Fiery Blast

English German Spanish French Italian
Fiery Blast Feuerwalze Deflagración Souffle igné Detonazione
English Attack with an explosive blast.
German Angriff mit explosiver Gewalt.
Spanish Ataque con una explosión.
French Attaque avec un souffle igné.
Italian Attacco esplosivo.
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Element mars
Use In Battle Yes
Use Outside of Battle No
Usage Information
Target Range Type Power PP Cost
Enemy 5 Base Damage 110 19
Games Class Family Minimum Class Level Learned
Golden Sun Luminier - 28
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Luminier - 28
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Luminier - 28
Golden Sun Dragoon - 27
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Dragoon - 27
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Dragoon - 27