Golden Sun : The Lost Age Walkthrough

Welcome to Golden Sun Venus Sanctum and Golden Sun Syndicate's ultimate Golden Sun: The Lost Age walkthrough. This is a walkthrough like no other. Why? Because we feature 3 important elements of a good walkthrough: a text guide, images to go along with the text guide, and a map of the area. A lot of other walkthrough feature one, or maybe even two of these elements, but none, none till now, include all 3.

Remember, this walkthrough is created by two peoples: GG of GS Venus Sanctum and Jadoku of GS Syndicate. Here's how the work is separated: the text walkthrough and screenshots are all done by GG. The maps and final editing are realized by Jadoku.

With that said, enjoy the walkthrough!

The Walkthrough
A. Continent of Indra
B. Continent of Osenia
C. Continent of Gondowan
D. Explore the Eastern Sea
E. Continents of Hesperia and Ateka
F. Journey to the Mars Lighthouse
G. Side Quests

Continent of Gondowan
From Gondowan Cliffs, go north-west and walk through a forest. You will find a bridge leading to west. Go south, walk on the path and cross another bridge... [more]
Kibombo Mountains
Kibombo Mountains are just north of Naribwe. Follow the path and eventually you will reach the mountain... [more]
From the Kibombo Mountains, go west and cross a bridge. Go north and follow the path. The sky becomes darker and eventually you will reach Kibombo... [more]
Follow along the path. You will finally reach a place with two gears and a ladder. There's nothing special here, so climb up to the... [more]
Kibonbo Revisited
Kraden and Felix are telling the story to the chief's father. The chief is angry that Felix is also a Black Mage, so he turns his back to you... [more]
Kibombo Mountains Revisited
From Kibombo, follow the path south-west and cross the bridge. You will be back to Kibombo Mountains again... [more]
Gondowan Cliffs Revisited
From Kibombo Mountains, follow the path south. Pass Naribwe and continue south. You will eventually go back to Gondowan Cliff... [more]

Continent of Indra
Mandora Revisited (Again)
From the Cliffs, follow the path to the east. Turn south after crossing a bridge. After crossing the second bridge... [more]
East Indra Beach
It's time to go back to the ship. From Madra, go north-west and cross a bridge. Go all the way north and cross another bridge... [more]
Lemurian Ship
Enter the ship and go west to the next room. You will see some jelly fish here. Fight them.... [more]