Aura Gloves

General Information

English German Spanish French Italian
Aura Gloves Aura-Handsch. Guantes Aura Gants vertueux Guanti virtù
English Gloves: Use to resist elements
German Handschuhe: Element-Schutz im Kampf
Spanish Guantes. Resisten los elementos.
French Gants: augm. Résist. en combat
Italian Guanti: resiste ad elementi
Type Chest Protector
Price 6500
Uses Breaks when used
Defense 36
A rare item
Usage Information
Description Target Range Type Power
Boost Resistance. Ally 1 Effect Only 0
Equippable By
Isaac Garet Ivan Mia Felix Jenna Sheba Piers
Dropped by
Game Enemy Name Drop Chance
Golden Sun Magicore 0.78125%
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Magicore 0.78125%