Virtuous Armlet

General Information

English German Spanish French Italian
Virtuous Armlet Virtuo-Armreif Brazal Virtuoso Bracelet saint Bracc.virtuoso
English Bracelet: Use to restore 100 HP
German Armband: Stellt im Kampf 100 KP her
Spanish Brazalete. Recupera 100 PV.
French Bracelet: rend 100 PV (combat)
Italian Bracciale: + 100 PS
Type Chest Protector
Price 7000
Uses Breaks when used
Defense 35
A rare item
Usage Information
Description Target Range Type Power
Restore 100 HP with faith's power. Ally 1 Healing 100
Effect Modifier
Mars Power 10
Jupiter Power 10
Equippable By
Isaac Garet Ivan Mia Felix Jenna Sheba Piers
Found in
Game Location Name
Golden Sun Suhalla Desert