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I Want To Tell You How Chinese People Play Goldensun 2.. come on

#1 Guest_yourdoom_*

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Posted 12 February 2006 - 01:30 AM

I am a chinese student .
and when i come here i found there are so many gs fans!
in fact many people in china like goldensun too,including lovely girls .
there is one bar about goldensun
here i learnt a lot of knowledge about gs.
a boy named "L·O·N" told me that how to play gs.


Tear Stone(水属性材料)取得方法:宝岛里的Gillman Lord(鱼人,人鱼不长那样儿)掉
杖Cloud Wand 攻+98
头饰Pure Circlet 防+29,水属性攻击+20
护腕Clear Bracelet 防+31,水属性攻击+25
戒指Spirit Ring 使用时每人HP恢复160(前期极好用的道具)

Star Dust(星星样的材料)取得方法:沙漠洞穴里的Wonderbird(绿色的蝎子)掉
狼牙棒Comet Mace 攻+Attack +105
头饰Astral Circlet 防+32,EP最大值+15
盾Luna Shield 防+30,地属性抵抗+30
甲Planet Armor 防+36,全书性攻击+10
戒指Stardust Ring 使用时发动精神力封印

Sylph Feather(羽毛样的材料)取得方法:宝岛里的Great Seagull(鸟)掉
短剑Slyph Rapier 攻+124(发动时可打1~2段攻击,漂亮又好用的短剑)
帽子Floating Hat 防+34,运气1.2倍,风属性抵抗+20
手套Aerial Gloves 防+37,风属性攻击+20,敏捷+30
女士服装Faery Vest 防+38,使用时HP恢复200

Dragon Skin(龙皮)取得方法:沙漠洞穴里的Winged Lizard(紫色的飞龙)掉
头盔Dragon Helm 防+42,水火属性抵抗各+20
盾Dragon Shield 防+42,水火属性抵抗各+15
甲Dragon Mail 防+44,水火属性抵抗各+10
袍子Dragon Robe 防+42,水火属性抵抗各+18
鞋Dragon Boots 防+13,地水火属性抵抗各+10

Salamander Tail(火属性材料)取得方法:宝岛里的Pyodra(三头龙)掉
斧子Apollo's Axe 攻+158
短剑Burning Sword 攻+157
杖Salamander Rod 攻+156
盾Flame Shield 防+44,火属性抵抗+60
袍子Ardagh Robe 放+44,火属性攻击+20,火属性抵抗+40

Golem Core(心脏样的材料)取得方法:无头神殿里的Bombander(深蓝色怪物)掉
长剑Huge Sword 攻+155
斧子Gaia's Axe 攻+163
狼牙棒Tungsten Mace 攻+159
手套Titan Gloves 防+43,HP最大值+30
甲Chronos Mail 防+47,HP最大值+20

Mythril Silver(银块)取得方法:沙漠洞穴里的Soul Army(白色铠甲)掉
长剑Mythril Blade 攻+160
长剑Levatine 攻+173
头饰Psychic Circlet 防+39,每回合恢复12EP
头盔Mythril Helm 防+44,提高会心一击率
护腕Mythril Armlet 防+46,提高会心一击率
衣服Mythril Clothes 防+49,提高会心一击率

Dark Matter(黑矿石)取得方法:龟岛洞穴里的Wonderbird(青鸟)掉
长剑Dark Sword 攻+210,被诅咒
头饰Demon Circlet 防+50,提高会心一击率,被诅咒
头盔Fear Helm 防+48,攻+10,被诅咒
盾Terra Shield 防+48,攻+5,被诅咒
甲Stealth Armor 防+48,地属性抵抗-10,被诅咒

Orihalcon(金块)取得方法:无头神殿里的Sky Dragon(白色的飞龙)掉
长剑Excalibur 攻+180(最好的武器之一)
斧子Stellar Axe 攻+171
杖Nebula Wand 攻+165
头盔Millenium Helm 防+45,HP最大值+20
手套Big Bang Gloves 防+47,火属性攻击+40
盾Cosmos Shield 防+49,全属性抵抗+20
甲Xylion Armor 防+50,攻+12


杖Staff of Anubis 攻+83,取得方法:齿轮迷宫里的Red Demon(红色的大肥牛)掉

面具Otafuku Mask 防31,使用时喷水攻击,取得方法:打绿龙那个山上边的村子的地下道里打Grassil(蓝色飞着的小怪)掉

斧子Tartarus Axe 攻+127,取得方法:头像吐沙子那个塔里的Minotarus(粉色拿斧子的牛)掉

狼牙棒Rising Mace 攻+152,取得方法:木星灯塔里的Blue Dragon(蓝色的龙)掉

袍子Aeolian Cassock 防+46,风属性攻击+15,风属性抵抗+50,取得方法:木星灯塔里的Wyvern(白色的飞龙)掉

长剑Rune Blade 攻+162,取得方法:头像吐岩浆那个山里的Lesser Dragon(绿色的大肥牛)掉

面具Hitoko Mask 防33,使用时喷火攻击,取得方法:头像吐岩浆那个山里的Little Death(红色飞着的小怪)掉

杖Clotho's Distaff 攻+168,使用时HP恢复1000,取得方法:火星灯塔里的Minos Warrior(紫色拿斧子的牛)掉

头盔Gloria Helm 防+49,每回合恢复10HP,取得方法:火星灯塔里的Aka Manah(蓝色拿镰刀的牛)掉

衣服Triton's Ward 防+47,水属性攻击+30,水属性抵抗+70,取得方法:宝岛里打Ocean Dragon(绿色的海怪)掉

杖Atropos' Rod 攻+169,取得方法:沙漠洞穴里打Fire Dragon(紫色站着的龙)掉

手套Riot Gloves 防+45,攻+15,提高会心一击率,取得方法:沙漠洞穴里打Mino Knight(绿色拿斧子的牛)掉

短剑Tisiphone Edge 攻+178,取得方法:龟岛洞穴里打Cruel Dragon(紫色的龙)掉

头饰Berserker Band 防+46,攻+15,取得方法:龟岛洞穴里打Druj(黄色镰刀的牛)掉

杖Lachesis' Rod 攻+177,取得方法:无头神殿里的Mad Demon(蓝色的大肥牛)掉

I do not know if you can see it clearly .


What lon what to tell me is that the things "Increases Criticals" is the best
we can use sol blade "megiddo" 95%

#2   Sea of Time 

  • Lebron James
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    Posted 12 February 2006 - 02:17 PM

    Okay, I totally agree that there are lots of GS fans here. But how do you increase criticals? And why are the pictures from ""? Doesn't that sound a bit dirty? I kinda get it but maybe someone could explain this to me.

    #3 Guest_yourdoom_*

    • Group: Guests

    Posted 13 February 2006 - 03:16 AM

    "wangyou" in chinese means the friend online~
    if you want to increase critical
    1.Mythril Helm,Defense +44,increases criticals
    2.Riot Gloves,attack+15,defense+45,increase criticals
    3.Mythril Clothes
    4.Hyper Boots
    5.Demon circlet
    6.Iris Robe
    LIKE this,they can make your battle easier~

    #4   Sea of Time 

    • Lebron James
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      Posted 13 February 2006 - 10:03 AM

      Of course they could, I never thought of that. That's a good plan, I might use that.

      #5 Guest_yourdoom_*

      • Group: Guests

      Posted 14 February 2006 - 03:32 AM

      So here we can see the sol blade is better than dark sword .
      But I like Dark sword better~
      well,is there only two boys?
      the pictures are upload by l·O·N, not me.and I think the things "increase criticals" is the best.
      L.o.n win 374.
      I think he is the best GSer in China.

      #6   Toasty64 

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        Posted 19 February 2006 - 04:23 PM

        Well trust me, I'm better than him, I've never lost to anyone/thing I've ever battled thanks to my secret battle strategy that will not be disclosed to the public. And my comp. froze trying to translate that page into english.

        #7   Zeypher 

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          Posted 31 January 2011 - 11:27 PM

          Best thread ever.

          #8   Toasty 

          • The toast in your toaster
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            Posted 03 February 2011 - 12:40 AM

            I agree

            #9   I'm Always BROKE 

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              Posted 21 February 2011 - 09:26 PM

              What about upside down?


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