and I did. “Who did this to you,” I demanded.

                                                                                                              “Well, it is the price I pay for an open window. But I had faith that you would come here so I asked for it to be open for, 'fresh air.' Hama said that you would most surely look for us. Everyone is here, in the lower dungeons.”

                                                                                                              “How long have you been here?”

                                                                                                              “Two days, time goes so slowly when you are a prisoner. Ivan, will you get us out of here? Issac, being Issac, demanded from us that we don't use psynergy. He believes in Iodem's word... Issac is foolish... Iodem will not let us free at all. Even if he promised. He has grudges and has succumbed to dark forces.”

                                                                                                              “Issac, why are you so stupid sometimes?”

                                                                                                              Kraden was quick to correct me, “Issac is not stupid. In fact, he may be smart by not using psynergy to bust out. Iodem is angry, and if they vanish, he might just attack the next closet town...”

                                                                                                              “Kalay... No! I won't allow it!”

                                                                                                              “He has them too, Hammet and Layana, everyone is in those dungeons. I got preferential treatment because of connections with Lord Babi, when he was alive.”

                                                                                                              I sat onto Kraden's bed and thought rubbing my forehead. “It needs to happen Kraden. I will break them out, or die trying to” I vowed.

                                                                                                              “Don't be so foolish! Iodem has a hundred guards!”

                                                                                                              “I'm not going to be. I will be one of them. Kraden, is there a guard outside of your door constantly?”
                                                                                                              “Yes. But why is that important?”

                                                                                                              “Ask him to come in after I hide on the other side of the bed.”


                                                                                                              “Just do it!” I ran and hid on the window side of the bed.

                                                                                                              “Guard! I need to use the restroom!”

                                                                                                              A deep voice grunted, “Oh ho! Is that right old man?” I heard a click and the door swung open. “You got your water I see. It must have been painful to reach so far to get it.”

                                                                                                              “I am an old man you fool! I should be treated with some respect!”

                                                                                                              I decided now was a good time as ever; the swung back shut after the guard came in leaving him, Kraden and I. “He is right you know,” I said, as I stood up, forming a ball of lightning in my right hand, “You should respect your elders.” I slammed the lightning into his armor and he fell on the bed paralyzed; luckily, since the distance was short, there wasn't as much noise. I took the key in his hand and freed Kraden from his shackles.

                                                                                                              He rubbed his wrists and and ankles, “Thanks Ivan. Now what?”

                                                                                                              “Help me suit up. I am going to take his armor,” I said and pointed to the heavy steel armor... I thought about how much slower I would be... I might not be able to walk, but it is all that I have.

                                                                                                              “Ivan, can you bear that?”

                                                                                                              “I should be able to,” several minutes later I was putting a helmet on, and this was extremely heavy, it was like a had bricks of lead on my shoulders and head. I tried walking around, it was tough, but I would manage. “Kraden you are going to be my prisoner. I promise you, that you will get out of here.”

                                                                                                              “Ivan I hope you know what you are doing... The repercussions, will be grave.”

                                                                                                              I paused, and thought about it. I said, “Kraden I know, if I am successful, most likely an attack on Kalay. If I fail though, well, most certainly I would be buried in some disgraceful way, or tossed an open pit with the rest of them... I most certainly know the limits, I am an adept after all...” My mind went to the last few seconds of my fight with Issac. My eyes started to water and they streamed, it was a silent cry, “I need... I need to do it Kraden.”

                                                                                                              I grabbed his wrist and opened the door, I whispered, “Act like you are the prisoner you are!”

                                                                                                              “Let go of me! I am an old man, “ he protested. I grunted, in the lowest voice as possible, giving him a tug as I led him down the hallway. It was surprisingly quiet, there were a few people in the palace, maybe one or two guards. They paid no attention though. I passed by the hallway that led to the throne room. I gave Kraden a quick jerk and kept going down. It was without problems.

                                                                                                              Iodem turned the corner. I froze and he looked at me. He came and stood right in front of me. “Move you buffoon! Are you daft!?”
                                                                                                              I gave a grunt and lowered and slowed my voice, “Sorry Sir.”

                                                                                                              “Just get out of my way! And take Kraden to the dungeon!”

                                                                                                              “Yes Sir!” I slapped Kraden on the back of the head.


                                                                                                              “Shut up Master Kraden, your ramblings, are quite nothing more than that. Please, guard, if you will escort the decrepit ex-scholar to the dungeon and entomb him there.”

                                                                                                              “Yes Sir!”

                                                                                                              “Nothing more than ramblings! Why, I never...”

                                                                                                              “Shutup,” I said and shoved him in the back.

                                                                                                              “Very good! You always were right on track with being cruel! While you are at it, you are free to torture as you please... Idiots those adepts are! They are the cause of the fall of Tolbi! That uncouth woman of Hammet's, well, what ever her name is, you can slap her to she bleeds at the mouth, and then punch her, so she is unconscious. Try to tell me what's right and wrong, well, I'll show her!”

                                                                                                              “Yes Sir,” I gritted my teeth saying that. If only this wasn't a break out mission I would kill him! I seethed in anger! That is Lady Layana and Master Hammet to you, my mom and dad!

                                                                                                              “Well, what are you waiting for? A pint of beer! Go! Relieve the other guard, you are much more brutish that the other pipsqueak down there!”

                                                                                                              “Yes Sir,” if he only knew, I would mount his head above a fire place! I let him pass us. I thought of every obscene gesture in the book! We turned the corner and picked up the pace.

                                                                                                              It was a deserted corridor, right before the network of tunnels under the palace and the now destroyed arena. “That was close Kraden, sorry about hitting and shoving you so hard.”

                                                                                                              “It was pretty clever and authentic. How did you know how to act?”

                                                                                                              Truth be told, I didn't. I could be cruel if I wanted to be. I lied, “The mind, or how little of it that man had, still worked, even if he was paralyzed.”

                                                                                                              “Ahh! That is clever!”

                                                                                                              We passed the guards by the dungeon entrance without problem, I just grunted and they let me past without question. I wondered how long this would last. The guard down in the cells was tired, and I said, “Me stay. You go.” I slammed my fist onto the table at which he was sitting at. He looked at me, a slender man, of my build, most likely me in ten years.

                                                                                                              He got up and stared at me for a brief second, “They're your problem now! I'm glad to be out of this creepy place, cold spells, random breezes, rocks moving, and my armor suddenly burning me!” He stormed out and slammed the thick metal door behind him and locked it.
                                                                                                              “Oh great, look, the barbarian is back,” Jenna scowled!

                                                                                                              He left the cell key sitting on the table, I opened one, and shoved Kraden in.

                                                                                                              “Hey! Don't push him,” Jenna looked at me. I avoided eye contact. I locked the cell key. “Can I please just blast him?”

                                                                                                              “NO,” Issac said, “and in fact, don't even heat up his armor; I know that was you!”

                                                                                                              “Issac, I don't enjoy this. But, I guess, you're right! But you, stupid brute, don't push my limits!”

                                                                                                              I pretended I didn't hear her, and snorted. I walked over to the door I can in and I listened for any sounds at all. There were diminishing footsteps as the guy walked up the long flight of spiral stairs. I heard the other door shut and then sighed. They were all here, in bad shape, but alive and here!

                                                                                                              I walked over to the table, and almost sat down, but instead, I took my steel gloves off. I made sure to keep my hands out of sight, and then I took my helmet off, and turned around to face them.

                                                                                                              “SHHHH!” I said, “Be quiet!”

                                                                                                              A fairly unanimous “Ivan,” was shouted, Kraden just smiled!

                                                                                                              “Shush! I came for you all,” I smiled, some of the girls got all teary eyed. So this is what Issac feels like most of the time? Nine. My smile turned into an inwards and reflective grin. “Garet, I'm going to let you out, so you can help, get the rest of this armor off. It is sapping me of strength.”

                                                                                                              “Sure.” I went over to the cell he was in, more like cage, and freed him. Right away I felt if a heavy weight was being lifted off of my shoulders, and quite literally it was. Soon I was nothing, more than a twig in a cloak, with a sweat soaked mop of blonde hair. I smell really bad, that armor wanted to make me sick!

                                                                                                              “Garet, put the armor in front of the door while I unlock the rest of the cells.”

                                                                                                              “Which one?”

                                                                                                              “There is more than one?”

                                                                                                              “Yeah, the one you came from, and the one on the other end, that leads to some stairs, then the arena.”

                                                                                                              “The one I came from,” I overlooked the door on the far side of the dungeon, it blended in so well. “The arena though, it is ruined. There is a large boulder blocking the door from the outside, I think,” I was feeling defeated by that boulder again. I stopped turning opening the gates, some of them were still trapped.

                                                                                                              “What's wrong,” Hama asked.

                                                                                                              “We just can't leave... That's all. We are trapped now, the palace is too dangerous and too well lit for the cloak ball, and the other exit is blocked by a damn boulder!”

                                                                                                              “Wait... I still have my psynergy trinkets with me,” Felix said as he pulled a bag from under his shirt. There seemed to be some stones knocking around in there, and he was rummaging through it.

                                                                                                              “Hurry, we don't have much time; the paralysis won't hold for ever.”

                                                                                                              “Aha! Here it is! The Lift Gem! I knew that carrying these like a hawk is useful! We can use it to lift the boulder out of our way, and when it falls back to Weyard, they'll never know we went this way!”

                                                                                                              “Yes! Good thinking Felix! That would work,” Kraden claimed.

                                                                                                              “Oh thank heavens, I didn't want to be trapped down here!”

                                                                                                              I resumed releasing my friends and family, giving them hugs as they come out. Issac smiled at me and gave me a brief hug. As soon as we were all free we bolted out of the other door. Garet put the armor, chair, and table in front of the other door, to slow them down getting in. It wouldn't be too long now, ten minutes max, until the paralysis wore off. “Hurry!”

                                                                                                              “Lift,” Felix commanded as we came to an impasse in our escape. A boulder lifted and we ran out into the ruins of the arena.

                                                                                                              Dora looked at me, “Thank you so much Ivan, for everything!”

                                                                                                              “Thanks, but now isn't the time for pleasantries. We need to hurry back to the hotel and get our things.”

                                                                                                              “No need to do that Ivan,” Master Hammet said, “One of my servants should have came by with a caravan to pick up my belongings, and extras. Thankfully we had two wagons this year. Since the place is feared by most, it should be deserted and they would have no problems gathering your equipment. My chef, my maids, you are dismissed, permanently. You may go home, or come to Kalay, and be free.”

                                                                                                              “We are your loyal servants, we are with you,” they said, after little thought.

                                                                                                              “Master Hammet, are you sure that they got everything,” I asked.

                                                                                                              “They have not once forgot to grab anything that I forgot Ivan,” Layana said.

                                                                                                              “She is right Ivan, there is no need to worry. I trust my servants.”

                                                                                                              “Okay, and I trust your judgment.”

                                                                                                              “Let's go! I hear some shouting!” Everyone started running opposite of Tolbi. Soon we were on Silk road, heading north, it was a difficult journey, running nonstop, with little sleep. We ran until we almost were exhausted, around the Karagol Sea. If we hit the docks, we would be okay. If only we hit the Kalay docks. We can ride to Kalay if we only got to the docks. Dawn was starting to rise, and we were exhausted from a whole night of running. By mid morning we, on the verge of collapsing, saw the docks, on the horizon and the sight gave us the energy to carry on there and get a ride to Kalay. Hammet evacuated the docks, and grabbed some books out of the ticket booth and suggested we burn the docks to the ground and block Silk Road again. Garet and Jenna, with what little psynergy they had set the docks aflame, and Issac and Felix caused a rockfall to block the road. We all got in wagons and collapsed. Sleeping until we got to Kalay.

                                                                                                              “They've escaped!”

                                                                                                              “Impossible! How!?”

                                                                                                              “Ivan did it!”

                                                                                                              Iodem sat on his chair next to Babi's Throne. He snatched the golden crown sitting on the deceased ruler's throne. He placed it on his head and rose up and stood before his most trusted of guards. “I am Iodem, King of Tolbi!”

                                                                                                              The guards took a knee and looked down to the floor, “Yes your Majesty.”

                                                                                                              “By my word, enlist all of the men in the city, and the surrounding farms. They will serve me and fight for me. If they refuse, kill their firstborn.”

                                                                                                              “Yes your Majesty.”

                                                                                                              “We are at war with those miserable adepts,” and with that decree Iodem sat firmly into the throne.

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                                                                                                                Posted 23 July 2011 - 09:41 PM

                                                                                                                I've put much thought into this chapter, and have rewrote it several different times. I hope that diligent readers will find something of worth in this. "Chapter 32: The Burdens of War


                                                                                                                Layana was in her gardens, wandering around about the paths. It was the evening next after our escape. Luna was out, and so were the stars. I snuck up on her and we clasped hands. She jumped a little and looked at me. She had tears on her face, and where her bright jewels were usually at, there was a great sorrow. I knew exactly what it was about. She was afraid that Kalay would fall to the might of Tolbi; to be honest, I was too. I brushed the tears away and whispered, "We will make it love. Kalay will make it."

                                                                                                                "Hammet, I'm afraid. What if we don't?"

                                                                                                                "No Layana, we must not let doubt into our hearts, or else we will fail. The best we can do is hope."

                                                                                                                "We are outnumbered Hammet! There is no point in remaining here if the city will surely fall," she said as we walked to the statues of Ivan, Issac, Mia, and Garet. She gently touched Mia's statue. "They are powerful though," her tone changed to one more reserved, "We can't send children into battle though. It's wrong, when they could die."

                                                                                                                "Layana, they are more seasoned than the best of Tolbi's warriors. They are adepts, they will fight, if there is a full out war."

                                                                                                                "Hammet don't be so naive. Of course Iodem will amass a military against us. It is all he knows how to do. He will push, and trample anyone in his way. Iodem is no different than Babi."

                                                                                                                "But we have these four," I held my hand out to the statues, "We know that they will fight for Kalay. This is Ivan's home. Our home!"

                                                                                                                "Hammet would you listen to yourself? You want four adepts to go against an army of a thousand. Don't be foolish! It would be best to evacuate Kalay at once. Or at least put all of the women, children, and elders, into the tunnels; they might escape if the city is overrun."

                                                                                                                "I am no fool. I trust them. Did you not see their awesome power?"

                                                                                                                "Hammet, think about the people of Kalay, not Kalay itself," she desperately pleaded.

                                                                                                                I let go of her hand, and walked over to Ivan's statue, and leaned against it, "You're right. We shouldn't throw caution to the wind. We will have to at least have them retreat to the tunnels."

                                                                                                                "How many do soldiers do we have in our militia?"

                                                                                                                "Probably about one well trained soldiers hundred soldiers, give or take. I believe that we have close to a thousand uniforms, and swords in our barracks for use."

                                                                                                                "We must get them filled Hammet. I think we should have a vouluntary conscription."

                                                                                                                "At sunrise we must sound the war bugle and ask for all men able to wield a sword or axe will do so to defend their livelihoods. We must rally against Tolbi," I turned and looked Layana in the eyes, "I fear that if we fail here, there is not much hope for the rest of Angara and Gondowan... Iodem's thirst for power is supposably unquenchable."

                                                                                                                "Hammet we cannot fail. We stand as a beacon of freedom, hope, and prosperity. We need more help. Perhaps the other Warriors of Vale will fight on our side. Maybe some Valians will come to our aid."

                                                                                                                "Hmm, it couldn't hurt to have allies in this impending battle," Layana started walking away, "I love you Layana," It was perhaps the last time I would say that

                                                                                                                "Love me always," she asked facing away from me.

                                                                                                                "And forever," she stopped and wiped her eyes, and ran to the palace. I was alone in the garden, amongst crimson colored flowers, and the statues. I looked up tot the stars, unwavering, and whispered, "Iris help us."

                                                                                                                I walked back into the palace, too on edge to fall asleep, I wandered the halls. In a decent matter of time I ran into Issac who wasn't in bed yet either. I invited him for a drink of some firewater.

                                                                                                                "Firewater? What is that," he asked as we walked into my private parlor.

                                                                                                                "My dear boy, It is a most pecuilar drink. I only drink it on stressful nights. It's true name is called Raki, and it is a local favorite," I said as I poured us two glasses, "It's effects will wear off by morning. Don't mention this to Layana or Ivan; they don't like it when I drink this." I handed him the glass of the milky colored spirt, "Drink up."

                                                                                                                "Okay,I won't mention it, but I can't make any promises with Ivan."

                                                                                                                "I understand," I said. I drank and he followed suit. I turned around to rummage and find an old map of the surrounding land. A few seconds later I heard the glass set down on the stand. I turned and looked at it. It was empty. I was shocked.

                                                                                                                I stood back up and faced Issac, before I got to say anything he said, "That warm feeling, is that unusual? Can I have some more?"

                                                                                                                "Issac, you've finished that already! I suppose you can have some more, but drink it more slowly this time; actually enjoy the flavor of the Raki," I thought to myself as I was poring Issac the second glass that maybe I should tell him the effects of getting to imbibed to much of the stuff. He needs to know though, that this, drunk without constraint will lead to the morning sickness, "Issac, this is your last glass. If you drink too much, then you will be sick in the morning. I cannot have you stumbling and yelling through the palace either this late at night." He remained unusually quiet, even for him, "Issac. Did you hear me?"

                                                                                                                "Yeah. Sorry. I was in though. It's okay Hammet. I'll be fine," he took the glass out of my hand, and downed it, "This really is a good drink. I suppose I should get to bed before the full effect of this sets in."

                                                                                                                "Yes Issac, that will be a good idea. Do you want me to help you?"

                                                                                                                "No, I'll be fine," and he walked out the door. The rate at which he drunk that raki was impressive. I wonder if he has drank before. I doubt it. Wine and beer impart the same warming effect and he said he never had that sensation before.

                                                                                                                I'll give it a few minutes to set in. He probably will make it back to his bed, but just in case I will follow him. I left my glass, half full, sitting on the stand next to his empty one. I had the map in hand, and started following him. Lo' and behold he made it back just fine and was already sleeping.

                                                                                                                I went back to the parlor and thought of a battle plan, and our options of attack. It is true that we are outnumbered. Tolbi has at least two thousand troops, compared to a paltry few dozen we have. Even with adepts it will take some sort of miracle to just retreat. It is imperative that we get allies. Who will come to our aid though on such an untimely manner? It will be impractical to get Xian to help in our war as they are far away. Lalivero is out of the question considering they are to the south and east of Tolbi. Bilibin is too far north, and Lunpa and Kalay are not on the best terms. Vale
                                                                                                                and Vault will aid, but they have little man power. It is just too little, too late.

                                                                                                                I felt soft and gentle hand come to rest on my shoulder, "Will you not come to bed my husband? What good does it do staying up at this hour."

                                                                                                                "No good ever arises from this late," I paused, gathered courage, and said, "I gave Issac raki."

                                                                                                                "Why did you do that? Did he like it?"

                                                                                                                "I offered him a drink. I suppose he did like it, considering that he drank two full glasses within a mere minute."

                                                                                                                "Two glasses! Hammet, he will have the morning sickness. I guess he will have to learn the hard way."

                                                                                                                "I know. I warned him about it. He said that he would be okay."

                                                                                                                "I suppose," she said as she laid her chin on top of my head. I could feel her smiling coyly. I rubbed my thumb against her hand. She sighed, "You know I don't mind you drinking raki. You don't drink it too often, and when you do it is with much moderation. When Ivan was younger, I just didn't want to set a bad example with him."

                                                                                                                "I know." She is truly the one I love. I never feel more placid and serene than with her. She is beautiful. After some comforting silence I said, "Shall we retire, no?"

                                                                                                                "Yes, let's get some sleep love," Layana said. I got up slowly, and we walked arm in arm down the hall to our bedroom. When we arrived I brushed the hair off of her cheek and looked into her eyes.

                                                                                                                "Issac. Wake up. It is well past high-noon," Mia said. After no response from me, simply because I was still too damn tired. "Oh Issac, wake up!" She said as she pulled apart the curtains, leaving in a flood of light.

                                                                                                                I shuffled under the covers and groaned, "Alright, alright, I'm up."

                                                                                                                "Good, I was worried."

                                                                                                                I sat up and it hit me. I had a massive and painful headache, my thirst and hunger were unbearable, and my breath reeked of that raki stuff. I don't think I'm going to do that again. "Erm, uh, Mia, do you have a..." I couldn't think of the word, "An elixir." That's it; it should cure this morning sickness thing that Hammet warned me about.

                                                                                                                She was blushing, the sheets were down to my waist, I pulled them up a little. "Oh, an elixir," she fumbled through her bag, "Yeah, here we go. What about that scar?"

                                                                                                                "What scar," I demanded as I popped off the glass lid; it landed on the covers. I downed it faster than those two glasses last night. I can't even remember falling to sleep. It was sweet. I could feel my headache going away instantly. I rubbed my eyes.

                                                                                                                "The one by your stomach Issac. It's a peculiarly shaped scar. It's almost like you have been branded with something in the shape of a skull," the only thing running through my mind was, 'Great, now what weird thing do I have to deal with.' I am still very tired, almost as if I didn't get any sleep at all.

                                                                                                                "Mia, I honestly don't know what you're talking about."

                                                                                                                "Here," She briefly touched it, and shrieked, and quickly pulled back her hand.

                                                                                                                "Are you okay?"

                                                                                                                "That scar, it doesn't pain you?"

                                                                                                                "No, It doesn't. Why?

                                                                                                                "That was something frightening I saw when I touched that."

                                                                                                                "What? Mia, you're hysterical."

                                                                                                                "No, that scar is cursed. I saw evil when I touched it. Two beady yellow eyes set in a cold black nothing."

                                                                                                                "Mia, I don't even remember getting this scar."

                                                                                                                "Well from the looks of it, it is healed. It must have been some time ago," she was reflecting on something, "Well, at any rate, Hammet will be glad you're up. Get dressed and lunch is downstairs."

                                                                                                                "Thanks Mia," she nodded, a way of saying you're welcome, I guess. I touched the scar. I've never realized it, and it most certainly didn't hurt and I didn't see anything when I touched it. I got all suited up. I took something out of my pocket, it was beautiful. I kept it safe, always. I walked out with a pleasant grin on my face.

                                                                                                                After lunch we went straight to talking about battle strategy. Hammet was blunt: Kalay might fall, we are without allies, and we are outnumbered. Fantastic. You could even feel the immensity of the situation in the earth. I was thinking on what allies we had at hand: Vale, Vault, us adepts, and that was all I could conjure. I couldn't bear seeing Ivan so melancholy and helpless. His home is under attack, and will most likely be wiped off the map. To compound to the the situation, Tolbi will probably have a naval attack, now that I think about it. I interjected, "Tolbi will attack by the Silk Road, and by crossing the Karagol."

                                                                                                                Everyone looked at me. Hammet asked, "How can you be so sure, that they will attack by sea as well?"

                                                                                                                "I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't ignore that fact, considering they have a dock, and a few dozen ships."

                                                                                                                "An armada," Hammet rubbed his forehead. The room was silent. He sighed and looked up from the table, "We have to evacuate at once. At least to the tunnels."

                                                                                                                Felix was in the room, giving advice now and then, he suddenly said, after the order was given, "Briggs."

                                                                                                                "No. I will not have that pirate fight on behalf of Kalay," Hammet said sternly.

                                                                                                                "He has a whole fleet of ships under his command," Felix retorted.

                                                                                                                "Well that may be the case, we still cannot be assured that Briggs won't find it a free for all," Hammet said, "He is a pirate after all."

                                                                                                                "If not Briggs, then who?"

                                                                                                                "I simply don't know."

                                                                                                                After some more silence, I started thinking on how many actual adepts we have. I got thirteen: Menardi, Mom, Hama, Felix's parents, and us. Well fourteen if we count Kraden, but he hasn't shown much skill, however, his insights and wisdom will be most useful. Apparently there is a legendary swordsman within the ranks of Kalay's army, which has to account for something. Hammet said that there are horses, and that we could mount some warriors onto them and have a cavalry. We might be able to pull this off. We have a Lemurian Ship, which can fly, and has a cannon. The problem with the ship though, is that it is in Lalivero. We have the Teleport Lapis, "We have the Teleport Lapis!"

                                                                                                                The rambling ceased and Ivan said, "Issac, what bearing does that have?"

                                                                                                                I began to explain, "Well, some of us, namely Sheba, Felix, Piers, and I will go to Lalivero, and grab the ship and come back here. While we are there though; Menardi can come too, she will enjoy this. While we are there, we can dispatch the remaining of Tolbi's troops. After that, we should convince Faran to get his own army together, and storm Tolbi. Of course Menardi can lead them," I saw her smile. "Since Tolbi will be deserted, I highly doubt that there will be many, if any troops there. Raze Tolbi, finish what Ivan and I started."

                                                                                                                "This is genius."

                                                                                                                "Next, Felix and Sheba can come back here, and defend with the Lemurian ship. Piers will accompany me to Champa. It's worth a shot. I'll be super charismatic. If they don't help will be back by evening, if they do, we will be back by tomorrow at high-noon."

                                                                                                                "Issac, I don't want pirates..."

                                                                                                                "Hammet, we have no other choice."

                                                                                                                "I guess not."

                                                                                                                "Lastly, Kraden can give insight to Tolbi's tactics and aid in the defense planning. Ivan, Mia, Garet, Jenna, Hama, Mom, Julie, and Dennis can help defend the city. With a little bit of luck, maybe we can save Kalay."

                                                                                                                "It sounds like a long shot, but it is our only plan of action," Layana said, "We still need to evacuate the women and children though. At least to the tunnels. Hammet and I can do that ourselves."

                                                                                                                "Hammet with your permission, we can put this plan in action,"

                                                                                                                With some reluctant finality, and the realization that war was upon them, Hammet issued the bold decree, "Sound the war bugle!"

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