Imil is being plagued by a terrible cold, and the only one who can save them is Mia. The first house you want to enter is the first one directly ahead of you when you first enter town. First, go to the treasure chest and get the empty bottle. This is very important for later on! Now, talk with the old man and he suddenly becomes very ill (what did you do to him? ;-] ) You're told to go find Mia right away, so head out and take a rest at the inn. Hey, Mia can wait for you to regain health. Once you're done sleeping, head to the northwest part of town, go up the stairs and then head south. Proceed to the church and talk to the girl near the entrance inside the building. She'll say that Mia had just gone back to the old people's home and you must have missed her. So, go back to their home to find Mia curing the old man in bed. Suddenly there's a flash at the lighthouse and Mia runs off. Before following her to the lighthouse, let's get another Djinn! Go up the bridge in the north part of town, and go to the stairs on the right. Right before going down the stairs, go up and on the snow face the snowman there and move him to the left using your Psynergy. Now, go across the bridge to the left, and head down until you get to the first opening of ice. Here's the exact movement that you have to do now: Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up and you'll now find yourself in an ice cave. You'll automatically slide right up to the Mars Djinn Fever, and without a battle you've obtained another Djinn! Now, head to the east part of town and leave that way. Proceed the few steps to the large lighthouse on the coast.