About the site

Golden Sun Syndicate is a fan site dedicated to covering the Golden Sun video game series produced by Nintendo and Camelot Software Planning.

The site was formed in 2003 as a merger of two existing fan sites, Isaac's Revenge and Golden Sun Haven, the former of which was founded in 2001 shortly after the English release of the first Golden Sun game.


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The following people contributed time and energy towards the collection of content for Golden Sun Syndicate:

  • Alec "Mallick" Guerin
  • Dan "Platinum" Walker
  • Daniel "Mr. T" Hodgson
  • Eugine Whint
  • FlamingDuck
  • Jack
  • Matt T
  • Mike Hart
  • Nick "Nyktos" Olson-Harris

Special Thanks

Thanks to Cindy at Golden Sun Realm for all of her help and support over the years.

Thanks to Ivan and Jadoku for their previous efforts on this site and its predecessors (Isaac's Revenge and Golden Sun Haven, respectively).

Thanks to Camelot Software Planing and Nintendo of America for creating the excellent Golden Sun games.