Babi Lighthouse

Note: If you have not yet visited Venus Lighthouse, please go back and do so (see Venus Lighthouse Part 1 topic above.) You will need to talk to the statue in there to avoid a dead end in Babi's Lighthouse.

Babi's Lighthouse is under construction, and you don't actually enter the tower in this game. Instead, you're going to want to find the hidden entrance to Venus Lighthouse through the ruins that Babi Lighthouse were built on. Head north along the west part of the screen along the orange logs until you reach the next screen. UPDATED: Keep going north and go down the ladder next to the statue. In the dungeon down here you'll see two large pillars. Move the left most pillar to the left, then go back from whence you came (12). Go east to find another statue. Move this to expose another ladder which you want to go down. Move the pillar on the right to the left and now hop across the gap to the other side. Keep going north and head up the ladder here. You'll arrive outside of Babi's Lighthouse on top of a ledge. Use Growth on the vine near you, and climb up it. Head down the Crevice hear and go through the door. Now, head down the crevice here to land right next to a Jupiter Djinn who you'll have to battle. Once you defeat him you'll get the Jupiter Djinn, Luff. Head down the crevice. In this room head around the gap clockwise and go through the door to the north. Go up the stairs once more to arrive in a room with three crevices to drop down. You want to drop down the first crevice that you can get to, heading just south. You'll fall *all* the way down past the first floor that you entered to a dirt cave with a door blocking the path. There will also be several archeologists who mention that Saturos and company went through this door that they had not been able to open prior to Saturos and company coming through. Once they're all done talking, go up the door and use Reveal. A switch will appear where the sign once was. Flip this to open up the door. The others in the room will be amazed that you solved such a "complex" puzzle and try to run through on their own. The door will close shut because non-adepts are not allowed through the door. So, Iodem will now leave your party (he didn't do too much any ways) while you continue through the door. Head down the stairs to find yourself in the Temple Ruins.

In this room you'll see another statue exactly like the one that you saw in Venus Lighthouse. You don't need to touch this one, because it will just throw you off saying it's not going to open your path. any ways, go through the door going south to arrive in the next room. In this room you'll see two large pillars that you'll have to move to jump from the main ledge to the next ledge. Move the pillars in such a fashion so that the first pillar is all the way against the right wall and 1 square from the top. The next pillar should be 2 squares under if so that you can jump from the gap to the two pillars and to the ledge. Do so and continue to the next room. This next room is the crossing into Venus lighthouse, and the formation of the stepping stones you hop depends on which pattern the statue in Venus Lighthouse part 1 showed.