Venus Lighthouse, Part 1

When you get close to Venus lighthouse you will get out of the world map and into the Venus Lighthouse entrance. Head past all of the downed guards (you don't need to read what they say) and keep going along the path until you get to Venus Lighthouse. Enter the lighthouse and go through the first room which is just a hallway. In this next room you'll see a large tree on the ground. Use reveal when standing on this tree to expose a hidden door in the wall just above you. Head down this door and open the treasure chest to get the Carry Stone which gives you the Carry psynergy. The Carry psynergy allows you to pick up small blocks and place them in different positions. Head out of this room and back into the room with the tree on the floor. Go through the door to the north. Here there will be two paths. The first one you should take is the path to the east. Head down the stairs and into a room with several stepping stones. Head west, then southeast to reach the south part of the room. Head up the stairs here to find the Lucky Cap. Now, head back and you'll want to take the path on the west in the room past the tree room. Go through the door and into the next room. In this room there will be stairs leading up that you need not take. Instead, head through the door in the northeast part of the room. In the next room you will find a small block preventing you from entering the other staircase in this room. So, use your new Carry Psynergy on it and carry it south to drop the block out of the way. Now, go up the stairs and into the next room. In here you will see several bands of electricity that you can not pass. So, use the Reveal Psynergy to find a new, secret staircase right next to the one you just came from. Proceed up the staircase and in the next room go north along that long, narrow passage way. Here you will come to a room with a miniature lighthouse and a statue of a women at the northern part of the room. Go talk with the statue to have her speak to your soul and reveal a path on the ground. This path should have one light in the center with a different color from all the rest. Once you've done this, use retreat and head out of the lighthouse.

Head out the Venus Lighthouse entrance area to the east to arrive back at the World Map. Head north and then west along the dirt path to arrive at the next town which is...