Suhulla Gate

Head up all of the stairs at Suhulla Gate to find two guards injured on the ground. They'll tell of a strange group of people who came through without any papers (wonder who they could be?) Once Iodem is done talking , head north through the gate to find a small door that contains a minister that will revive downed characters. Once you're done with him, head east to get to the next screen. On this screen you'll see an area where you can slide down the side of the mountain almost immediately. Slide down to find a treasure chest with a mint in it. Climb back up all of the vines and advance to the next screen. On this screen you'll see several areas that you an slide down the mountain in a row. The one that you want to slide down is the third from the left. This will land you right next to a Mercury Djinn who you'll have to battle. Use the typical Ragnarok/Attack/Plasma/Wish strategy with optional summons in the beginning of the battle. Defeat him to get the Mercury Djinn Dew. Now, slide down the cliff you're on and head east. Head up one vine to find a cave that you need not enter at this point in time (this leads to a ship that you'll use much later in the game.) Keep heading up the vines until you get to the top of the cliff once more and head east. Keep going east past the downed guard and down the stairs. Eventually you'll find yourself back on the world map. Start heading northeast towards the Venus Lighthouse.