Golden Sun : The Lost Age Walkthrough

Welcome to Golden Sun Venus Sanctum and Golden Sun Syndicate's ultimate Golden Sun: The Lost Age walkthrough. This is a walkthrough like no other. Why? Because we feature 3 important elements of a good walkthrough: a text guide, images to go along with the next guide, and a map of the area. A lot of other walkthrough feature one, or maybe even two of these elements, but none, none till now, include all 3.

Remember, this walkthrough is created by two peoples: GG of GS Venus Sanctum and Jadoku of GS Syndicate. Here's how the work is separated: the text walkthrough and screenshots are all done by GG. The maps and final editing are realized by Jadoku.

With that said, enjoy the walkthrough!

The Walkthrough
A. Continent of Indra
B. Continent of Osenia
C. Continent of Gondowan
D. Explore the Eastern Sea
E. Continents of Hesperia and Ateka
F. Journey to the Mars Lighthouse
G. Side Quests

Continent of Gondowan
Gondowan Settlement
From Atteka Cavern, fly back to the ocean. You need to enter a delta which is directly east from the Atteka Cavern... [more]
Magma Rock Exterior
From the settlement, fly back to the river in the south. Sail east until you see a bridge. Depart here and go north... [more]
Magma Rock Interior
In the first screen, simply go north and enter the next screen. In this room, go north and enter the next room... [more]

Continent of Angara
Sail your ship back to the ocean. You should now be west of Gondowan. Sail north along the shore to reach... [more]
Angara Cavern
From Loho, sail north and land on a beach. Follow the path north and you will reach Angara Cave... [more]

Continent of Hesperia
Shaman Village Cave Revisited
Do you remember the location of Shaman Village Cave? It's in the Hesperia Continent. That's the one in the... [more]
Shaman Village Again
In Shaman Village, go to the racing dungeon. Take the western entrance and go through it. Stand on the purple Hover circle... [more]

Northern World
Northern Reaches
On the world map, you will see a light blue spot in the northwestern part. It is located northwest of Hesperia... [more]
From the Northern Reaches, you will enter a frozen river. Fly north of it and you will reach a village... [more]
Mars Lighthouse
Please Note: The Mars Lighthouse has a different layout than your average walkthrough page. Each floor has it's own page. Simply read through the walkthrough, and when you encounter a "next part" button, click on it, and it will direct you to the next part. Keep pressing each "next part" buttons until you reach the end of the walkthrough... [more]

Mars Lighthouse 2
Teleport back to the North and go all the way back to Mars Lighthouse. In the hall, take the middle staircase up...[more]