Altimer Cave

Head north along the hallway and notice how the cave starts to get darker. This can be a hassle later on when you have to solve moving around rock puzzles with only a small amount of light. One way to combat this problem is to use Reveal which will expose a large area of ground being lit. any ways, keep heading along the hallway as it does a U-Turn. Go through the door when you get to it to reach a room with several rocks blocking your path. Use reveal to get a better view, or simply go left, then up a square, then go to the right, then up to the stairs. The next room you enter will have a few lighted spots, which can be helpful. Head west in this room and head along the hallway. At the fork head left to find an outline of a man. Talk to him and get very angry at your stupid party members for not realizing that this invisible man is actually Babi. The invisible man talks about how he can't move because he's out of Draught and it's up to you to go find him some. He'll go into a really confusing explanation on how to get the draught from the puzzle below. Just disregard it because I'll reveal the information later on ;-]. Once you get back in command head past the invisible man and go down the staircase there.

Head west and then south along the hallway. Keep heading along the wall even though there appears to be a path going north that you can take. When you get to a fork head right and when you get to the top wall start heading west. Go down the door when you get to it. Someone let there be light in the next room, which is quite helpful. Head down the steps and then up the stairs to the north to get another Djinn. Before you get that Djinn, however, you'll have to solve a log rolling puzzle. Push the vertical log in your way right, then push the horizontal log at the bottom north. Now, freeze that puzzle in the middle and head around the rocks on the bottom. Push the vertical log back left. Now, you have to push the lower of the two horizontal logs down by going behind the log that's sticking up on the western part of the screen. After pushing this down, push down the top horizontal log and continue on to the Djinn. Warning: You will have to battle this Djinn, although it won't be too hard. Once you defeat him you'll get the Jupiter Djinn Squall. Now, head back east. Push the logs out of your way so that you can get east and push the wooden stump into the gap in order to jump across to the ledge and the door. Unfortunately, the light that was once there is now gone, and you'll have to operate in the dark again. Head south along the hallway and then start heading west. Keep heading west until you reach a large wall of rocks. You can get through this rock maze by heading south, then head north when you see a rock break (try using reveal for a better view.) Head east, and then north when you get back into the hallway. Start heading west until you get to a staircase and go down it. This next room will be lighted, which is nice, but you do have a log maze to solve. Push the first vertical log left, then go southwest until you find a staircase. Go up the stairs and head counterclockwise all around the wall and slide down the cliff. Push the vertical log to the left and enter the door.

You'll enter a room with 5 rocks. Use reveal to find out the colors of them. The correct rock that you want is the rock that makes a chime sound when you press it. So, press the left most rock, then the right most rock to reveal a color wheel. Press the rock that's color is on top of the color wheel three different times until you solve the puzzle. The color wheel will pseudo and reveal a door. Enter it and open the treasure chest in it. Inside of the treasure chest is, you guessed it, the draught that the invisible man wanted you to retrieve. Now, use your Reveal psynergy then go back to the invisible man. Talk to him and give him the draught. He will eagerly drink it and reveal himself as Babi (didn't guess that one a lot earlier.) Lots of talk will ensue about Babi using Lamarkian powers to keep himself alive, and eventually the guards will come and inform Babi that the finals have begun. As he starts to walk off, he'll invite you (as in Isaac alone) to enter in the finals of Collosso. Once you finally get command of your character again, retreat out of the cave and start heading back southwest to Tolbi.