To Lunpa

Head out of the palace and continue south out of town. Head south along the dirt path until the path starts going east. Follow it east for a while until you reach a cave. Once you enter you'll be inside of Gonodown Cave. At the first fork head west and continue north through the door and into the next room. In here you'll find a large rock that you'll have to use the Lift Psynergy to get past. Keep going along this hallway and into the next room. In this room there will be a small amount of water in the middle with a few stepping stones to a ledge with a treasure chest. This chest contains a Lucky Medal that can be useful in obtaining items back in Tolbi. Head across the stepping stones the north and go back west a little until you find a treasure chest. In here you'll get an Apple that will boost your attack. Once you've done that head east along the wall until you reach the next door. Head up the staircase and then head south to arrive a log that's in your way. Use your Move Psynergy to move this log to the west and get it out of your path. Keep heading east until you come to a tree that you have to Move into a gap so that you can cross the path. Hop the gap, head south and go through the door to get out of the cave.

Head around the cliff and then start heading north to reach Kalay. You have no business in Kalay at the current time, so head right past it and start heading north. When you cross the bridge head northeast and cross another bridge to find yourself outside of Vault. As with Kalay, you have no business in Vault at the present time, so keep heading past it to the north. After going north for about 15 seconds you'll see the town of Lunpa and an entrance to a cave a little to the west of it. You'll want to enter the cave entrance because the guards won't let you through the gates. In this cave head north along the hallway until you reach a gate. Under this gate you should see a small puddle of water that needs freezing. Do so to have the gate open up allowing you to pass through. Keep heading along the hallway and out the door to find yourself inside the town of Lunpa.