Fuschin Temple

You'll see Fuschin Temple wedged between two mountains to the north of a dirt path. Once you get in, head up the stairs and go into the lone building in Fuschin Temple. Use Ivan's Mind Read Psynergy on the main monk there and he'll talk about you taking a test. In order to mind read him you have to either set Mind Read as a hot key (hold L or R when you have it highlighted in the psynergy menu) or press Select to bring up the in-game menu. Talk with him afterwards and he'll tell you to go talk to the monk down in the waterfalls. Before, doing that, check around the barrels behind the monk to find a Unicorn Ring that un dues poison (thanks to Thomas Kim [[email protected]] for this information.) Do as he says, go down the stairs and hop the stones to talk with the monk at the waterfalls. He'll step aside and you'll be able to pass through the waterfall into the Fuschin Temple Cave.

In this cave there will be logs that you can move to cross water gaps. Right as you get in you'll notice a relatively easy treasure chest to get. However, this treasure chest is really a trap! Yes, if you try to open that chest you'll be attacked by a Mimic. Where you want to go is on the log to the left and then advance up to the next screen. Here you'll have to hop across different wooden stumps in water. You'll want to make your way to the western part of the screen, as you don't really need to go in the doors to the east and north. Once you've hopped the hop to the western door, enter it and proceed north through the hallway until you get to another door. In this room there's a "secret path" that you'll need to cross to get force (note: you're supposed to do this later but it's a lot simpler just to do it now.) The path you want to take is, from one square from the top of the ledge: Right until you can go right no longer, up until you can't go up anymore, right until you can't go right again, then up to the door on the right hand side. Continue forward until you get to a ledge where you can slide down. Do so and enter the door in the middle. Here you want to jump across the water and get the treasure chest. Held within it is force! Now, you have the option to go find and put the dragon's eye in that dragon statue in the room with the hidden path. You really don't need to do this, but since I haven't tested whether or not you have to do this I'll mention how to do it any ways.

Start heading back from whence you came all the way into the room with lots of stepping stones. Once again you'll want to go to the door on the west side of the room. Go up the stairs and continue to the dark room. Instead of taking the secret path, head to the staircase on the left hand side of the room that's also near the bottom. Go down this staircase and you'll arrive in a room with two logs. Head across the vertical log to the south to find a treasure chest with an Arctic Blade which can be very useful. Now, head back across that log and roll down on the horizontal log that was near the door. Go through the door in here. In this room hug the left wall and go down until you reach a vertical log. Take this log across, go north and then east and down the door. You'll now find yourself in the starting room, but this time you'll be all the way to the west. Take the vertical log east and enter the door on the other side. Hug the wall here going down to avoid taking damage in the spiky rocks. Here you'll want to take the horizontal log down, then take the vertical log to the left. Head down on the ledge below and take the horizontal log back up. Hop over the stone from one log to the next and head east. Now take the horizontal log that you can now get to all the way north to get to a new door. In this room you'll see two horizontal logs in a row a little north of the door. Ride this log all the way up to the northern part of the screen, then take the vertical log there west. Hop on the horizontal log and bring that one up, then head all the way around clockwise hugging the wall and take the horizontal log up. Head across the stone and down the stairs to get the dragons eye. Now, hop north along all of the logs and then quickly into the next room to the north. Now you can use your dragon's eye item you just go on this dragon to light the room.

Along this path you'll find a Djinn that's not very hard to fight and beat. It's a Mercury Djinn called Zephyr. Here's one of the descriptions I got from [email protected]: Hop over the stone from one log to the next and head east. To the north you'll find a Mercury djinn, and he wants a fight. He has some speed and power, ut it's not a very difficult fight. Once you've beaten Zephyr, head due south and take the horizontal log all the way north to get to a new door. I'll revise this when I have a chance.

Once you've put the dragon's eye in the dragon, start heading back from whence you came into the room with the three logs. Head all the way down and across the small log at the southern part of the screen to get near the entrance. Or you could have just used retreat ;-]. From here just backtrack, go out of the waterfall and up to the temple. Here the monk will talk to you about the powers of Force you just got. It turns out that it will show all of the monsters in the upcoming forest, and they'll run away from you if they're seen. So, Force is basically just a monster repellent.