Suhulla Desert

When you first enter the desert, you may be surprised to see that there isn't a heat bar on the side this time like there was in the Lamarkan Desert. Instead, the main obstacle of this desert is small tornados that will sweep you up and land you back in the village of Suhulla. In order to get past these Tornados you'll need to drench them with Douse that you get by equipping Douse Drop (you should have this item from beating Manticore in the previous Desert.) Set Douse as one of your Hot keys (such as the L or R button ) and get ready to go through the Suhulla Desert. Besides the tornados, the random battle monsters that you fight in this level are going to be much more difficult than what you had experienced in the past. Make sure to not go into random battles without full health. Here's a neat little thing about Suhulla Desert: If you use reveal you can sometimes find footsteps of hints on where to go (of course, you can also just use this walkthrough ;-] ).

Thanks to Aditya Durgam [[email protected]] for this information on the enemies in the desert: The Tornado Lizards that dwell in the Suhalla Dessert have approximately 642 HP. After beating them, you get 477 coins and 620 experience points (may vary from lizard to lizard). The Storm Lizard has 3123 HP. His attacks include Wing Stroke, Impact, Tempest, Storm Ray, and Resistance. His normal attack has done an average of 95 HP damage. He gives you 6100 coins when you beat him.

When you enter the desert you'll want to head West until you get to a wall where you'll want to head south. When the path becomes very narrow it will be time for the first sand storm to appear. When it does, Iodem will pop out and mention how there are so many of these in the desert and that it's unusual. Now, head into the sand storm and use Douse. After the rain stops, you'll fall down to the bottom of the Cyclone and face the large monster, Tornado Lizard. Tornado Lizards are much harder than regular Random Battle enemies, but they're not quite boss like. 1 or 2 4-Level summons should be able to whipe these guys clean off of the face of the earth. So, before going into any tornado put all of your Djinn on Standby (except Mia's, of course, so that you get Wish) and get ready for a battle. Tornado Lizard really doesn't have a devastating attack, so you can afford to not use Wish every turn. If you don't want to use your Summons on him, do the simple Ragnarok/Attack/Plasma/Attack strategy (going from Isaac to Mia) strategy with the occasional Wish and Djinn to beat him pretty easily.

When you beat the Tornado Lizard the sand storm will disappear and you'll be able to continue southeast. Keep going until you get to three sandstorm paths that you can go through. You'll want to hit the path that's most the east and fight another Tornado Monster. Use the same strategy mentioned before. Once you defeat him, keep going along the path as it progresses to due west and end up on the next screen.

As soon as you get to the next screen there will be another 3-Path choice each with its own sandstorm. The path that you want to take is the middle path. So, go up in the sandstorm and use Douse on it to fight another Tornado Lizard. Once again use the same strategy that you used before to defeat him easily. When you've defeated the Tornado Lizard, continue advancing north along the hallway. The hallway will head very linearly for quite a while. Eventually you'll see a pink sand storm on your right. This pink sand storm will take you to Crossbone Island, which I'll cover a little later in the game. However, you will want to head that way to get another Djinn. In order to find the Djinn, use Reveal to find a hidden stump to jump over to a ledge to the west. This ledge is a little north of the ladder leading down from the ledge. Once you've revealed the stump, jump across it and head down the ladder. Here you'll find a Mars Djinn that you will have to battle. He'll have some reasonably powerful fire attacks, so make sure to heal with Mia and don't be arrogant. Once you beat him you'll get the Mars Djinn Flash. Flash is a *very* useful Djinn especially later on in the game because he has the ability to block a lot of damage taken to the whole party.

Now, head back up the ladder and go east (going through that cave will take you to the pink sand storm which we don't want to go to yet.) Before you head down the ladder, you'll want to save and inactivate all of your Djinn (of course, keep 4 of Mia's active.) However, if you have much more than 4 Djinn for some the characters, you may want to activate Djinn like Flint, Quartz, Scorch, Flash and Squall. Now, head down the ladder and go south a little. Suddenly a giant sand storm will come after you. My advice is to just stay where you are and let it get you to avoid random attacks. Once you're in it, use Douse like usual to drop down and fight the monster.

This monster isn't just another Tornado Lizard. The monster that you now face is a Storm Lizard and he's a mean mama-jama (a la Shaft.) Storm Lizard has a Sonic Slash attack that's simply devastating. It will attack all of your Party Members and do at least 150 damage to all of them. First things first, cast all of your Summons. For each round use Wish with Mia. With Isaac, use Ragnarok and occasionally Flint. Also, if a player goes down use Quartz that you should have active by now to restore that player. With Garret you'll want to use Heat Wave unless the party is hurting when you'll want to use the Djinn Flash who will reduce damage taken to each character in that round to about 8. With Ivan you should use primarily Djinn that attack or do some sort of status change to Storm Lizard in hopes to stunning him. Another good Djinn to use with Ivan is Zephyr which will boost party agility. If you use a lot of Djinn, it's possible to cast another high level summon on the Storm Lizard which will really help you out. Generally by the time you cast another Summon, Storm Lizard will be under 500 HP and you should be able to kill him with it. When you kill him you'll get 1300 experience and 6100 coins in addition to a handy Psy Crystal (keep saving these.) If you are unable to beat Tornado Lizard, here a few tips to help you out: Try running south to a rock circle similar to that in the Lamarkan desert with a Psy Crystal in it. You can also outrun the tornado all together if you're quick, because you really don't need to fight it (although I recommend doing it for the experience and Psy Crystal.)

Any ways, once you've defeated the Storm Lizard, head south and grad the Psynergy Stone in the rock circle. Keep going along the sole path to finally spot an exit going east. Iodem will jump out and mention how they didn't find Sheba. Don't worry about her, you'll meet up with her later. Instead, keep going out the desert and head east to enter Suhulla Gate.