Kalay... Again

Head to the Inn in Kalay to heal all of your wounds that you got in Lunpa. Once you're all rested, head out the inn and to the castle in the north part of the town. In the main hallway of the castle you'll see that servant Bunza who's wagon helped Lord Hammet and your party flee from Lunpa. He'll tell you that he left the Secret Entrance to the castle open. Before you go to the secret entrance, head to Lord Hammet's room to find a *really* ungrateful and bitter Lady Layana who says that she didn't want you to go and that Kalay should have handled it. Once she's done being ungrateful, head out of the room. Before you go to the tunnel, you may want to get the water jacket located in a treasure chest in a room in the west-going hallway in the castle. Once you're done doing that, head through the door on the east and go down the stairs. Go through the now open gate in this room and down the stairs. In this room keep going south to get 4 treasure chests with a few minor items in there. Now, it's once again time to push a statue a long distance. Push the statue next the treasure chests all the way to the north and then to the west. The objective here is to have the statue block the water fall to empty the water in the room. Once you've stopped the water flow, climb down the ladder on the east and freeze the lone drop of water still left. Now, climb up the ladder and hop across the ice pillar to get some handy Spirit Gloves. Head back up the ladder on the right and go up the long tunnel to the north. Head up the stairs here, and in the next room proceed south then east. When you get to the east wall head north and down the stairs. In this room head south along the hallway to find another waterfall and a Djinn. Like the previous waterfall, push the statue into it to block its flow and drain the water. Simply head down the ladder and up the other ladder to get the Mars Djinn Scorch without a battle. Head back up the ladder and go to the east to find a door that will take you on top of a cliff to the east part of Kalay.

Head out of Kalay and go southeast to get to reach Gondowan Cave again. Back track through this cave hopping over the river via the stumps you pushed in earlier to backtrack more quickly (you could also use Retreat.) Once you're outside of the cave head northwest back towards Tolbi. Head to the castle in Tolbi to rest and then exit Tolbi once more.