Venus Lighthouse, Part 2

This walkthrough is now going to fork depending on the path that you take (your path is determined by the tiles on the floor that you can change by talking with the statue in Venus Lighthouse.) This first part is the guide for going West:

In this next room there will be another similar pillar puzzle. Move one of the pillars one down and directly left and another pillar 2 squares below it to allow you to hop from the top ledge to the ledge to the west. Head down this ledge and into the next door. Yet another pillar moving puzzle awaits you in the next room where you should push 1 of the pillars all the way to the left, and another two squares to the east of it. Cast Ivan's Whirlwind against the large plant and then do it again to the other side to reveal another pillar. Now, push one of the original pillars all the way back to the east and push the next pillar 2 squares directly south of it. Now, head back up the stairs and hop over the pillars onto the ledge. Whirlwind the brush there and head through the door. Head all of the way south through the narrow hallway in the room to arrive at a door. Head through to find a room with three small pillars. Push one of them directly above the little white ledge and use Carry to put the statue down there. Repeat the process to bring the ledge on the left all of the way up allowing you to jump the large ledge to the left. Head through the hallway and through the door. In this room you'll have two paths to take. Take the path to the left to find a large statue on an elevated platform. Head up the stairs south of the platform and use reveal to expose a treasure chest with an Oracle's Robe in it. Head out of the room and hop across to the ledge on the right now. Go south to enter a room with 5 different color statues. This is where this path meets the Southern past, so skip past the following section to continue with this guide.

Here is the guide for going South:

Once you get into the room after the stepping stones you will see a pillar with water in it and a path leading to a water drop. Push the pillar onto the water drop to make another pillar come up. Hop across this pillar to the ledge on the west. Head south and do the same pushing to water drop thing you just did with the pillar down there. However, this time you're going to have to use Douse (equip Douse Drop on a character) to cause this pillar to be heavy enough to bring the pillar up. Then, head across the pillar and into the next room. This next room contains more stepping stones, with a fork in the path. Head west to find a room with a statue and apparently a dead end. Use Reveal to expose a treasure chest with Asura's Armor in it. Once you get the armor, head back out of the room and head to the ledge in the southwest part of the room. This room is a little tricky, so pay attention. Head down the southern most part that you can get to. Get as close are you can to a 1 square gap between you and the pillar. Move the pillar south and then start pushing it to the northeastern most point. Now, use Douse on this pillar and head up the stairs. Stand facing the pillar and use Frost on it. Now, go up the final set of stairs and head from the top ledge to the ice pillar to the ledge to the east. Head south and out of the room. In the next room, head left across the stepping stone and continue south into a room with 5 colored statues.

In order to open the door in this room with 5 colored statues, you'll have to mind read the statues, or you can just put them in this order:
Red Blue
Green Violet
Once all of the statues are on their squares head through the now open door to find a room with a tree in it. No secret rooms this time, just head up the stairs. In this room there will be a Psynergy stone, so heal and use any other spells you want to use before getting the stone.

Head into the room to the north and go to the first door on your right. Here you have to use carry on the small block to put it into the gap. Now, hop over it and go through the door. Head up the narrow hallway and then cross the sand going east. Head up the stairs to find a room with several small sand waterfalls. Head through the sand waterfall to the far right to find yourself in the next room. Head west to get to a stepping stone path where you'll want to head along the right wall. Head all the way down to the door there to find a room with a statue and an elevated piece that looks like this: [ | ]. That solid line in the middle is for flowing electricity, so put that in the empty hole in the room to have electricity come from the statue and open the door. Head through it and step on the small purple switch in the next room to change around the sand waterfalls. Continue counterclockwise around this room until you get to the next door going south. This will get you back to a room you were in earlier. Here you'll want to head down the ladder and up the ladder to the north of it. Head across the sand waterfall and go through the door. Head to the southeast part of the room and go down the ladder. Move the two pillars there to expose a doorway leading to the other pillar to the north. Push that pillar all the way to the west and then head back and up the ladder. Hop from the ledge to the west onto the pillar and then onto the ledge to the north and up the stairs. Go down the ladder and under the bridge in the next room then up the other ladder. Go up the stairs here and through the door to get to the next room.

It's now time for another one of those electric current puzzles. Push the right most block into the southwestern hole, push the left most block into the northwestern hole and push the north most block into the northeastern hole. Leave the southeastern hole without a block in it. If you did this correctly there should be a solid line for the electric current to go through and it will open the door. Proceed through the door to reach another room with a sand waterfall in it. Hop over the pillar here and go up when you get to the ledge directly east of the sand waterfall, then cross the sand waterfall and hop over the gap to the northwestern ledge via a pillar. Head through the south door to find another room with many sand waterfalls. Head through the eastern most sand waterfall to find the Dragon Scales. Head through the sand waterfall on the left and up the stairs. In this room you'll have to use Carry to drop 2 small blocks on the western white ledge. Doing so will allow you to hop across the eastern white block and to the ledge to the east. Go through the door and step on the purple switch to change around sand waterfall locations again. Head directly north from the switch across a gap and go down the stairs to arrive in the room with the large sand waterfalls. Now that the waterfall on the left is flowing, go down it and to the ledge in the southwestern part of the room. Head up the staircase on this ledge to get to the next room.

In this next room head south through a door to find a new room with moving sand currents. The objective of this room is to get to the ledge to the east and to get the treasure chest in the south, so you're going to have to time your movements well. There really isn't too much to right about, it's more about execution in this room. One thing to try, however, is running to get a little more control (you need to know where you're going, though) Head to the door to your right to find yourself in yet another electric current puzzle. This is the toughest puzzle yet, and it took me a few trial and errors to figure out the correct way. Rather than describing this I drew a picture. Go to http://comicsoft.hypermart.net/gsa/w_001.gif for the solution to the puzzle. It's not great, but you should be able to figure it out. The tan squares with lines drawn through them correspond to what shape you want to put where. Once you've done that the door will open and you should head through it. In the next room, head west a little bit to expose a purple switch that you'll have to press to once again mix up and create new sand waterfalls. Hop directly north from the switch and continue along the path. In the middle of some empty space will be a blue and white colored pad hovering in mid air. This will be the pad that you'll fall down to just a little bit later. For now, head north across the gap and down the stairs. Head south through the next door to find yourself slipping down the middle waterfall. Head to the ledge to the right, then move all the way north and head east across the sand. If you're having trouble getting across the sand waterfall, remember to hold B to run, the direction you're going and up at the same time so that you won't fall. Head up the stairs on this ledge and then up the stairs again. ABSOLUTELY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAVE YOUR GAME IN A DIFFERENT PLACE THAN YOUR NORMAL GAME. TRUST ME, IT WILL BE HELPFUL TO YOU LATER ON.

On this floor you will find a Psynergy stone (don't take this yet) and a crevice leading down to that blue and white floating elevator that you saw earlier. Do not head down the ledge until you are ready to go to the top of the lighthouse and fight the boss of the game. At this point, I would equip my Lure Cap and start leveling up if you're under about Level 24 or so. This probably won't take a lot of leveling up, but do make sure to conserve your Psynergy. Try to use only your Djinn and normal attacks reserving Psynergy for only healing attacks. You may also want to use Herbs and Nuts at this time to save yourself from wasting Psynergy (you won't be needing these against the boss.) Save frequently here, as the monsters are very tough and occasionally they can get one or more of your character's down. Alternatively, another way to level up is to use Retreat and backtrack to Crossbone Island.