Tolbi is a bustling town that's loaded with tourists getting ready for Collosso, an event sort of like the Roman Gladiator games where warriors battle one each other in front of crowds of cheering people. Usually in a town you'd head for the inn, but because the town is so packed there are no rooms available for you to sleep! Instead, head to the weapons and armor shop in the southwestern part of town to buy the latest upgrades. Now, remember all of those game tickets and lucky medals that you go earlier in the game? It's now time to cash them in the gambling capital of the world, Tolbi. Head to the fountain in the middle of the city and throw in a lucky medal. If you can get it to stay in the bulls eye you'll win some handy armor. Next, head to the shop with a die on top of it (that's singular for dice) which is located in the northeastern part of the town. In here, talk to the man on the left to start playing craps. This game is *insanely* easy to win coins at, so you shouldn't have any problem scoring a good deal of money if you play it for a while. Once you're done there, head for the large stairs located at the northwestern part of the town. Two guards will stop you and ask if you've seen Babi. They'll go on their way and you should keep going up the stairs to arrive at Babi's palace. Head to the door along the north wall that's all the way on the left to enter a room with a lot of beds. Talk with the lady at the desk and she'll get you beds to sleep in, which will restore all your health and PP just like an inn. Once she's shown you the beds, simply press A when facing one of them to go to sleep. Once you're done sleeping, go out the door of the room with the beds in it, and go up one of the large staircases on the left or right. Head north through the hallway to overhear a conversation talking about how Lord Babi is somewhere in Altimer Cave, but no one can find him. Naturally, it will be up to you to find him, but let's save that for just a little later. Now, head out of the castle and go to the second floor of the inn which is located in the northeastern part of town. Here you'll see a Djinn, but we won't get that one quite yet. First, take you shots at the slot machine here. Thanks to AlphabetMan of the GameFAQs.com message boards for this information on the slot machine and odds of winning: (working from the center outward)

Center Blue Circle

Assassin Blade: 90%

Earth Shield: 10%

First Yellow Circle

Earth Shield: 70%

Assassin Blade: 30%

Second Blue Circle

Defense Bracelet: 50%

Spirit Armor: 50%

Second Yellow Circle

Spirit Armor: 50%

Adepts Helm: 50%

Clear Circle

Water of Life: 20%

Adepts Helm: 80%

Outer Circle

Water of Life: 70%

Adepts Helm: 30%

FAR Outer Circle

Potion: 70%

Water of Life: 30%

Here's some additional information from Rotevni: You can also get a Ninja Hood, and a Burning Axe. The stuff you get varies depending on how many of the crabs or turtles you bank off of. Note: there are other items to get but these are the most valuable ones. Once you're done in there, head outside and let's go get that Djinn. Head south and out of the gate in town, but don't go out of the city so that the world map would come up. Instead, stay very close to the outer cliff of the city and proceed counterclockwise until you come to a vine. Use Growth on this and climb up it. Once you climb up the vine you'll see a pool of water. Surprise, surprise, you have to freeze that puddle of water. Do so, then head down the vine and go back into town. Go up two stairs facing east to find that ice pillar you made. Hop across it to get the Mars Djinn Ember without a battle. It's now time to exit the town and start looking for Babi in Altimer Caves.