Golden Sun : The Lost Age Walkthrough

Welcome to Golden Sun Venus Sanctum and Golden Sun Syndicate's ultimate Golden Sun: The Lost Age walkthrough. This is a walkthrough like no other. Why? Because we feature 3 important elements of a good walkthrough: a text guide, images to go along with the next guide, and a map of the area. A lot of other walkthrough feature one, or maybe even two of these elements, but none, none till now, include all 3.

Remember, this walkthrough is created by two peoples: GG of GS Venus Sanctum and Jadoku of GS Syndicate. Here's how the work is separated: the text walkthrough and screenshots are all done by GG. The maps and final editing are realized by Jadoku.

With that said, enjoy the walkthrough!

The Walkthrough
A. Continent of Indra
B. Continent of Osenia
C. Continent of Gondowan
D. Explore the Eastern Sea
E. Continents of Hesperia and Ateka
F. Journey to the Mars Lighthouse
G. Side Quests

Continent of Indra
Venus Lighthouse
The game starts off with Felix, Jenna and Kraden. Felix turns off the electricity and leaves. Jenna and Kraden are about to leave... [more]
Suhalla Gate
You are familiar with this place. Go up the stairs until you reach the top. Another villager is blocking your way.... [more]
Isle Idejima / Continent Indra
After the title screen, Felix and Sheba will be pulled from the beach. The 3 seemed very confuse why they had survived.... [more]
Follow the instructions above to get the items in this village. Buy weapons and armors for your characters... [more]
Kandorean Temple
After you've get the Djinni Echo, Follow the path as described in the previous section to reach the Kandorean Temple... [more]
Shrine of the Sea God
From the Kandorean Temple, make your way back to Daila. There, go east and you will soon see the Shrine of the Sea God... [more]
Dehkan Plateau
Outside the Shrine of the Sea God, walk back west where Daila is. Walk south a little and when you see a path split to the east... [more]
Indra Cavern
A little south-east from where Dehkan Plateau is, you will see your boat is near a beach... [more]
Head back north where you found the second bridge leading to east. Cross it and continue east a little and you will... [more]
Osenia Cliffs
In the world map, follow the path north-east and you will arrive a bridge. Two guides will tell you... [more]