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Gaia ガイア Gaia Gaia Gaia Gaia
English Attack with the earth's might.
Japanese 大地の神の力で ダメージをあたえる
German Angriff mit der Macht der Erde.
Spanish Ataque con el poder de la Tierra.
French Att. des entrailles de la terre.
Italian Scatena l'energia della terra.
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Element venus
Use In Battle Yes
Use Outside of Battle No
Usage Information
Target Range Type Power PP Cost
Enemy 3 Base Damage 40 7
Games Class Family Minimum Class Level Learned
Golden Sun Knight Gallant 7
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Knight Gallant 7
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Knight Gallant 7
Golden Sun Apprentice - 6
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Apprentice - 6
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Apprentice - 6