Blacksmith Guide



Raw Materials

Raw Materials Listing
Name Description
Dark Matter Twisted black stuff (forgeable)
Dragon Skin Scaly dragon hide (forgeable)
Golem Core An Earth Elemental's heart (forgeable)
Mythril Silver Legendary dwarven metal (forgeable)
Orihalcon An ore of great power (forgeable)
Salamander Tail A fiery lizard's tail (forgeable)
Star Dust Rare metal from space (forgeable)
Sylph Feather Wind essence feather (forgeable)
Tear Stone Water essence crystal (forgeable)

Forgable Items

Dark Matter
Forged Item Stats Description
Darksword Attack +210 Cursed Sword: Unleashes Acheron's Grief
Terra Shield Attack +5, Defense +48 Cursed Shield: Raises Attack
Stealth Armor Defense +48 Cursed Armor: Weak against Earth
Fear Helm Attack +10, Defense +48 Cursed Helm: Raises Attack
Demon Circlet Defense +50 Cursed Circlet: Raises Evade
Dragon Skin
Forged Item Stats Description
Dragon Mail Defense +44 Armor: Resists Water & Fire
Dragon Robe Defense +42 Robe: Resists Fire & Water
Dragon Helm Defense +42 Helm: Resists Water & Fire
Dragon Shield Defense +42 Shield: Resists Water & Fire
Dragon Boots Defense +13 Boots: Raise Defense & Resist
Golem Core
Forged Item Stats Description
Chronos Mail Defense +47 Armor: Raises HP
Gaia's Axe Attack +163 Axe: Unleashes Mother Earth
Tungsten Mace Attack +159 Mace: Unleashes Hammersphere
Huge Sword Attack +155 Long Sword: Unleashes Heavy Divide
Titan Gloves Defense +43 Gloves: Raises HP
Mythril Silver
Forged Item Stats Description
Mythril Armlet Defense +46 Bracelet: Raises Evade
Mythril Helm Defense +44 Helm: Raises Evade
Mythril Clothes Defense +49 Clothes: Raises Evade
Mythril Blade Attack +160 Long Sword: Unleashes Lethe Albion
Levatine Attack +173 Long Sword: Unleashes Radiant Fire
Mythril Circlet Defense +34 Circlet: Replenishes PP
Forged Item Stats Description
Millenium Helm Defense +45 Helm: Raises HP
Stellar Axe Attack +171 Axe: Unleashes Supernova
Xylion Armor Attack +12, Defense +50 Armor: Raises Attack
Excalibur Attack +180 Long Sword: Unleashes Legend
Nebula Wand Attack +165 Staff: Unleashes Reverse Star
Cosmos Shield Defense +49 Shield: Resists all elements
Big Bang Gloves Defense +47 Gloves: Raises Fire Power
Salamander Tail
Forged Item Stats Description
Ardagh Robe Defense +44 Robe: Raises Fire Power & Resist
Burning Sword Attack +157 Light Blade: Unleashes Blaze Rush
Salamander Rod Attack +156 Staff: Unleashes Fire Dance
Apollo's Axe Attack +158 Axe: Unleashes Flare Burst
Flame Shield Defense +44 Shield: Resists Fire
Star Dust
Forged Item Stats Description
Stardust Ring Ring: Use to seal enemy's Psynergy
Comet Mace Attack +105 Mace: Unleashes Ice Crush
Luna Shield Defense +33 Shield: Resists Earth
Astral Circlet Defense +32 Circlet: Raises PP
Planet Armor Defense +36 Armor: Raises elemental power
Sylph Feather
Forged Item Stats Description
Faery Vest Defense +38 Clothes: Use to restore 200 HP
Sylph Rapier Attack +124 Light Blade: Unleashes Mad Zephyr
Aerial Gloves Defense +37 Gloves: Raises Speed & Wind pwr
Floating Hat Defense +34 Hat: Raises Luck, Resists Wind
Tear Stone
Forged Item Stats Description
Cloud Wand Attack +98 Staff: Unleashes Stun Cloud
Pure Circlet Defense +29 Circlet: Raises Water Power
Clear Bracelet Defense +31 Bracelet: Raises Water Power
Spirit Ring Ring: Restores 160 HP to all allies

Rusty Weapons

Rusty Weapon Forges
Rusty Weapon Forged Weapon Fee
Rusty Axe Captain's Axe 6800
Rusty Axe Viking Axe 11000
Rusty Mace Demon Mace 9200
Rusty Mace Hagbone Mace 8400
Rusty Staff Dracomace 10700
Rusty Staff Glower Staff 10100
Rusty Staff Goblin's Rod 9800
Rusty Sword Corsair's Edge 6300
Rusty Sword Pirate's Sabre 10600
Rusty Sword Robber's Blade 7600
Rusty Sword Soul Brand 11600