To the Suhulla/Desert

Once you've exited Tolbi, head south over the bridge to meet up with Iodem, the servant who was going to help you get to Babi Lighthouse after Collosso. Once you're across the bridge, keep heading southeast until you reach Suhulla. The first thing you want to do in Suhulla is to head to the house with a red carpet on the roof which is located in the southwestern part of town. In here Iodem will find two downed warriors who were unable to get past the monsters in Suhulla Desert. They'll also reveal that they lost Sheba, a girl who has some importance to Iodem. They also reveal an important detail for getting past the sandstorms, which is that you can get past the sandstorms with water. Finally, they also reveal that Saturous, etc. got through and are at this very moment on their way to Babi Lighthouse (dramatic music plays.) Once Iodem's done talking in there, you can now head out of the town and south into the Suhulla Desert.