Select choice


A: Yes/Confirm/Next

L, R: Next

B: No/Back


D-Pad: Move

A: Talk To Someone/In-game Menu

Select: In-game Menu

Start: Pause Menu

L, R: Use preset command

B: Run/Back

Notes: Golden Sun's controls are pretty straightforward and you shouldn't have
any problem with them.

Regular Play:

A good deal of Golden Sun is spent in regular play, where your character is
walking around performing certain tasks within towns, forests or dungeons. In
regular play, you can talk with different people, use Psynergy that will have
effects on the map (for example: using Move will move a rock out of the way),
and move around accomplishing whatever goal you may need to achieve. When
you're outside of protected towns or villages, each step you take will have a
small chance of a random enemy coming up, unless that attempt is thwarted by
obtained a feather or something to that extent.

World Map

The World Map operates much like Regular Play, except there won't be any people
to interact with or villages to explore. Instead, the World Map (which is
available once the first temple has been beaten) allows a player to move from
one place to another quickly due to the greater scale of movement (you'll
notice that your character is more pixilated because he is zoomed in on more.)
You will be able to go through trees, but not over water or mountains. Random
battles occur here, too.

Battle Screen

The battle screen, like most other RPGs, is a separate screen from the regular
game window where you and your allies fight various enemies that come along.
You will have the option of picking what attack, item, etc. each character uses
and on who before each round of attack. Generally your faster characters will
attack first, then the enemy will attack, then your slower characters will
attack. This cycle is repeated until you or the enemies are dead. There are
several important things to look out for in the Battle Screen. Each character
has HP which represents how much health he has left, and PP which represents
how much Psynergy he or she has left. When HP runs out, that character will
die and can only be brought back by an item that revives, or a Djinn that has a
revive move. When PP runs out, a character can no longer use Psynergy attacks
with Psynergy requirements greater than what is left. PP can be restored by
finding energy stones.


Inside each village there are several things to look out for. The first is an
Inn where you can rest for a small charge and replenish all of your party's HP
and PP (note: this doesn't affect passed out characters who have no HP left.)
To revive a character, cure a poison or a bad spell, look for a Sanctum which
is a building with an old man in it (note: If all of your party members die in
battle, you'll end up in the last one of these you visited.) For a larger fee
than what you paid in the Inn, you will be able to get treated with the things
listed before. Other important buildings include the Armor and Weapons shops
where you can buy the latest and greatest attack and defensive boosts for your
characters. I recommend getting the most expensive weapons and armor that you
can afford for each character in each town, because it is very important. Also
in each town is a shop where you can buy items, but this is not a very
important shop because you should have plenty of the items that the lady sells
from random battle collections.


These little characters probably made their way into the game thanks to the
success of Nintendo's PokTmon, but they are a very welcome addition. Djinn are
collected usually by battling them (they usually put up a pretty good fight)
when you encounter them in the wild. A Djinn has the power to alter a
character's stats, moves and even his or her type. Djinn are useful because
they expose different abilities in different characters, so mix and match
between characters to find the best combination for your situation. When Djinn
are on standby, a character can summon an extremely powerful elemental attack
that uses the power of many Djinn's combined to inflict strong blows on the
enemy. If you fight a Djinn and it runs, head out of the screen and come back
to fight it again.

There are 28 total Djinn located in a variety of places along the map. Use
this FAQ to find the Djinn as you go along, or in the future use this section
as a stand alone to find where the Djinn are.

Editor's Note: You can also find out more information about Djinn from the site menu to the left.