Witch's Wand

General Information

English German Spanish French Italian
Witch's Wand Hexenstab Escoba de Bruja Baguette bénie Asta stregata
English Staff: Unleashes Stun Voltage
German Stab: Entfesselt Schocker
Spanish Escoba. Usa Electrocutar.
French Bâton: lance Electrocution
Italian Bastone: scatena Stordivolt
Type Weapons
Price 860
Uses Multiple uses
Attack 32
A rare item
Name Effect Unleash Rate Damage Bonus
Stun Voltage May inflict Stun 35% +12
Equippable By
Isaac Garet Ivan Mia Felix Jenna Sheba Piers
Sold in
Game City Name
Golden Sun Bilibin
Golden Sun Kolima
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Garoh
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Naribwe