You'll find yourself somewhere in Lalivero talking with Iodem. In here you'll learn that Sheba and Jenna have not been found, and that Idejema has been washed out to see along with Sheba and the rest (apparently Sheba didn't die.) You'll all say your farewells, although Iodem will want to talk to you a little more. Head out of the house to have Iodem come and talk to you about how you saw Iodem. He'll give you the Black Orb that has the power to raise the sunken ship from the sea. Once you get command back, head to the northwest part of the town to the building where the soldier is guarding. Talk to him and he'll let you through. Head west along the bottom ledge and north along the dock. Use the Black Orb when you get to the northern most part of the dock to raise the Ship from the sea. Your friends will start talking about how this is the Lemurian Ship and that the quests are just beginning. The ship will set sail and the credits will start to roll. Once they're all done a To Be Continued message will appear. What does this mean? It means that you are ready to play Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

This walkthrough is now complete.