Basic Information

English German Spanish French Italian
Rime Raureif Carama Givre Fumo
English Seal a foe's Psynergy.
German Versiegelt gegnerische Psynergy.
Spanish Sella la PsinergĂ­a del enemigo.
French Bloque la Psynergie de l'ennemi.
Italian Blocca Psinergia nemico.
Element mercury
HP +10
PP +6
Djinn Guide Description
English This spirit embodies crusted ice and is met on an island in the far north. By encasing an enemy's mind in ice, Rime can seal that foe's Psynergy.
Usage Information
Target Range Type Power
Enemy 1 Effect Only 0

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Ancient Lemuria

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Iceberg Outpost