Bilibin Cave... Again

While there are not any Djinni in Bilibin Cave, there is are some useful items. Head northeast of Vault to find this cave. Here's a description from Thomas Kim [[email protected]] on a good way to get a few items: "Enter the cave from the normal entrance. In the room with ice pillars, use douse on the fire that's not on a pillar. An ice column should automatically form. Exit the cave from the entrance you came in, and then take the alternate entrance (the one after climbing the vine). Where the open treasure chest is, use Reveal where the suspicious stone formation is and a door will appear. Use douse on the fire in the next room. Now you should be back in the ice pillar room. Go left and jump towards the ledge on the left side of the screen and proceed to the next door. Inside, you will get a water of life and Psy crystal. If you decide to head back towards the lighthouse, you can get Herme's Water again. You can use Herme's Water like a potion or sell it for extra cash." Once you're done with this task, head back towards your home town of Vale (located to the west incase you forgot.)