Captain's Axe

General Information

English German Spanish French Italian
Captain's Axe Axt des Käptens Hacha Capitán Hache capitaine Ascia capitana
English Axe: Use to boost Defense
German Axt: Hebt Verteidigung
Spanish Hacha. Sube la defensa.
French Hache: booste la défense
Italian Ascia: usa per aumentare Difesa
Type Weapons
Price 6800
Uses Breaks when used
Attack 95
A rare item
Usage Information
Description Target Range Type Power
Boost ally's Defense. Ally 1 Effect Only 0
Equippable By
Isaac Garet Ivan Mia Felix Jenna Sheba Piers
Forged from
Forgeable Item Game
Rusty Axe Golden Sun: The Lost Age