To Kolima/Forest

Head southeast until you get to the Barricade. Here, go up to the box on the far left and use your Move psynergy. Tada! The Barricade has been broken, and you're now off Northeast to Kolima.

At this point you have a few options in the game. You can go either to the town of Kolima, to Kolima Forest, or to Imil to the north. This guide recommends you go to Kolima first to obtain the Djinn there and then to Kolima Forest because it will be much easier than Imil.

Kolima, as it turns out, has been completely turned into a log-person town. The opening cinematic shows how the people of Kolima were turned into log-people, and explains the instinctive Psynergy that occurs only when it's needed and can't be controlled. After the particularly long and dull explanation, you can start exploring Kolima. However, the only way to figure out what's going on in Kolima is Ivan's handy mind-read function, but it really isn't too useful. I fact, the only thing to do in Kolima right now is head to the eastern part of town where there is a Tree-House with a Djinn surrounded by a fence. Go in the non-visible door in the back of the Tree-House and travel around the especially long basement to end up in fenced-in area. Here you will obtain an Earth Djinn, Granite without a battle. Head back form whence you came (5) and out of the town completely.