Nurse's Cap

General Information

English German Spanish French Italian
Nurse's Cap Weiße Haube Gorro asistente Coiffe curative Capp. inferm.
English Cap: Use to release healing power
German Kappe: Entfaltet heilende Kräfte
Spanish Gorro. Libera un poder curativo.
French Calot: lance Guérison
Italian Capp.: ridà PS (se usato)
Type Head Protector
Price 1200
Uses Breaks when used
Defense 18
A rare item
Usage Information
Description Target Range Type Power
Restore 70 HP. Ally 1 Healing 70
Equippable By
Isaac Garet Ivan Mia Felix Jenna Sheba Piers
Found in
Game Location Name
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Madra