Power Bread

General Information

English German Spanish French Italian
Power Bread Kraftbrot Pan Pain Pane
English Boosts maximum HP
German Hebt KP-Maximum an
Spanish Aumenta el máximo de PV.
French Booste le maximum de PV
Italian + PS massimi
Type Items
Price 500
Uses Single-use
A rare item
Carry up to 30
Usage Information
Description Target Range Type Power
? Ally 1 Utility 8
Dropped by
Game Enemy Name Drop Chance
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Mimic 100.0%
Found in
Game Location Name
Golden Sun Alpine Crossing
Golden Sun Tolbi
Golden Sun Lunpa Fortress
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Kibombo Mountains
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Ankohl Ruins
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Contigo
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Patcher's Place