What!? We're Backtracking!?

Yes, it's time to go *back* to Suhulla Desert to get to Crossbone Island. Why didn't we just go earlier, when we were in Suhulla Desert? This is because you needed to get Carry to solve a few of the puzzles in Crossbone Island and it would be trivial to go earlier because you'd just have to go back from Crossbone Island when you got stuck. Nevertheless, head out Venus Tower via Retreat and make your way out of Lalivero and start heading southwest. If you're trying to level up, stop at the inn, put on the Lure Cap and start fighting enemies in the base of Babi tower. Go west through Venus Lighthouse entrance and keep going west until you reach Suhulla Gate again. Backtrack from there all the way until you get outside of the gate and back into the over world map. Keep going west until you reach the Suhulla Desert. At this point you'll want to make a separate save game different from the save game that you have at Lalivero. When you get into Suhulla Desert, head west around the hallway and up the steps. Remember the hidden pillar that you had to reveal to get the Djinn a little earlier? Well, reveal this again and hop across. Head down the ladder here and this time go through the cave.

Head east along the long passage way and up the stairs when you get to them. Head south out of the next room to find yourself right next to a pink sand storm (I wonder if Isaac sees pink sand storms when he's drunk as opposed to pink elephants ;-] ). Go into the sand storm, but DO NOT DOUSE THIS TORNADO or you'll have to go out of Suhulla Desert and then back in. Instead, let it sweep you up and take you to...