Summons Guide


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Summons List

Name Description Djinn
Venus The elemental power of earth.
Ramses Guardian of an immortal pharaoh.
Cybele The great mother of the earth.
Judgment The might of the apocalypse.
Name Description Djinn
Mercury The elemental power of water.
Nereid Princess of the sea spirits.
Neptune An incarnation of the sea king.
Boreas The god of the north wind.
Name Description Djinn
Mars The elemental power of fire.
Kirin A mystical beast cloaked in flame.
Tiamat The queen of all dragons.
Meteor A meteorite from deep space.
Name Description Djinn
Jupiter The elemental power of wind.
Atalanta The heavenly huntress.
Procne A goddess in bird form.
Thor The mighty god of thunder.